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PCS Member Orientation. Huaxia and PCS Huaxia Chinese Schools 1999 1995.

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1 PCS Member Orientation

2 Huaxia and PCS

3 Huaxia Chinese Schools 1999 1995

4 Huaxia Growth

5 DateEventLocationBackup Location 10/9/2010 (Sat) HX Teacher’s Conference 奔腾分校 中部分校 12/5/2010 (Sun) HX Mind Sports Games 普兰斯堡分校 12/12/2010 (Sun) HX Star (年龄不限) 李文斯顿分校 爱迪生分校 1/8/2011 (Sat) HX Appreciation Gathering (每个分校 10 名)( Rutgers Student Center ) 春节期间 HX Night (TBD) First weekend of March, 2011 HX Speech Contest (1 st - 3 rd Grade) Region North: 纽约分校 Region Central: 北部分校 Region South: 东部分校 Region North: Region Central: Region South: 南部分 校 Second Weekend of April, 2011 HX Debate Contest (4 th - 6 th Grade) (7 th - 9 th Grade) Region North: 纽约分校 Region Central: 爱迪生分 校 Region South: 普兰斯堡 分校 Region North: Region Central: 奔腾分 校 Region South: 5/1/2011 (Sun) (Rain or Shine) HX Track & Field Games 东部分校 普兰斯堡分校 Second Weekend of May, 2011 HX Graduation Test Region North: 纽约分校 Region Central: 奔腾分校 Region South: 中部分校 Region North: Region Central: 李文斯 顿 Region South: 普兰 斯堡 6/4/2011 (Sat) HX Commencement ( Rutgers Student Center ) (HX Graduate Outstanding Award) 2010-2011 Huaxia Events

6 总校长:吕敏伟 副总校长:潘佐红 李久耀 郭众 总校长:吕敏伟 副总校长:潘佐红 李久耀 郭众 财会: Jaclyn Lee 宣传部 林思丹 ( 部长 ) 康臻 ( 副部长, 主编 ) 富饶 刘少林 马林英 丁强 常荣 宣传部 林思丹 ( 部长 ) 康臻 ( 副部长, 主编 ) 富饶 刘少林 马林英 丁强 常荣 教学部 狄榕 ( 部长 ) 徐俊 ( 副部长 ) 吴润霖 林树民 张悦 甘晓东 黄岳 谢蓓 黄敏 教学部 狄榕 ( 部长 ) 徐俊 ( 副部长 ) 吴润霖 林树民 张悦 甘晓东 黄岳 谢蓓 黄敏 校务部 吴庆立 ( 部长 ) 王海林 李大东 李忠 徐立群 洪宇清 王一蓉 校务部 吴庆立 ( 部长 ) 王海林 李大东 李忠 徐立群 洪宇清 王一蓉 体育部 林云 ( 部长 ) 陈晓东 李志刚 石伟 孙儒林 丁喆 邢志浩 体育部 林云 ( 部长 ) 陈晓东 李志刚 石伟 孙儒林 丁喆 邢志浩 文艺部 王坚 ( 部长 ) 谷灵 李涛 孙益民 王红 林利 文艺部 王坚 ( 部长 ) 谷灵 李涛 孙益民 王红 林利 公关筹款部 李盛京 ( 部长 ) 马勇 ( 副部长 ) 倪幸君 李玉梅 王冬梅 万江玲 公关筹款部 李盛京 ( 部长 ) 马勇 ( 副部长 ) 倪幸君 李玉梅 王冬梅 万江玲 2010-2011 Huaxia Headquarter Staff All Volunteers (ex-Chair/Principals))

7 Who we are

8 Who We are PCS is a non-profit, educational and cultural organization –Member owned (You are the owner) –“Volunteers” operates Board of Trustee / PTA (free of service) Admin & teachers (shy compensation) Parent (member) on duty Student volunteers –Defined in bylaw at Chinese Community Center

9 Our Missions Our Mission –Teach and promote Chinese language and culture –(Engage members to learn American culture) –(Facilitate cultural exchange among communities, and to serve as a Chinese cultural center)

10 Organization Structure Board of Trustees/PTA General Members Chairman Zhang, Xun Culture Li, Wenying Jiang, Yansong Finance Lin, He Guo, Claire Education Liu, Hairong Zhong, Yu Admin Committee Principal/A. Principal Hu, David / Cheng, Xuhong Academic Dean Ye, Fengping Assistant Academic Dean (Language) Yan, Wei Assistant Academic Dean (Culture) Li, Quanchang Admin Director/ Treasurer Ren Fang Assistant Admin Director Mo, Yanqing Accountant Li, Wenrong IT Admin Yang, Warren Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Yan, Duanli Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Yan, Duanli LanguageT eachers (47) Culture Teachers (27) Student Volunteers (10+) Sports Yang, Yong Shan, Zhiqiang

11 General Members The General Members consists of all students, the parents or legal guardians of the students. –Membership is valid in current school year when tuitions and fees are fully paid. –The School’s studentship is granted regardless of their sex, race, religion, nationality or color. –Members of eighteen years or older are eligible to vote or to be elected.

12 Board of Trustees The highest governing body of the school. Elected by general members. Also function as PTA (organize activities) 11 members –Chairman –Admin committee (Principal & Assistant Principal) –Education committee (2) –Finance committee (2) –Culture committee (2) –Sports committee (2)

13 Board Responsibilities Formally respond to issues and concerns presented during board meeting by any general member in a timely manner –Always act in a manner that represents the best interest of general members as defined above –Respect general confidential and privileged board information –Provide leadership role to ensure general school operation is fair and beneficial to all members;

14 Board Responsibilities (Cont.) Set general educational goals and standards and monitoring school performance Examine, approve and monitor annual school's budget and expenditure as well as other rules and regulations related to the School's operation Authorize staff employment and tuition, fee, staff salary changes

15 Board Responsibilities (Cont.) Propose by-law revisions for General Membership approval Oversee ethical standards, and govern the organization policies and objectives Review and approve additional projects and programs related to Chinese learning and culture exchanges Appoint interim principal or assistant principal in the event of their resignation

16 Educational Committee Work with other members in educational council of PCS to –Audit class –Evaluate teaching quality –Suggest the improvements Interview teachers

17 Finance Committee Monthly review school financial activities to ensure that the school’s operations comply with government regulations and school financial policy ( and is in line with the proposed budget. Assist external audit Assist tax filing

18 Sports Committee Coordinate school sports activities –T & F –Mind Game –Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Registration and training Uniforms for the team On the game day, lead and serve the team (luncheon)

19 Sports Committee (Cont.) Objective of the year 2010-2011 –Re-gain #1 position in HX T&F. –#1 in the first Mind Sport Game –With the Culture Committee, design logo for the school and the logo on school sport shirt.

20 Culture Committee Coordinate and organize culture activities –Spring Festival Gala (01/30/2011) –Graduation Ceremony (06/12/2011) –Huaxia Star (12/12/2010) –(Huaxia Art Festival) (tbd) –(Huaxia Night ) (tbd) –Plainsboro Founder’s Day (First Sunday in May) –Plainsboro Culture Events Global Craft Festival (12/04/2010)

21 Administration Committee Principal + Assistant Principal (s). Carry out the school’s education plan and operate the school. –Maintain good relationship with school district and high school north for continuously renting school site –Build and manage human resources Hire school admin staffs (dismissal of accountant requires approval from the board) Hire qualified teachers Manage student volunteer program and parent-on-duty –Procure capital resources –Organize school academic activities –Assist school cultural and sport activities Propose educational policies and regulations.

22 School Administration

23 Administration Team Admin Committee Principal/A. Principal Hu, David / Cheng, Xuhong Academic Dean Ye, Fengping Assistant Academic Dean (Language) Yan, Wei Assistant Academic Dean (Culture) Li, Quanchang Admin Director/ Treasurer Ren Fang Assistant Admin Director Mo, Yanqing Accountant Li, Wenrong IT Admin Yang, Warren Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Yan, Duanli Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Yan, Duanli Language Teachers (47) Culture Teachers (27) Student Volunteers (10+)

24 School Administration - Academic Chinese Program –Pre-k to 9; CSL(Youth/Free Adult) –PCS Graduate Diploma / HX Graduate Diploma Culture Program –Youth Kongfu, Go, Clay art, Knotting, Chinese dancing, Art and etc. –Adult Chinese calligraphy / art, Yoga, Latin dancing, Taiji and etc

25 Academic (Cont.) Teacher and Teaching quality –Quality hiring (Recruitment Committee) Passion in teaching Experience over no-experience Diploma/certificate holder over non-holder Try-out in the first 4 weeks –Education council to assist evaluate teacher’s performance and improve the teaching quality

26 Academic (Cont.) Teacher and Teaching quality –New teacher’s training program –Mentor program –Peer learning program –Model class - live and on-media –Model teaching materials –PCS Teacher’s conference –HX Teacher’s conference –Reference resources in library and on internet

27 Academic (Cont.) Academic activities –Teacher-parent conference –Contest & Exhibition Speech Debate Calligraphy Writing (World Chinese Student Essay)

28 School Administration - Administrative Text book –Standard Chinese (PreK to 9) –Ma, Liping (K to 9) –Advanced Chinese Registration policy & Guideline –See –Fee structure Membership fee ($20, per family) Registration fee ($20, per registration) Late registration fee ($30, applied to late registration) Clean fee ($10, per student) Textbook fee (Std-$25 / Ma & CSL – $55) Tuition (Chinese-$230; Culture-$140/$160) –Special fee rate for Gongfu and Go class On-duty deposit ($50 – refundable)

29 Administrative (Cont.) –# of class open & size of the class (18) Classroom availability and size of the room Teaching quality (preK/CSL: small) –Online registration From late May to late August Priority admission for previously enrolled students Two period of online registration – regular and extended (late fee applies) Close two weeks prior to school start for class assignment Admission letter available one week prior to school start Move up by class

30 Administrative (Cont.) –Transfer policy No transfer between the same text book classes in the same grade Within first 3 weeks, transfer between different text book classes –Refund policy (prorated refund) Refund tuition and unused textbook Refund clean fee before 2 nd week provided all classes cancelled Fall semester –Before 2nd week, 100% –Before 3rd week, 80% –Before 4th week, 50% –4 th week and later »No refund for Fall semester in general. Special refund requires Principal’s approval. »Refund allowed for Spring semester Spring semester –Before 3 rd week, 50% –3 rd week and later, no refund

31 School Administration - Finance Admin/teacher are employee and paid monthly –Admin: $200 to $320 / Month (1-6 hours/week) –Teacher: $25 to $35 / Class Hour –Year end discretionary bonus subject to approval of board of trustee. Separated Accounting and Treasury function Principal and Assistant Principal are the signatory authorities to sign off expenses and bank checks

32 Finance (Cont.) Follow school financial policies ( Follow GAAP in accounting and financial reporting Coordinate monthly internal review by finance committee of the board Coordinate annual external auditing File quarterly and annual tax return

33 School Administration – Parent on Duty Duty responsibilities –Operation activities Assisting teaching and classroom management Bell Ringer / Security guard Meeting – election / annual member (Academic activities (contest)) –Culture/Sports activities Spring festival gala / graduation ceremony –Sound/lighting/stage/usher/security HX T &F / Mind –Referee / support staff –Assignment Guidelines Working-in-Progress – you pick

34 School Administration – Student Volunteer Program Principles –Encourage community service –Provide early working experience Accountability Commitment –Cultivate leadership Permanent Opportunities –Teacher’s assistant –Printing service –Front desk administrative service –Smart board care service –Teacher (Sr. English class / Guzheng class) Part time opportunities –Culture/Sports activities Need strong support from parent –Encourage and commitment

35 School Administration – Community Relationship Huaxia family WW-P School District –Community Engagement Meeting –School Budget / our voting power –Building usage (Do not take it for granted) –High School North Huaxia Chinese Scholarship –Thank you gift card Plainsboro Township –Founder’s day –Cultural Events

36 School Administration – IT Web site development School management system development & maintenance

37 School Operation – Newsletter 1.XK weekly: Collecting, editing and revising news from HX headquarter, PCS, communities, Ads from business and PCS members, submissions from students and parents 2. PCS News release: Writing reports for special events (earthquake & Flood events, graduations, Founder’s Days, Art Festivals, HX Stars, T&F Game, annual Chinese New Year Gala, etc)

38 School Operation – Newsletter (Cont.) 3.Newspaper publications: 《华夏园地》 (twice per year): Editing and writing 《小语世界》 (twice per year): mentoring student assistant editors, reviewing all essays, revising and writing before submissions 4. PCS Ads: 广告合约;广告尺寸,字数,期数,价钱,收转支票; 找 babysitter, Join clubs, etc. 5.PCS 学生作品汇集(作文,绘画等) : 征文比赛获奖作品 我校比赛获奖作品 各年级班级推荐作品

39 School Operation – PR Publicize and promote the image of the school –News release (with photos) for Media School web site Build and maintain long term relationship with donors (institutional / individual)

40 How you can help

41 Take ownership This is your school Follow the school rules and educate kids to do the same –Keep school clean and in order Rented space (everybody’s responsibility) Do not smear, break and relocate anything in the school building –Do not talk loud in the hallway “Volunteer” run, pay respect and polite to each other, especially to school admin, teachers and board members.

42 Take ownership (Cont.) Safety is utmost important –Sign liability waiver –Participate/assist fire drill –Drive slowly in parking lot –Take care of yourself in sports activities Parent-on-Duty –Be proud; follow assignment –You are working –Come on time; 1:45pm; Leave after school over at 4:30pm –Fulfill responsibility with quality Do not use cell phone in the classroom Do not use laptop in the classroom Election –Exercise your rights; cast your vote

43 Participate Huaxia activities (community spirit; let us have fun and win the title) –Speech and Debate –T & F / Mind Game –Huaxia Star (Art Festival) –(Huaxia Night) School activities –Annual Member Meeting & Election –Spring Festival Gala –Graduation Ceremony Adult Classes & Groups –Taiji, Badminton, Yoga, Taiji Fan –Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer –Latin dancing, Chinese calligraphy and Art –LanYun, (Drumming), (Choir)

44 Act like mainstream Merging into mainstream starts with involving in the local community Main stream values community service –Community service hour required for applying top colleges –Many volunteer-run organizations Want to be respected? Respect ourselves. Show we are a united community, we care, we want our voice heard and we are committed to involve (voting power) –School district budget –Local/state officials –Local/state politicians

45 Contribute to the school Contribute your time –Volunteer in the activities Work in progres to allow you to make choice of the activities in your parent-on-duty. Contribute your expertise and ideas –Seminar to share with the parents –Suggestions on school programs and operations Contribute $$$ (tax deductible)  Serve on the board/PTA and admin team

46 PCS is our school and our community. We need support from each and every one of you. United, we will run PCS better and better. Community Spirit

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