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The Spanish American War By: Olivia H. Building an Empire There were many different opinions on imperialism. Imperialism is when a country takes control.

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2 The Spanish American War By: Olivia H.

3 Building an Empire There were many different opinions on imperialism. Imperialism is when a country takes control of governments and resources of other countries to build an empire. Some Americans wanted to build an empire and others were not so fond of building an empire. Here are some reasons why some people wanted to build an empire: 1. National pride (U.S. should be a world leader) 2. Our duty to bring Christianity to uncivilized people 3. The need for an overseas market Here are some reasons why some people did not want to build an empire: 1. It violated the nation’s democratic beliefs 2. It hurt the U.S economy by immigrants taking the jobs away 3. An empire would be expensive (larger army and navy would be needed)

4 Yellow Journalism Hearst, the owner of The New York Journal, sent a photographer down to Cuba to find pictures of the war. When the photographer sent a letter back to Hearst telling him that he found no fighting what so ever, Hearst told the photographer to find something that looked like fighting. When he brought it back to America, the newspaper was published with that picture to make big bucks. When the whole country found out, they decided to send the USS Maine down to Cuba to help the Cubans. When they got there, the USS Maine exploded, killing many sailors. Of course, the blame went to Spain. This caused a great deal of yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is when a newspaper company exaggerates or tells lies in the newspaper to interest the readers. This is part of the reason why America decided to help Cuba win the War against Spain.

5 Manila Bay After the USS Maine exploded, the U.S. decided to send the navy to the Pacific Ocean. The U.S. reached Guam and occupied the land. Then, the U.S. made a surprise attack on Spain (Spain was trying to take over the Philippines). As the U.S. Navy came into Manila Bay, the first battle of the Spanish American War took place. The U.S. won this first battle. After the battle was over, the U.S. took over the Philippines. During the battle, only one American died. In 1946 the U.S. declared independence for the Philippines.

6 A Little War On July 17, 1898 Spain surrendered in Santiago. The Spanish leaders signed an armistice agreeing to stop fighting. The Spanish American War ended in less than four months. Over five thousand Americans had died, mostly from malaria and yellow fever. The war helped the United States gain power and land. The reason for the U.S. to fight in the war was to get Cuba's independence back and they did.

7 Conclusions of the Spanish American War There were many changes after the Spanish American War ended : The U.S. gained control of the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The Philippines gained their independence in 1946. Guam and Puerto Rico are still territories of the United States this very day. Cuba gained their independence from Spain. The U.S. became a world power.

8 Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt, the leader of the Rough Riders, fought in the Spanish American War. Rough Riders are members of a volunteer regiment of cavalry. The Rough Riders helped in many battles in Cuba. When Roosevelt came home from the Spanish American War, he was elected as the governor of New York. Two years later, he was elected vice president under President McKinley. Some people wanted him to be president, but many people did not because they worried he might “take over the world.” Soon after McKinley became president, he was shot by an assassin. When he died, Roosevelt stepped in to take his place. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

9 The Great White Fleet In 1907, after Roosevelt became president, he decided to remind all the other countries that the United States is very powerful and is not afraid. He then sent a fleet of warships (The Great White Fleet) on a world cruise. This also showed that “the Pacific was as much as our home as the Atlantic.”

10 The Panama Canal President Roosevelt decided he wanted to build a canal through Panama. The reasons for this canal was to: Create a shorter route to the Pacific from the Atlantic Ocean Make an easier trade route If the U.S. had to protect the territories in the Pacific Ocean, it would make it easier to travel there. Roosevelt offered a great amount of money to Columbia to build the canal but they would not take the offer. As a result, Roosevelt decided to send warships to Panama and he got he what wanted by force. The building of the Panama Canal took about ten long years and the United States spent about $380 million and lost about 5,600 lives (mostly from disease), but the benefits of the Panama Canal were a great asset to the United States.

11 What did the U.S.A. gain from 1867-1904? 1867- The United States bought Alaska from Russia 1898-Hawaii is annexed into the United States July 17,1898-A treaty is signed by the Spanish leaders giving Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the United States 1898-1904-The United States was working their way to world power


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