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1 WI Army National Guard Education Services Office Madison, WI.

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1 1 WI Army National Guard Education Services Office Madison, WI

2 2 2MISSION: To support the strength and readiness of the WI Army National Guard by ensuring the timely processing and payment of enlistment incentives and tuition assistance programs. Promote the attainment of educational goals of Soldiers and families through advising and actively providing information which focuses on the optimal usage of both state and federal benefits.

3 3 3 OFFICE STAFF CPT Dustin Cebula Education Services Officer (GI Bill) 608-242-3447 CPT Russell Simonis Incentives Officer (GI Bill) 608-242-3448 SSG Jingbo Zhang Assistant Incentives NCO (Loans) 608-242-3449 SFC John McCamey Incentives Manager (Bonuses) 608-242-3423 Ms. Karen Behling (DMA) WI Tuition Grant Program Manager 608-242-3159 Mr. Norris Johnson (Go Army) Regional Educ Services Specialist 608-242-3454

4 What does the Education Office do for Soldiers? 1.Ensure Soldiers are administratively eligible for benefits and incentives: -Montgomery GI Bill Select Reserve and “Kicker” -Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)/bonuses -Federal Tuition Assistance (Go Army) and Tuition Grant Reimbursement 2. Initiate payment process for SLRP, bonuses and State Tuition Reimbursement 3.Provide advising and assistance on the usage of state and federal education benefits (Post 9-11 transferability) -Individual counseling at annual readiness event 4

5 5 The Role of the Education Office VA Education Office PEC School CVSO Units (BN Career Counselors

6 Benefits Available to WI ARNG Soldiers Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 1606, 30, 1607, 33) Kicker Programs ($200 or $350) Federal Tuition Assistance (GO ARMY) Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement Wisconsin Tuition Remission (WI GI Bill) Student Loan Repayment Program DANTES Testing (CLEP/DSST) Reimbursement (GRE/GMAT) & National Certifications/Licensure 6

7 7 Student Loan Repayment Program SLRP Benefits – $50,000 maximum repayment of student loans – Pays 15% of disbursed loans up to $7,500 (including interest) or $500 per year, whichever is greater. – Taxed prior to payment, paid directly to lender – May add new disbursed loans depending on what contract states Eligibility Requirements – Must have at least 1 qualifying (Title IV Federal loan) and disbursed student loan at time of enlistment or extension. Check for qualifying SLRP loans – NSLDS Aid Summary Sheet – NSLDS Detail Loan Information Sheet(s) Must have a completed contract in personnel records to receive this program for a 6 year period. – Must be in a active drilling status

8 Student Loan Repayment Program Payment Process DD 2475 sent to Soldiers military email from WI-Education office (30-60 days from anniversary date). Generally date of contract (600 series form in IPERMS) Detailed Instructions will be sent to Soldier/unit, to include guidance on how to properly fill out DD 2475. Soldier is responsible for receiving the form back from the loan holder. Forms should not be sent directly to EDUC office from the lender. All documents should be consolidated at unit for submission to EDUC office. *Soldiers that have (2) loan holders should consolidate loans immediately. This will be more advantageous for the Soldier. Again, this is strongly encouraged to better process payments etc. *Loans in default are not eligible for repayment and lose payment for the entire year. -All Soldiers should inquire with their loan holder on how to request loan/s be put in forbearance/deferment. 8

9 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) CH. 1607 Buy Up Procedures Any Soldier in the Ready Reserve may contribute $600 at any time (if eligible) to receive the additional $150 payment. 1.Complete enrollment form (each time contribution made) 2.Mail form, with Certified Check or Money Order and DD214 3.A confirmation will be sent to military email when approved 4.Benefits will begin the first enrollment period after the contribution was made. 5.Soldiers do not receive refund if transfer to Post 9-11 *Forms are available thru the Education Office or from the Battalion Career Counselors (unit)

10 (i)Active Guard and Reserve (ii) ADOS / ADSW/ FTNGD AGR - Title 32 or Title 10Title 32 Service: - 502(f) - Operation Noble Eagle - 11 Sep 2001 – 31 May 2002 *All AGR service qualifies if receive an Honorable Discharge. -Can have current orders or DD214 *ONLY qualifying time period - Qualifying Full Time National Guard Duty For Post 9-11

11 FTA Overview 11 1. Federal Tuition Assistance Program a) Region IV States b) WIARNG FY 12 FTA Stats c) FTA details d) Recoupment e) Fees 2. The Soldier Process (GAE) 3. The School Invoice Process 4. Putting it all Together

12 Mr. David Mahoney DOE Schools: 388 GAE Schools: 109 Region 4 Education Services Specialist Department of Education Accredited Schools vs. GoArmyEd Schools RESS Norris Johnson DOE Schools: 149 GAE Schools: 60 ESS Jeanna Van Houten DOE Schools: 361 GAE Schools: 127 ESS Amber Manke DOE Schools: 156 GAE Schools: 81 ESS Joshua Fenner DOE Schools: 212 GAE Schools: 77 ESS Michael Robinson michael.p.robinson1.civ@mail. mil DOE Schools: 108 GAE Schools: 53 ESS Harold Hall DOE Schools: 153 GAE Schools: 53


14 Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) Financial assistance provided to Soldiers for taking voluntary off-duty education programs in support of: 1)A Soldier’s professional and personal self-development goals 2)Retaining quality Soldiers 3)Enhancing their career progression 4)Increasing the combat readiness of the Army 5)Preparing Soldiers to return to civilian careers The Department of the Army provides TA support for its own members but not for those of other Services.

15 FTA Con’t All soldier must access the GAE portal to use FTA FTA must be requested prior to class start date FTA pays up to $250 per semester hour or $166 per quarter hour FTA does not exceed $4500 per FY (Oct- Sep) FTA will fund one credential at any level up to a Masters Degree FTA will fund a BA/BS or up to 130 SH of undergraduate credit FTA will fund a Masters or up to 39 SH of graduate credit… “whichever comes first”

16 FTA Recoupment Soldiers agree to reimburse the Army upon signing the Annual Statement of Understanding when: The Soldier withdraws from or does not complete a course for personal reasons The Soldier receives a failing grade for academics The Soldier receives a failing grade for nonattendance The Soldier fails to make up an "incomplete" grade within the time limits stipulated by the institution or 120 calendar days after the completion of the class, whichever comes first A commissioned officer or commissioned warrant officer fails to fulfill the service obligation

17 Fees (Segregated or Other) Fees = To be paid with FTA must meet the following criteria: Should never be “bundled” with the tuition cost. Directly related to the specific course enrollment. Should be charged to all Students 100 percent refundable Must be itemized

18 The Soldier Process All NG Soldiers have a base role created in GAE Soldier completes six step activation process and requests GAE activation Requests sent to CRM queue FTA Manager retrieves from queue and either activates or rejects If rejected, Soldier is sent an email explanation If activated Soldier requests TA for classes prior to start date FTA manager reviews TA requests and either approves or rejects If rejected Soldier is sent an email explanation

19 The Soldier Process Con’t If approved, Soldier prints TA authorization form and submits to school There are some critical documents the Soldier needs to attach to their TA request in order to get approval: 1) Documented degree plan, degree audit report 2) Course verification document (Start and end dates/SH) 3) Cost verification document (Tuition identified) 4) Current Statement of Understanding

20 The School Invoice Process

21 Putting it All Together DoD MOU Rejecting Classes Exception to Policy Personal V Military Withdrawal Onboarding New Schools in GAE Training Aids for Soldiers and Schools available on the GAE portal Questions/Comments!!

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