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Key-points about the Mozambique One UN Fund experience Alberto Musatti – RCO Mozambique Maputo, May 12 2009 RCO Mozambique.

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1 Key-points about the Mozambique One UN Fund experience Alberto Musatti – RCO Mozambique Maputo, May 12 2009 RCO Mozambique

2 1.Background and timeline 2.One Fund: Purposes Set-up and main characteristics The “demand side”: funds requirements (JPs’ actors and mechanisms) The “supply side”: release of funds Mobilized resources (30 April 2009) The 1 st allocation Further allocations mechanisms Final considerations RCO Mozambique

3 One UN Operational Plan, including the One Programme The Joint Programmes that constitutes the One Programme are prepared completed (11)  2006 <-  Early 2007  ->2007  ~2007/2008  2008 3 rd UNDAF (2007/09 under extension, to cover 2010 and 2011; built on the country’s PRSP “PARPA II” (assumed as CCA) Designation as 1/8 Pilot country The Change Management project is developed and approved RCO Mozambique DaO Mozambique: background and timeline

4 Mozambique One UN Fund Purposes RCO Mozambique From the One UN Operational Plan: “A Delivering as One UN Fund will be established with a two-fold objective: (a) Bridging the funding gap in joint programmes: to support the coherent resource mobilization, allocation and disbursement of donor resources to the joint programmes (…); and (b) Supporting the change management process: to provide support to specific Change Management initiatives (…)”

5 Mozambique One UN Fund Set-up Resource mobilization: Pass-through modality UNDP as Administrative Agent (AA) Through a joint resource mobilization strategy, developed and supported by the UNCT (including the RC, as One Leader) to “strategically leverage funds”. With signed LoA between the AA and donors With signed MoU between the AA and UN participating agencies RCO Mozambique Through the UNDP MDTF

6 Mozambique One UN Fund The demand side: funds requirements 1.Finalized Joint Programme Document 2.Results Framework 3.Monitoring and evaluation plan 4.Annual Workplan 5.Annual Performance Benchmarks 1. (Change Management Project and) JPs that meet the "readiness criteria“ are approved for funding RCO Mozambique

7 Relevant Government’s counterparts Mozambique One UN Fund JPs’ actors and mechanisms (…) UN organizations PMT (if needs improvements) UNCT (if needs improvements) (Submit a revised JP proposal to) Joint Steering Committee Competent Ministries (if needs improvements) (Submit a final JP proposal to) with a “convening agencies” (Submit a JP proposal to) RCO Mozambique * JPs were requested to be at least 1/3 funded, with agencies resources

8 Mozambique One UN Fund The demand side: funds requirements 3. With an amount proportionate to the unfunded part of the total requirements 4. According to the JP AWP for the period concerned. 2. The approved JP can apply for funds to the nearest allocation window Two allocation windows open yearly: 1.1 st January 2.1 st July RCO Mozambique

9 Mozambique One UN Fund The supply side: release of funds 1. At the opening of an allocation window, the available funds are secured in a proportion of the total requirements (on a pro-rata basis) Total requirements (JPs A+B+C) JP A requires JP B requires JP C requires 1.000 100 (10%) 300 (30%) 600 (60%) Resources available: 800 (80%) JP A: funds allocated 10% * 800 = 80 (80%) JP B: funds allocated 30% * 800 = 240 (80%) JP C: funds allocated 60% * 800 = 360 (80%) 2. PMT approves, submit to UNCT. UNCT approves, submit to the Joint Steering Committee that endorses and authorizes the payments 3. UNDP as Administrative Agent (AA) receives the payment orders, aggregates the amounts per agencies and disburse the funds RCO Mozambique

10 Mozambique One UN Fund Further allocations RCO Mozambique

11 Mozambique One UN Fund the 1 st allocation JP/Pillar Participating UN Organizations Joint Programme Title Total Approved 1JP1 – Pillar 1UNICEF, UNDP, ILO, UNESCO, UNIFEM Building capacity of civil society organizations, including communication for development 1,231,043 2JP2 – Pillar 1 WHO, UNDP, ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNIDO, FAO, UNIFEM Women’s empowerment and gender equality1,574,355 3JP3 –Pillar 1 WHO, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNCDF, FAO, IFAD, UNIFEM, UN-HABITAT Support to decentralization and integrated local development 1,624,847 4JP1- Pillar 2UNICEF, ILO, WFP Ensure the most vulnerable populations have access to a social safety net 1,750,582 5JP – Pillar 2 WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, FAO, WFP, UN- HABITAT, IOM Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response 2,384,042 6JP1- Pillar 3WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP, ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA HIV joint programme on HIV & AIDS response in Mozambique 1,578,668 7JP1 – Pillar 4 UNDP, ILO, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNCDF, FAO, UNHCR Promotion of youth employment2,441,345 8JP2 – Pillar 4FAO, IFAD, WFP Building commodity chains and market linkage for farmers’ associations 427,676 CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT1,471,956 Total Approved JPs 14,484,514

12 Mozambique One UN Fund Further allocations: performance-based Following the initial allocation and every 6 months 1. If progress is deemed "satisfactory" then the JP qualifies for an additional allocation (formula: same as initial allocation) SATISFACTORY: The JP has reached 70 % of delivery (in financial utilization against the AWP JPs that have a delivery rate of between 50 to 70 % will be cautioned to increase the speed of implementation and delivery of results, following which they will be closely scrutinized for subsequent allocations. With full utilization and overall achievement of annual targets for this category of Joint Programmes by the end of twelve months of implementation, and subject to a “satisfactory” rating, the Joint Programme will be eligible to apply for additional funds for the second year of implementation. Should the Joint Programme continue to have implementation difficulties resulting in unspent allocations at the year end, the UNCT may request reallocation of funds within the Joint Programme or return of unspent balances to the One UN Fund for allocation to other well performing Joint Programmes. 2. If progress is deemed “unsatisfactory“ (under 50 %), the JP will be advised that subsequent allocations of funds may be restricted should implementation not improve in all components of the Joint Programme. RCO Mozambique

13 Mozambique One UN Fund Final considerations +: agencies can concentrate on implementation - : implementation rate may suffer of the reduced funds predictability With an MDTF: +: increased programme visibility +: added value for small agencies, that have scarce administrative capacity JPs financial requirements Initial funding gap: Funding gap covered: Funds already distributed: To Change Management To JPs (initial all.) US $ 113 million US$ 52 million US $ 20 million (+4) US $ 1.5 million US $ 13 million Approx. amount In % 46% of A 45% of B 90% 24% of B 80% of the requirements RCO Mozambique A B C D D1 D2 Some figures:

14 Mozambique One UN Fund Final considerations RCO Mozambique 2. 2 nd allocation in March 2009 for approx. US $ 7 million, approved by the UNCT and pending the Steering Committee endorsement Today 1. All 8 JPs were deemed satisfactory after the first 6 months and admitted to apply for the second allocation window

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