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DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Going Out on Your Own: How to Develop a Book of Business December 8th, 2009 8:30 – 10:30 Santa Clara University, School.

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1 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Going Out on Your Own: How to Develop a Book of Business December 8th, 2009 8:30 – 10:30 Santa Clara University, School of Law Part 1: Developing your practice/Randy Wilson -Resources: Ellen Platt Part 2: How to build and strengthen a productive network: Donna Bedford Part 3: Get visible: establishing your web presence: Rocky Laber & Randy Wilson Part 4: Conversation with solo attorney: Jeffrey Janoff

2 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Part 1: Developing your practice Randy Wilson

3 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Developing your practice What kind of legal experience do you have? (include law clinic, mock trial, clerking) What aspects of the work do you like and/or excel at? What other interests do you have and could they serve your career? Are you well connected with the alumni program? Friends and family connections: informational interviews?

4 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Reach out for help CLE: killing two birds: many programs focus on practice development Also if attend in-person CLE, good way to meet other attorneys Reach out to local bar/state bar for information ABA Law Practice Management section has great resources Ask/research about good types of solo practices

5 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Look to your local business community What kind of litigation is in your geographic area? (check out Courthouse News, Pacer, Findlaw, Google Scholar) What are the big or growing industries and what are their legal needs? Look for industry or practice niches in your area: immigration and you speak another language Look for local industry/trade association, involved and learn area of business Will make your legal expertise more valuable

6 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Getting work Check out legal temp agencies Connect with attorneys at bar assoc. meeting or ones you know through alumni program Ask for informational interview Ask to contract w/ them Friends and family connections Dont be shy, need to get started so ask around Pro Bono Good way to hone your skills/meet other attorneys

7 Resources Competitive Intelligence: what you need to know for success Practice Development: learning whats necessary for a successful practice Ellen Platt, Associate Librarian and Senior Reference Librarian

8 Part 2: How to Build and Strengthen a Productive Network Donna Bedford Donna Bedford, 925/932-6825

9 Develop a Winning Game Plan Play to your strengths and preferences Develop a winning mind set Prepare a situation analysis Formulate goals Select effective strategies and tactics Develop quarterly and monthly action plans Donna Bedford, 925/932-6825

10 Build and Strengthen a Productive Network Master the little things Think expansively Cultivate potential referral sources Maintain personal contact with Top 20% Look for creative ways to add value Ask for leads and referrals Donna Bedford, 925/932-6825

11 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Part 3: Get visible: What a solo needs to do to establish a web presence Rocky Laber Randy Wilson

12 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Why does my practice need a website? It's 1905 – my business needs a phone! Recent ABA panel states: website a must

13 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 What are the benefits of a strong website and online presence? Visibility to clients, prospects and colleagues Credibility: shows you take your practice seriously Differentiation: How to stand out from the crowd Extend and Protect your Professional Reputation

14 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Getting started with a website 4 essential elements: Domain name Web host Development Strategy

15 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 SEO Increases your visibility No magic bullet Make an investment and commitment to a strategy Organic approach - sweat equity PPC (Pay Per Click) Approach

16 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Make your websites message and content easy to read Need to make an impression at first glance Make sure it easy for people to learn about your practice Make sure what you say is professional, engaging and proofread Extend your brand into your web presence

17 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 How to engage in social networking Start with a strategy: what is the goal? Follow-up with deciding your level of commitment Is now the right time? Create your social networking operational plan Remember: social networking ISNT advertising

18 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Your website as a social networking platform Your website as your social networking hub: Make sure your website platform allows for blogging and embedded social networking links If your blog integrates with your website, its content can publish out to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts etc. Your website and social media presence will enhance your online reputation Connect your email updates to your website and integrate with your blog

19 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 Does your website support your growth strategy? Make sure your website platform can accommodate the growth of your practice Provide support for additional media Allow effective use email marketing and paid search results

20 DSD Interactive: (510) 501-4883 It's live: now what? Your web presence evolves Keep it current Monitor your visibility Stay active: take the next steps Keep an eye on the competition Stay connected to your developer

21 Part 4: Conversation with solo attorney Jeffrey Janoff, Partner Bostwick & Janoff

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