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Networking ProKG Presentation Day. Areas of the Job Search: Applying online / Email a resume Networking.

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1 Networking ProKG Presentation Day

2 Areas of the Job Search: Applying online / a resume Networking

3 Networking It’s not about What you know – it’s about Who you know! It’s not about Who you know – it’s about Who knows you!

4 Networking: Stages 1.Building the base of the Network 1.Your colleagues, classmates, faculty, relatives 2.Developing the Network 1.Find a mentor (faculty, industry expert) 2.Attend professional events (conferences, networking events) 3.Maintaining the Network 1.Follow-up with contacts

5 Networking: by Steps 1.Elevator pitch (10-, 30-seconds) 1.Prepare and learn by heart your “sales pitch” 2.Connect with people 1.Approach them personally on meetings 2. /Call them 3.Arrange a private conversation 1.20-minutes phone call, 2.Meeting for a lunch/coffee

6 Networking: Private conversation 1.Do your homework first! – research: 1.Person’s career path 2.Company’s business 3.Industry’s latest trends and developments 2.Ask smart questions so that: 1.You learn something new (that is useful and beneficial) 2.You show that you’re smart, committed to the industry and diligent worker 3.Let them know: 1.What you’re good at, what value you can bring 2.That you’re looking for an job (don’t ask for a job)

7 Networking: Result 1.You learn more about different Career paths 1.Helps you to clarify your own career goals 2.You get inside view on the industry 1.So you know exactly how it works/what they do 2.You know exactly what you want to do 3.Your resume is pushed to HR from the Top 1.HR is more responsive to internal referrals 4.You get a contact who has other contacts 1.If a person can’t help he knows people who can 5.You get an interview!

8 Networking: LinkedIn 1.Search for contacts by Companies, Industries, Regions 2.Reaching out to people (via established contacts or common interests) 3.Maintaining your Network 4.Be on the top of Industry/Company news

9 Offer help as well 1.Do not just ask for help 2.Offer your help as well

10 Networking as a part of doing business 1.Networking is useful for business professionals in: 1.Obtaining information, 1.Exchanging Ideas 2.Exchanging contacts 1.Finding clients 2.Finding partners 3.Finding like-minded people (единомышленники)

11 Networking for Kyrgyzstan Open field for exchanging ideas Well-connected network of professionals Efficient use of talent and information More successful business and social projects Better developed Kyrgyzstan

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