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Reading class 6 Mrs. Gardullo Room 302.

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1 Reading class 6 Mrs. Gardullo Room 302

2 What should you know about me? I was born and raised in Newport. (I still live here.) I was a TMS and RHS student. I have been teaching for 13 years and am certified to teach Reading and English. I have a husband and two daughters: Nora (3) and Emma (1).

3 What Are Our Goals? To learn and practice good reading habits To learn and practice reading strategies to be used in a variety of texts To practice working in groups as well as individually to complete assignments Develop an APPRECIATION for reading

4 What Materials Will We Use? We will use the Critical Reading Series: a program that focuses on reading comprehension strategies which uses the format of state and national assessments. The skills we will focus on are: finding the main idea, recalling facts, making inferences, and using words correctly (vocabulary). These strategies can be used in all classes.

5 What Do I Need? Pencil / Pen Independent Reading book Classroom folder (stays here) Agenda (no agenda no bathroom) YOU NEED THESE EVERY DAY!!

6 What Is Expected of YOU and ME? BE RESPECTFUL... to yourself, to others, and to the school environment. BE RELIABLE... Be prepared and on time for class. Be ready to learn. BE RESPONSIBLE... for your actions, your possessions, and your education.

7 How Do I Get Graded? There are 10 weeks in a term and you have reading once a week (ten times). Each week you will have an assignment worth 10 points. Add up all of your scores to get your grade! Example: Week 1: 10/10Week 6: 9/10 Week 2: 8/10Week 7: 10/10 Week 3: 9/10Week 8: 10/10 Week 4: 6/10Week 9: 8/10 Week 5: 10/10Week 10: 10/10 Grade: __90__

8 Bathroom Policy? first 5 - last 5 This means that you are able to use the restroom during the first five minutes you enter class or during the last five minutes of class. You may NOT leave during instruction or group / independent work time. You need your agenda to sign out. I do NOT allow students to go get drinks but you may bring a water bottle.

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