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Getting Started with Quality Matters TM ©MarylandOnline, Inc. 2012. All rights reserved.

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1 Getting Started with Quality Matters TM ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

2 Getting Started with QM Decisions, campus introduction, pathways, implementation plans ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

3 Getting Started Participative, inclusive governance Train IRs Promote QM internally as national standard & faculty resource – use QM resources and publications Develop implementation plan Familiarize faculty and gain support Develop cadre of faculty/staff – early adopters Share the workload Build internal capacity for self-sufficiency ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

4 Decisions in Customizing QM  Governance –  By whom? Where will it report?  Engagement –  How will you gain faculty commitment?  Rubric Use –  For course improvement, development, assessment?  Course Reviews –  Mandatory or optional, official or informal? Which courses  Training Criteria & QM Roles  Who will take which trainings? What roles? ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

5 Scalability in Implementing QM Managing Your ReviewsDelivering APPQMR Training Internal QA No QM requirements No QM fees Unofficial (no QM certification) External QA Courses must meet submission guidelines Fee for Service Official QM- Managed External QA Review follows official QM process Official Subscriber- Managed Adapt for internal needs For internal use only No QM fees Customized (no QM recognition) Required for peer reviewer & other QM roles Fee for Service QM-Delivered Facilitator must be QM certified, Must use QM- provided materials Subscriber- Delivered ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

6 Peer Reviewers Current Online Instructor Applying the QM Rubric Workshop (online or F2F) Peer Reviewer Course (online) Submission of application & MOU (for certification) Independent Trainers Applying the QM Rubric Workshop Peer Reviewer Course (certification not required) Online or F2F Facilitator Certification Institution on Full or Statewide Subscription Master Reviewers Certified QM Peer Reviewer Experience on 2+ course reviews Master Reviewer Workshop Annual Re- certification Institution Representative Applying the QM Rubric Workshop Institution Representative Course Institution may designate additional IRs Capacity Building: QM Roles & Criteria ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

7 QM Implementation Plans Plans Purpose Components Process Location Outcomes Progress Report ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

8 QM is adaptable to your goals  Improved courses  Engaged faculty  Reduced course development time  Ongoing faculty development  Quality benchmarking  Awareness & support for online learning  Institutional improvement ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

9 Questions about Getting Started? Please contact Marijane Hakun, Subscriber Services Manager Or Deb Adair, QM Director ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved


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