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Quality Matters TM Intellectual Property ©MarylandOnline, Inc. 2012. All rights reserved.

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1 Quality Matters TM Intellectual Property ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

2 QM Intellectual Property What you can and can’t do with QM rubrics, training, and other intellectual property. ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

3 Available in the following forms: PDF of Rubric Standards with Points (1 page) PDF of Fully Annotated QM Rubric CRMS: Sample Reviewer Worksheet QM Publication: Rubric Brochure QM Publication: Rubric Workbook The Rubric is the Core of QM ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

4 Permitted Use Password Protect: Fully Annotated QM Rubric CRMS access – MyQM account required Any derivative (and appropriately cited) document you create using the QM Rubric Can link to QM website for: QM Rubric information PDF of Rubric Standards with Points Order QM publications – rubric brochures, workbooks*, and training materials* ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved Only subscribing institutions are permitted to use and disseminate QM materials *sold only to subscribers

5 Reported uses consist of: Course development checklists for faculty Faculty development Faculty engagement with national standards supported by research Course reviews both internal and for certification Quality process indicators for accreditation self- studies Uses of the Rubric ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

6 QM Logos QM Program: Use to describe QM affiliation and program implementation Course Certification Only issued by QM for recognized courses ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

7 QM Program Logo Using the QM logo enables institutions to – Demonstrate commitment to quality assurance tools and trainings – Highlight engagement with Quality Matters – Promote your QM trainings and activities to faculty/staff Integrating QM Logo Guidelines – The QM program logo must appear clear and as a stand-alone image. – The minimum width of the logo should be 1 inch in width. Things to know – QM logos may not be altered or redrawn in any way – You are not allowed to use the logo or its likeness as an institution logo or for any other purpose other than those identified above without permission from Quality Matters. ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

8 QM Training Material Subscriber-developed Training – Subscribers may use the rubric in their own trainings exclusive to their faculty/staff. QM does not recognize. Applying the QM Rubric Training (APPQMR) – Subscribers with training license may use (ONLY) QM- provided training materials to deliver the APPQMR All other QM Training – Materials used in all QM trainings are the property of QM and are only made available to the specific training participants during the training – not for institutional use. ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

9 Presentations & Research QM typically supports the use of the rubric in research projects upon specific request The QM Rubric TM is protected under copyright held by MarylandOnline – Should be cited when referenced in presentations and articles to identify specific version. The current version for higher education is: The QM Rubric HE edition QM encourages your presentations about your own, or institution’s, use of QM. – Contact QM for free rubric brochures to distribute at external conferences ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

10 Your Questions? Please contact Grace Hall QM Communications Manager ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved


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