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Veterans Education Benefits

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1 Veterans Education Benefits
Sarah De Leon Veteran’s Affairs Liaison

2 On the Job Training Veterans can use on the job training for VA education benefits. The Veteran can decide if they want to use the benefit or not. When you receive your Certificate of Eligibility it will indicate which GI education benefit you qualify for and how long you have to use it.

3 Chapter 33 Post 9-11 GI Bill Individuals who served on active duty after 09/11/01 will be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill if the individual: Served for an aggregate period of at least 90 days. Served at least 30 continuous days and received a disability discharge. Individuals are eligible for 15 years from the date of discharge or release from active duty of at least 90 continuous days.

4 Chapter 30 Montgomery Bill
Individuals who contributed $100 a month for first 12 months of enlistment Completed a minimum service requirement. Individuals are eligible for 10 years from the date of discharge.

5 Chapter 1606 Montgomery Bill
For selected reserve (MGIB-SR) – For all reservists whom have never been called to active duty under title 10 or 32 Requires a 6 year obligation to serve in the selected reserve. Includes: army, national, marine, naval, air force, and coast guard.

6 Chapter 1607 REAP Reservists who have been called to active duty.
Have a 6 year obligation in the Selected Reserve. Individuals are eligible up until their date of discharge from Select Reserve.

7 Enrollment Packets In order to enroll the Veteran must: Apply online using the VONAPP (use example in packet as a guide) It takes 3-4 weeks to receive Submit complete packets to Unit Manager or Regional Coordinator include: copy of DD 214 Certificate of Eligibility Complete VA & 1999 Work Process hours Contact Information There is a sample VA form in the VA education benefits enrollment packet, which is the enrollment form that the VA uses to determine eligibility to use any educational programs. The VA will not process any claims for education benefits until this form is completed in their website. The VA will send the Veteran a Certificate of Eligibility in the mail about 3-4 weeks after completing the VONAPP. In order to send documents to the VA – the certifying official needs to have a copy of the Veterans DD 214 and certificate of eligibility on file. This helps speed up processing time and is needed for the VA’s yearly audits. The VA will require enrollment forms into the program – VA and VA are the enrollment forms. Instructions for these forms are found in the packet that was handed out during check in In order to certify that hours have been worked towards the Apprenticeship the Certifying Official needs back up documentation stating that the hours are accurate. That is why the work process hours are needed for each Veteran. Nothing can be submitted without these hours. If it is too difficult to obtain the work process hours the unit coordinator or training officer can submit a memo that verifies the hours worked each month.

8 Enrollment Continued Enrollment packets are forwarded to the VA Liaison. VA Liaison will review and send to Department of Veterans Affairs for processing. You will be notified by once this has been done. Packets typically take business days to process, but can take longer depending on VA workload. days doesn’t include holidays or weekends

9 Monthly Certification
Each month the Veteran accrues hours towards the Apprenticeship program, they’re eligible to receive benefits from the VA. Once fully enrolled in the program the Veteran will receive a VA d-1 in the mail, this is used to certify hours for payment. If you do not receive one, contact your VA Liaison. Monthly WPH must be signed by Vet, immediate supervisor and Unit Manager/Regional Coordinator. Hours will not be submitted without all three signatures. Your time here at the Academy counts towards VA education benefits, your Liaison will prepare the memo and VA d-1 for you to sign.

10 Monthly Certification Continued
The Veteran will submit the VA d-1 along with WPH to the Unit Manager or Regional Coordinator which will be forwarded to the VA Liaison. The Veteran Liaison will process the monthly hours and will forward to the VA. You will be notified by once this has been done. The Veteran Liaison will send the documents to the VA. VA processing time depends on the VA and their work load – the liaison has no control over the time limit to process documents. There is no set schedule for submitting monthly WPH to the VA.

11 Here is an example of the VA 22-6553d- 1.
The Veteran will receive this monthly from the VA in the mail. Once the Veteran is fully enrolled in the program they will receive this form in the mail monthly from the VA. The form will need to be signed by the Veteran and the certifying official (no one else is authorized to sign). Sign in block 8A

12 Track Your Hours The Program is approved for 3,000 hours
Count previous credit Monthly work process hours accrued If you exceed the 3,000 hours you will be fiscally responsible for any amount overpaid

13 Keep Us Informed…. If your mailing address, or phone number changes Payment status Laid off and returning to work Be sure to tell us when you go in and out of pay status so we can “stop the clock” with the VA, thus maximizing your education benefits.

14 Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get back payment for previous hours? What if I don’t work a full month? What is the BAH rate based on for Post 9/11? What happens if I get laid off for the winter? What if I do not get the VA d-1 in the mail can I still receive payment for that month? I didn’t receive as much money as I thought I was going to? It’s been 120 days and I still haven’t been paid? Questions Answered 1- Yes, Veterans can receive back payment for previous hours that were not submitted. The VA will back pay up to 12 months from the date you applied for your COE. (as long as the Veteran has that much time of eligibility under the GI Bill). 2- If the Veteran does not work a full month – 120 hours per the VA – the VA will prorate the payment for the portion worked and will prorate the number of days used of eligibility. 3- The BAH rate for Post 9/11 is based off the school’s zip code –currently the rate is $1749 a month. 4- If the Veteran is laid off for the winter – Have your Unit Manager or Regional Coordinator notify the VA liaison of when you go in and out of pay status. When they return to work, the training officer will start to submit hours again for them. 5- If the Veteran does not receive the VA d-1 in the mail then the Certifying official can send them one in the mail, fax or . 6 – You must contact the VA regarding payment information. 7- Contact your local Congressman.

15 Where to find help
VA Education Number VA Ask a Question Website The WFAP Vets tab has a blank enrollment packet, blank forms that the Veteran will need, and FAQ’s. The Veteran can call the VA at any time to ask the status of their account or any educational questions that they may have. Veterans can register to use the Ask a Question website, the Veteran will ask a question in regards to their accounts and will receive an response with the answer to the question. This is great if the Veteran has time to wait for an answer, since the phone line can be time consuming.

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