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IDN Launch Plan for.HK Jonathan Shea HKIRC 02 March 2010.

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1 IDN Launch Plan for.HK Jonathan Shea HKIRC 02 March 2010

2 2 Agenda 1. New Categories under. 香港 2. Bundling and Pricing 3. Special Considerations 4. Pre-launch Priority Registration 5. Current status and roadmap

3 New Categories under. 香港 ccTLD CDN. 香港 CDN. 公司.hkCDN. 公司. 香港 CDN. 組織.hkCDN. 組織. 香港,hk CDN. 網絡.hkCDN. 網絡. 香港 CDN. 教育.hkCDN. 教育. 香港 CDN. 政府.hkCDN. 政府. 香港 CDN. 個人.hkCDN. 個人. 香港 CDN. 香港

4 Bundling and. 香港 Both English and Chinese are used in Hong Kong – a bi-lingual websites should be given both an English and Chinese URLs For domain name registered, the registrant can pick a. 香港 name for free Also both traditional and simplified Chinese versions of the registered names under. 香港 can be used Effectively “Buy one get two” – offer is optional The “bundle” will have to be renewed and transferred together. Both names must have same expiry date and same contact information

5 Bundling and. 香港 (cont’d) Bundling must be for same categories only CDN. 香港 CDN. 公司. 香港 CDN. 組織. 香港,hk CDN. 網絡. 香港 CDN. 教育. 香港 CDN. 政府. 香港 CDN. 個人. 香港 CDN. 香港

6 Special Considerations The name registered under. 香港 must have at least one Chinese character – can be a mix of Chinese, English and numeric digits Some customers would like to register an EDN. 香港 with valid reasons Mixed categories such as. 公司.hk will not be open for new registration afterwards – existing domain names under these categories can still be used and renewed Registrants can choose the free name later – but no later than 9 months after the registration of the paid one. The expiry date of the free name will be the same as the paid name

7 Pre-launch Priority Registration (PLPR) Existing registrants will be given first opportunity to choose their free CDN. 香港 before full launch of. 香港 Also, all existing registrants will be given an 香港 for free, and they can also pick a free as well New registrants during the PLPR will be given a “coupon” to claim their free names after the PLPR is completed Applications during PLPR will be collected and processed as a batch. A process will be in place to handle multiple applications for the same domain name. A process for objection against our decisions to resolve “colliding” applications will also be in place.

8 Handling colliding applications during PLPR Decision to be based on Availability of trademarks “Similarity” test – is the Chinese name related to the English name and in what way Type of registrants Commencement date of the

9 Current Status and Roadmap ItemScheduled (to be completed by) Status Application to ICANN16 November 2009Completed Policy Formulation (including pre-launch activities) January & February 2010 Completed Application DriveMarch to September 2010 Approval by ICANN30 May 2010 (??) Delegation by IANA30 June 2010 (??) System Change and TestingFebruary to October 2010 We are here Market CommunicationOctober 2010 Starting Pre-Launch Priority Registration November / December 2010

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12 12 Disclaimer This document carries no legal authority. The arrangement mentioned in this document is subject to change at any time by HKIRC and shall not be deemed to be the final arrangement. Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited shall not be held responsible for any consequences caused by any omissions, inaccuracies or future changes of the arrangement.

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