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VI Square Table April 20, 2013. Email Don’t put anything in an email that you would be embarrassed to read on the front page of the paper. Always assume.

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1 VI Square Table April 20, 2013

2 Email Don’t put anything in an email that you would be embarrassed to read on the front page of the paper. Always assume a parent will see your emails.

3 Listserv Are you a member? Contact:

4 Summer Institutes Save these Dates: July 24 th, 25th, and 26 th ! Register at: profdev/summer-institutes/registration.pdf profdev/summer-institutes/registration.pdf Institute Fees: $35.00 per workshop

5 The APH Intervention Continuum for Learners with Visual and Multiple Impairments Presented by Millie Smith July 24th &25 th, UNC Greensboro Elliott University Center. Millie Smith –consultant for American Printing House for the Blind, helping develop products for students with visual and multiple impairments. –TSBVI: outreach teacher-trainer, classroom and resource teacher –Itinerant teacher, Dallas Independent School District, – Instructor, University of Texas at Austin. Presentation –strategies and tools for learners with visual and multiple impairments The Sensory Learning Kit addresses the skills needed for attention to and exploration of the people, objects, and actions that provide contexts for communication. SAM: Symbols and Meaning addresses the skills needed for the late sensorimotor, early preoperational stage where iconic symbols are used to label concrete referents: the people, objects, actions, and places seen and touched during high quality sensory experiences. Tactile Connections addresses the skills needed for using arbitrary symbols to communicate thoughts about abstract preoperational concepts.

6 Orientation & Mobility for Children with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities Presented By Carla Brown July 26 th located at UNC Greensboro Elliott University Center. Carla Brown, M.Ed, COMS, –teacher of severe disabilities, Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools. –over 30 years’ experience working with students with visual and additional impairments. Presentation –how to integrate orientation and mobility (O&M) into functional routines –increasing a student’s active participation in school activities and expanding opportunities for interacting with the environment. – Case studies will be utilized in small groups to apply the presented information to functional application

7 Low Vision Clinics April 22nd -23rd at Wilmington (FULL) May 13th at GMS June 19th and June 25th at GMS (Still a lot of openings)

8 Instructional Materials Warehouse Julie Kagy

9 Frequently Asked Questions about the APH Digital Large Print Textbooks How do I find the digital large print textbook files? The digital large print files can be found by searching the Louis database at To find a list of all digital large print files, click the “E-Files” tab and search for “LF” How are the digital files priced? Averages about 40% less than our hard cover large print books. All prices are listed on the Louis records. Can Quota funds be used to pay for the digital large print files? Yes, quota funds can be used to pay for the files. Who can access the digital large print files? Anyone can search the repository for the files, but only EOTs have permission to download the files. After I purchase a digital large print file, can I use it with multiple students? Files are restricted to a single-student, single use agreement. No sharing of these files is permitted. Can I use the digital large print file to print a hard-copy book? No printing of these files is permitted. What devices can the digital large print files be used on? The files are in a PDF format may be read on laptops and other digital devices that can handle PDF documents. How do I get the digital large print files on the student’s device? APH suggests looking into the free program/app Dropbox. For more information, visit: Who can I contact for further information about downloading the digital large print files? Please call Resource Services at 800-223-1839 x705, or contact Linda Turner, File Repository Manager, and Matt Rummele, via email.800-223-1839 x705

10 Orientation and Mobility Claire Hakin “Exploring All Options” AER International All-Orientation & Mobility Conference Dec. 11-14, 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana

11 Lighting Blue and UV light are the primary emissions from cool white fluorescents, daylight fluorescents, and full spectrum fluorescent tubes. Many people with visual impairments suffer severe glare problems when they have to work or function under these kinds of lights. Red/pink light is the primary emission from Warm White fluorescent tubes. So you can have both good light AND energy savings with warm white tubes.

12 The Diagram at Benetech (Bookshare) The DIAGRAM Center has been established by the US Department of Education (Office of Special Education Programs) to make it easier, faster, and more cost effective to create and use accessible images so that students with print disabilities have timely access to the information they need. This site has been created to bring the work of the Center to the public.

13 VI Update for Western and South Central NC Heather Brooks – Regional VI Consultant cell: 919.345.4066 Jay Hardwig, TVI/COMS from Haywood County, has started a parent group Nita Smith, TVI for Asheville City Schools, VI Field Day

14 Western NC Field Day April 10 th, Asheville High School - Approximately 25 students (double that for adults) coming from 9 different school districts participated in 4 different events: obstacle course, races, yoga, and beeper kick ball. A lunch of pizza and pasta was provided by a local restaurant. This event was partially inspired from the Lauren Lieberman professional development offering from last summer.

15 Obstacle CourseBeeper Kickball Student reading braille award

16 Behavior Module DPI’s Western NC VI and Behavior Consultants have formed a coalition to provide training in what to do when there is a student with a visual impairment and adverse behaviors. We’d love to work with any of our teachers in the western part of the state to bring effective strategies into place to reduce the negative behaviors and increase learning. Please, let us know if you’re interested!

17 Desk Tactile Tools to increase positive behavior

18 Professional Development Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools hosted a DPI professional development during the 2012-2013 year. This was a series of 5 classes covering specialized assessment in the area of visual impairment. The last two meetings covered assessment, trends in education, and instructional strategies in the area of Cortical Visual Impairment. It became clear that there is a “thirst” for more information, ideas, and specific helpful strategies in the area of instruction for our students with CVI.

19 VI Specific IEP Development Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) and Measurable Annual Goals Cumberland County Sept. 30, 2013, 1-4pm Oct. 28, 2013, 1-4pm Please let us know if you are interested in hosting additional presentations.

20 Online Testing Online testing trial: The NCEXTEND1 released sample item sets for Mathematics and Science are now available at /testing/releasedforms. /testing/releasedforms If you have questions or problems with accessibility, contact your testing coordinator.

21 http://ssatvioutreach.ncdpi.wikispaces. net/ Please join the wiki and give us feedback What would you like to see there?

22 How can we best help you? Professional development? Regional Meetings? Information to EC Directors?

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