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Federal Benefits and Post 9/11 GI Bill V A Benefits POC: MSG Ramsdell X9700/84661.

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1 Federal Benefits and Post 9/11 GI Bill V A Benefits POC: MSG Ramsdell X9700/84661

2 Federal Benefits Disability compensation Veteran’s pension programs Free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities Education & Training Programs  Each state manages it’s own benefit programs-- check with VA office in your home state 4 Major Programs:

3 Disability Compensation 10% or more disabled as a result of your military service, you may be able to receive a monthly compensation check Nontaxable

4 Veteran’s Pension Programs To receive a VA pension, you must: - Be a wartime veteran - Be permanently and totally disabled - Have a limited income Age 65 or older may also qualify Surviving spouses or children with financial need may also be eligible

5 VA Medical Care Includes all active duty military personnel Reservists & National Guard may also qualify if called and completed their full order of duty Services include: – Medical & Dental – Prescriptions – Prosthetics – Nursing homes & community-based types of care – Services available for the homeless – Counseling- PTSD support or other re-adjustment issues, alcohol & substance abuse VA Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 (24/7) if you are a veteran or concerned about one

6 VA Benefits (cont.) Housing & Home Loan Guarantee VA Loan - Eligible active duty personnel, Reservists, and some surviving spouses can purchase a home, condo, or manufactured home in most cases without a down payment - Refinancing may also be an option

7 Small Business Loans Available through the Small Business Association Provides loans, business planning, and initial training for start-up

8 Vet Fran Program to help vets purchase a franchise with a down payment of 10% or less of the typical start-up fee (which can range from $50,000 and up) Several companies participate in this, including:  Baskin-Robbins  Captain D’s Seafood  Meinke Car Care

9 Burials and Memorials VA National Cemetery Burial Flag Headstone or Marker Presidential Certificate Payments ($2000 if a military-service related cause; $300 otherwise)

10 Education & Training Programs Montgomery GI Bill Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program

11 Montgomery GI Bill Eligibility - Active-Duty for 2 or more years, Veterans, and Selected Reserves (6 year obligation); depending on your service time-frames - Active Duty members enroll and pay $100 per month for 12 months - Once their minimum service obligation is met, they are entitled to receive a monthly education benefit - A Reservist must be actively drilling and have a 6 year obligation in the Select Reserve to be eligible - Different rules apply if you joined the military before July 1, 1985 and in certain other cases

12 Montgomery GI Bill Benefits - Worth over $53,000; based on 2011-2012 rates for a full-time student rate of $1473 x 36 month - The 36 months are academic months, ie. up to 8 semesters (4 years) of traditional education - Benefits may even be higher if you signed up for the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps College Funds - REAP (Reserve Educational Assistance Program) provides up to 36 months of educational benefits to Selected Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), and National Guard who are federally ordered to active duty and served 90 consecutive days after September 11, 2001. - Option to choose which program best suits your needs

13 Post 9/11 GI Bill Eligibility: - Active-Duty and Veterans who have served at least 90 days of active duty on or after September 10, 2001 - received an honorable discharge Qualifying for the full benefit requires service of at least 3 years active duty on or after September 10, 2001. May also use these benefits for: on-the-job training programs apprenticeships and voc/tech schools non-college degree programs correspondence training flight training in some cases *Benefits are transferrable to immediate family members in most cases

14 Post 9/11 GI Bill (cont.) How much will I receive? Tuition and fees up to $17,500 annually. The Yellow Ribbon program may reimburse for additional costs as well. Depends on your eligibility and duty status Monthly housing allowance equal to BAQ for an E-5 with dependents in the same zip code as the school. Yearly books/ supplies up to $1000 per year WEBSITE: Also check with the Navy College Office for more information

15 Yellow Ribbon Program If you attend graduate school, a private school, or attend in a non-resident status (charged out-of state rates), the Yellow Ribbon Program will cover the excess fees that the Post 9/11 Bill may not cover School you attend must be a participant in the YRP Must qualify for the full benefit to receive this funding Requires at least 3 years of active duty service on or after September 10, 2001 or be discharged after serving 30 continuous days with a service-connected disability

16 To File a Claim or Apply for Benefits or Services Veterans and Family Members Website: Call (800)827-1000 TDD (800)827-4833 Research, find and access benefits

17 Questions?

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