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Overview of the eContent big picture Jo Budler

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1 Overview of the eContent big picture Jo Budler

2  Overview/definition of eContent  Concentrating on what we have in Kansas statewide  Review some eBook services  Issues – in brief  Big 6-now-5 publishers and our challenges with them  Future possibilities

3  Databases  Statewide resources available to all   Opportunity: small consortia to subscribe to subject specific resources  Database content  Purchase so we own the content  GALE Genealogy Connect  tlib&it=static&pg=BasicSearch&p=GENVRL&sw=w&authCount=1 tlib&it=static&pg=BasicSearch&p=GENVRL&sw=w&authCount=1  Britannica eBooks  Scholastic eBooks

4  eBooks  Freading  Do not own but have access to all content  3M  Consortium owns content  One copy, one reader model  TumbleBooks  Children’s book titles  Statewide subscription

5  State of Kansas partnership with CALIFA  Used LSTA funds to help establish Adobe Content Server & purchase content  Enki library  Content will be available to all Kansans  Will work with the Kansas Library Card  Own content  Only service which offers independent publishers  Ability to purchase and limit access to content  Available shortly after Jan. 1, 2014

6  Ownership vs. leasing  Not important as long as access continues  Fair price  Some titles in eBook format are up to 6x the cost of paper.  Equity of access for all who read  Some publishers will not sell to consortia which eliminates access for library users in small / rural libraries  Each publisher has its own model  Each publisher has only one model

7  The Big 6 eBooks

8  ALA created a FAQ which breaks down the policies of the publishers (at this moment… stay tuned for changes!!)  quently-asked-questions-e-books-us-libraries

9  Self-publishing platform  Part of the SLK RFP  No reason to duplicate this effort  Ease of discovery for users  Buy it now button  Bilbary (** has not really taken off but has not been heavily promoted either)  Speaks to the partnership which needs nourishing

10  Oyster @ 9.95/mo  Only works on iPhone  Does not include bestsellers  books-is-here-its-mobile-and-it-makes-amazon-look- old/  Scribd @ 8.99/mo  6 year old company  Has apps for iOS, Androd and Kindle Fire  Books sync across platforms



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