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United Way Campaign Sample Slide Deck “Change Starts Here”

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1 United Way Campaign Sample Slide Deck “Change Starts Here”

2 Text “UCHANGE” to 45678 to donate $5.00 to United Way KW
Check out our website at 2

3 Personal comments/brief story about why you (the presenter) gives and why you volunteer.

4 In Kitchener-Waterloo, $1,000 provides independent living skills
to a visually impaired teenager. 4

5 Change starts here – the impact of 13% more.
Not-for-profit sector supports All children and Youth reach their potential All families are strong All neighbourhoods are inclusive and thriving All newcomers are welcomed and supported All people are economically secure 5

6 Campaign Dates Our United Way Campaign runs from xx to xx
“Be change. Make change. See change.” 6

7 Sample campaign tag line
Making a Difference! Info about any matching Example: That means the United Way receives $2,000 for every $1,000 pledged. Friend $500 – $999 Leader $1,000 and above Sample campaign tag line 7

8 Your pledge will make a difference.
Details about how employees can make a donation. You can pledge as little as $1 per pay or you can make a $20 one-time donation 8

9 Campaign Overview Campaign dates – xx to xx Organization structure
Pledge goal is xx and x% participation 9

10 How your gift could help
Impact of Donation Annual Total With Match How your gift could help $300 $600 Provides clothes and school supplies for two young women living at a shelter, helping them escape violence and start a new life. $500 $1000 Enables a family that has experienced a house fire or other emergency to stay in a shelter for two weeks. $1300 $2600 Provides 48 newcomers with a month of transportation to keep appointments, find housing, access training and go to school, helping them settle and start new lives in Canada. Info about any corporate matching for a donation: Ease of payment through payroll deduction Immediate tax benefit for charitable donation 10

11 Why Volunteer? Skill building Sharing your talents
Making new friends and building new relationships Giving back to your community Making a difference in someone’s life Opportunity to work with senior leaders and get exposure 11

12 12

13 Sample Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities
Event Lead Communications Lead Decorations Lead Draws and Prizes Lead Participate in meetings for the organization of events Work in the organization and logistics of the event Sell tickets for the events Help the team organize events Manage campaign communication plan in tight coordination with Event Leads Work with Communications Team to create content for and poster announcements Send out regular updates via to employees Manages all campaign decorations Work with Event Leads to ensure adequate decorations are available for their events Manages all prizes for draws and events taking place Buy/Source prizes 13

14 Suggestions for Workplace Campaign Events
Breakfast served by Executives Competition by floor or by business unit Posters - quick read, visual Online quiz sent out to building featuring a few questions about the campaign. At the end it links you to donation Feature employee stories and volunteers Handout for the campaign ambassadors Speak at team meetings Children’s stories and drawing contest Community impact presentation Campaign Calendar of Events Daily updates of pledge results Leadership brochure with names of donors 14

15 Get involved Building Coordinator ext 15

16 Thank you 16

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