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Accountability and NC WISE

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1 Accountability and NC WISE
Phyllis Price, Lori Ivey NCDPI 2010 Accountability Conference

2 Overview NC WISE and eSIS Adding a Test
Standardized Testing Screen Test Upload Process Testing files – eSIS and WebApps Data, data, data ABCTools Resourses

3 Vocabulary NC WISE – North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education. eSIS – Electronic Student Information System. WebApps – Web application that manages user security and UERS. UERS – Uniform Education Reporting System. NC WISE: The North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education (NC WISE) is an electronic student accounting system that is based on the Electronic Student Information System (eSIS), an Internet-based software package that provides student and school information management capabilities. Data are stored centrally and accessed and reported in a safe, secure manner across the Internet. NC WISE supports the data analysis and reporting requirements of education initiatives such as the North Carolina’s ABCs of Public Education accountability program, the Uniform Education Reporting System (UERS), Closing the Achievement Gap and the various programs and requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. NC WISE offers unprecedented opportunities for local educators to use technology to help them make better instructional and business decisions in their schools.

4 NC WISE Components NC WISE Architecture Software Components
NC WISE Repository Data Centers Software Components eSIS WebApps Reporting Hub EDI Transcript AHR eSIS was not developed specifically for NC (Hawaii, British Columbia, D.C. other clients). WebApps for UERS reports, security. Reporting hub for reports not part of eSIS. NC WISE can send electronic transcripts to North Carolina universities and community colleges through the EDI Transcript System. To be included in the EDI system, a high school must have a College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code entered into School Details in eSIS.

5 NC WISE Architecture Diagram …
Data Center School LEA School LEA School Schools are part of an LEA. LEAs are housed in Data Centers. LEA School School School School School School School School

6 NC WISE Architecture Diagram …
Data Center Data Center Data Center NC WISE Repository Data Center Work in the data center that is associated with your LEA. Repository maintains the unique student ID and helps to keep system codes uniform across data centers. Repository holds all the system codes and pushes those down to the Data Centers. Also creates the unique pupil ID and “holds” the student so that you can admit/withdraw across DCs. Multiple LEAs are housed in a data center. The Data center contains all of the student and school data. When admitting a student the unique student ID is pulled from the repository. Data Center

7 Logging In Typically FirstName_LastName Password provided
Donald_Duck Password provided LEA999 The database you log into is the word “LEA” plus your LEA number. For example, if your LEA number is 999, then the database would be LEA999. Do not close the browser you’ve launched the program from, or your session will hang. Data Managers do not see the same view as Super Users, nor do they see the same view as LEA Coordinators. If you try to log in with the wrong password three times, it will lock you out of the system. You will need to have your LEA Coordinator unlock you (if you are a DM). If you are an LEA Coordinator, you will need to contact the NCDPI Service Desk. Do NOT share logins. Refer to State Board Policy EEO-C-18. Sharing logins may be a dismissible offense. Encourage schools and central office to place computers in a location where those that do not need to see eSIS cannot see the screen (for example, when they walk into the office). Remember that you are required by FERPA to take appropriate measures to protect the data. LEA plus LEA number Do not share logins!

8 Logging In - Path Navigation:
Production environment: Navigation: LEA test and training environment: Navigation: 8 8

9 eSIS START Screen Go through the START screen, left to right, top to bottom. Discuss with the LEA Testing Coordinators the menus and quick access buttons that would be useful to them. For example, the Main Menu houses the standardized testing form. Discuss the Student Selected segment of the START screen.

10 Selecting a School LEA Testing Coordinators can view multiple schools’ data or one school at a time. Choose which school to work with by clicking the Select School icon from the START screen. The Select School Icon calls the select school form. All schools the user has access to will appear on the right side of the Select School screen. Click the school name to highlight the row. Check the Lock School check box. Click OK. The user is returned to the START screen. The user can query to see students presently enrolled at the one school. If the school in which a child is enrolled is unclear, leave the Lock School box unchecked to query for all students with the same criteria.

11 Standardized Testing Screen
Navigation: Main Menu > Change Student > Standardized Testing > Student Test Scoring Top portion – query-able demographics. Middle – list of tests. Mention can sort columns by clicking on column heading. Bottom – subtest information for selected test. NC does not use all buttons/functionality.

12 Adding a Test if need to enter manually. Mention Test Upload.
Dates – 1st, 10th, 20th (?)

13 Adding a Test Exemption/omission reason.
Accommodations – from bubble sheets.

14 Test Upload Process A folder (SUBMIT_SCO) has been created in each district's SecureShell location Once the SCO files have been uploaded the automated processing will move the data into NC WISE All accountability tests are uploaded to eSIS nightly Error reports will be provided via the Web site Accountability tests/data from Winscan (SCO files) is loaded into eSIS nightly, this eliminates the need for users to manually enter most data. Adding accommodations.

15 SAT Test Upload Process
Obtain SAT data file from ETS Download the ‘Student Upload for NC WISE SAT Upload Tool (School)’ from the Reporting Hub The MS Access application matches students and creates the .SCO file Test Upload process imports data into eSIS CTE can also be uploaded.

16 Testing Files Member/Precode – eSIS
Navigation: Administration > Standard Tests/Assessment > Export Students To build Member/PreCode file. Not needed for DPI.

17 Testing Files ACCDATA & ACCTEST - WebApps
To build ACCDATA and ACCTEST files. Not needed for DPI.

18 Examples of Authoritative Sources
NC WISE Demographics, schedules CECAS EC information SNA School information Accountability Test data

19 NC WISE Data Uses Diploma Plans
Dates – 9th grade entry date, diploma met/issued Diploma Type GDVS Plans Accommodations 9th Grade Entry Date very important. Sets UNC requirements. Diploma met/issued, type – feeds GDVS. Plans used to record required testing accommodations.

20 Diploma Screen Diploma Type Diploma Met Diploma Issued Gr 9 Entry Date

21 Plans (Accommodations)
Mention uploading of accommodations

22 NC WISE Data Uses Student demographics – Pupil number, legal name, DOB, grade level, membership status, race/ethnicity Test history Computer Skills (P/F) Schedule – semesters/terms, teachers, homerooms, course codes, ES read & math NC WISE – authoritative source for student demographic information. Computer Skills – no test but still must record Proficiency.

23 Demographics

24 Even ES reading and math.
Schedules Semester 0 for year-long courses! Schedules for all! Even ES reading and math. Semesters 0, 1, 2. Students w/o schedule will not be pulled. Reading & Math needed for Tools reports.

25 Schedules Every student needs a schedule; homerooms are not enough
Cross-enrolled courses don’t count Classes that span periods create multiple records in the Member file

26 Member/Precode Filename Location (what goes where?)
PRECODE######.TXT MEMBER.### MEMBER######.TXT Location (what goes where?) C:\PRECODE\2010\collection_code C:\ACCDATA\2010\collection_code May need to edit LEA/school in first line

27 ABCTools Available on the “rep” site with user manual Can use accdata, acctest and member files to populate local ABCTools database Various useful reports Historical Audit HS Exit Standards Student Test Profile Caution about data differences between self-pulls and DPI-pulls

28 Collection Dates Submission System
Used by Ateam to know when to pull files

29 Web

30 Accountability Reference Documents
Test Upload User Guide SAT Upload User Guide ABCTools User Manual Reason Codes Data Collection Schedule


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