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Quality Matters TM Institution Representative Training: IR Role and Tools ©MarylandOnline, Inc. 2012. All rights reserved.

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1 Quality Matters TM Institution Representative Training: IR Role and Tools ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

2 The QM Institution Representative (IR) The IR Role: What you need to know to manage your QM implementation ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

3 Facilitates communication as QM’s campus contact – Receives and disseminates information and resources – Facilitates contracts, invoices, agreements – Uses QM tools to manage implementation Serves as local QM expert for implementation – Knows principles of QM, subscription contract terms and processes, QM policies and practices – Introduces QM and serves as local expert Creates and manages QM training plan Manages course reviews The Important Role of the IR: ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

4 IRs Support QM Principles IRs are the key to ensuring every implementation of the QM toolset and process reflect QM as: A faculty-driven, peer review process that is… Collaborative Collegial Continuous Centered - in research literature - around student learning ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

5 IR Selection The IR should be the person most responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the program Can, and should, have more than one IR to share the workload Submit Change of IR form online to add or change the IRs for an institution ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

6 Your QM Tools MyQM, CRMS, Training Registration, Moodle, IR Website ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

7 All Tools Accessible via MyQM – Your QM data and tool portal CRMS – Course Review Management System (fully automated) Training Registration System – Access to register for QM training Training Delivery Platform: Moodle IR Website – Access to documentation, webforms, & forums ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

8 MyQM Secure online data portal to individual and institution-specific QM activity Subscribers Only Log In – Pre-Assigned based on Address on file with QM Track individual (you) and institution: – Courses submitted for review – Peer reviewer activity – Training records – Subscription History – Document Library – Conference Registrations ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

9 MyQM – Edit Your Profile ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

10 MyQM – Individual Activity Report Peer Reviewer Application Record of MOU Training Activity Courses Submitted for Review Courses Reviewed Conferences ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

11 MyQM – All Individuals Report ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved IR Report of All Individuals at Own Institution w/QM Activity – including Real-Time Training Reg’s.

12 CRMS Course Review Management System – This is the automated tool that helps you manage both internal and official reviews. You will have the ability to choose the type of course review you want to set up and if it will be an internal (informal) or official review. Your choices are: Initiate reviews for higher education courses Initiate reviews for G6-12 courses Initiate reviews (internal only) for publisher/3-rd party created courses – Anyone who accesses the landing pages for each review type will be able to view a sample of the developer worksheet and the reviewer worksheet (containing the complete rubric with annotations) ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

13 Training Registration System IR can register faculty or they can register on their own. Can do bulk or individual registrations – Bulk registrations for training sessions dedicated to your group – Individual registrations bring up calendar for course session selection link to Register for Professional Development is also on home page of QM public website MyQM accounts are required to register for training. Registrants will be prompted to search for existing account and will be able to create new account as part of registration ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved

14 MyQM – IR Area ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved Link under My Tools takes you to protected site with information specifically for IRs.

15 QM Research Resources QM research initiatives are QM research library is ©MarylandOnline, Inc All rights reserved


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