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UNCHAIN- CASABLANCA ‘’Situation and Perspectives’’ Tempus Program ETF-JP-00241-2008 // Prof. Mohamed.

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1 UNCHAIN- CASABLANCA ‘’Situation and Perspectives’’ Tempus Program ETF-JP-00241-2008 // Prof. Mohamed TAHIRI: Chair Holder


3 Université Hassan II – Casablanca 8 Insitutions Law, Social and Economic Sciences Faculty Sciences Faculty National High School Of Electricity & Mechanic High School of Technology Noraml High School (ENS) Mohamed SEKKAT University Library Medecine & Pharmacy Faculty –Casablanca Faculty of Dental Medecine Humain & social Sciences and arts Faculty 3 o > 27.000 students, o 2.500 PhD students, o 3.000 skills per year o 1.000 researchers o 650 administratif staff o 42 research laboratories and > 145 research team o 5 Docoral Center o > 27.000 students, o 2.500 PhD students, o 3.000 skills per year o 1.000 researchers o 650 administratif staff o 42 research laboratories and > 145 research team o 5 Docoral Center


5 The main goal of the UNCHAIN project is to establish a Strategy for Innovation in MENA Region This goal is achieved trough specific objectives to be implemented in the different Work Packages (WPs) that constitute the project as a whole. Therefore each objective is related to a specific WP «UNCHAIN» objectives

6 . WP1 : Establishing a University Chair of Innovation in the MEDA region WP2 : Developing Technology Transfer Policy and Training the Chair Operators WP3: Initiating a re-skilling program on Innovation WP4: EU MEDA Twinning MSc Thesis Program WP5: Developing an EU-MEDA Virtual Environment and Strategy for University-Industry Cooperation in Innovation WP6: Developing a strategy for University-Industry Cooperation in Innovation WP7: Dissemination WP8: Assuring project sustainability WP9: Assuring Quality Control and Monitoring WP10: Project Management

7 UNIVERSITY UNCHAIN PIVOT- BRIDGE Setting on January 2010 ESI UNCHAIN-UH2C INDUSTRIES SME/SMI CLUSTERS Entrepreneurship Agency ANAPEC Stake holders: GCME, CPO, PBF, WB, …. MICNET MHESRHGT MEDIATOR R&D Maroc National Centre of Innovation

8 UNCHAIN aims at bridging the gap between the innovation needs of enterprises and the supply of universities, in terms of human resources and technologies by : establishing a “University Chair on Innovation” ; solving “real” problems regarding process and product innovation thus supporting the road to a sustainable economic development ; develop Twinning Masters Students (Exchange students of two partner universities working on two similar subjects) Enhance IP production ; … Enterprises – University partnership

9  UNCHAIN ​​ Mainly works as a mediator Between Industry and Academia for the purpose of matching the skills, knowledge, ideas Researchers of the actual current to the Needs of industries ;  UNCHAIN ​​ provides consultation services and training to industrials according to available funding mechanisms necessary to achieve the cooperation sought.  Technology transfer  Research Valorisation  R& D

10 Innovation Process

11 11 The Roles of the Actors of the “model” should generate research-based inventions should develop and industrialize new products should generate the rules and direct the actors should invest in research-based ventures Source: Pietrabissa (2008) It is possible to generate an effective and efficient TT process only if all the actors are pushed to work together, playing their roles and taking their responsibilities Innovation : is the driving Force for the Economic growth and an efficient vehicle towards modernization and enhancing competitiveness in the global market

12 12 Solution Need Product The Castle of Innovation Source: Pietrabissa (2008)

13 Tools for University – Industry relationships Research agreements between University and Industries are win-win tools to foster innovation and social development … but … The differences between players must be undestood respected and valorised

14 14 Technology Transfer model  Transfer by publications  Transfer by contracting  Transfer by cooperating (joint labs)  Transfer through infrastructures (test facilities)  Transfer by training  Transfer by head (Phd, spillover)  Transfer by licensing  Transfer by spinning off Handled by TTO Driven by Research Dept.

15 Main achievements January 2010- december 2011

16 Trainings: Short-time training : SME/SMI, researchers Long-time trainings : bachelor and masters including modules on Innovation, Applied Research and R&D Contracts: Cooperation programs with partners (MCINET, NCSTR, R&D- Maroc : Innov’act) Private contracts Research Valorization : Patents production ( 2011 > 18 patents of UH2c) TT Entrepreurship and sustainable development Fields of Action

17 2010 Start of UNCHAIN OFFICE : January : Hiring of the Responsable implementation of the equipment Linking to the network (MENA- EU) March: Organisation of Casablanca Meeting and seminary on Innovation April : Participation of 2 UH2C candidates to the Training on : Technology transfer and valorization (TU-Delft ; Netherlands)

18 2010 Mai-june : Participation of 2 UH2C candidates to the Training on : ‘’Training of Trainers’ (TOT) TU-DELFT July : training on : ‘’University as a nucleus for business Activities : Systematic innovation’’ TU-GRAZ July : training on: ‘’Technology Transfer Processes and Tools ‘’ Politecnico di Milano - ITALY November : Meeting UNCHAIN – Aleppo Univ.-SYRIA

19 2010 Realizations Making initial contacts for the ratification of the framework agreement with MCINET on ‘’ Innovation City’’ (incubation Center for Start ups and Spin Offs ) (Signed on July 27 th 2010) October: training of university high graduate : ‘’Technology Innovation and sustainable Entrepreneurship ‘’ Data Base of : SME/SMI (1260 units) and Scientific Researchers of UH2C (256)

20 2011 – Dissemination : Seminaries and trainings aimed to PhD students and Industrials January 25 th : Seminary on : ‘’Eco Innovation, green energies, ideas, vision and feasibility in Morocco ’’ March 24-25 ths : training seminary on : ‘’Participative Innovation ’’ Mai 4 th : training seminary on: ‘’Interactive Innovation ’’ July : Training of Trainers : Product and Process Innovation with Renewable Energies, TU GRAZ, Austria Meeting with UNDO Staff ; Vien ‘’Sustainability of UNCHAIN Network’ and South South transfer’ October : Meeting UNCHAIN –Tunis –TUNISIA

21 2011 Dissemination May 2011 : Innovation Caravan ( FSAC, ENSEM, EHTP; Lycée Al Iyachi ) UNCHAIN-Uh2C South –South Technology Transfer : ‘’Identifiacation of Innovative Projects and Sustainable Entrepreneurship ‘’ Africa (Chad Nov. 2011) : 13 Projects were identified and we continue to work towards their achievement. We solicit the support of all agencies of potential FINANCING.

22 2011 : Dissemination October 20 th : Infoday seminary : ‘’ Mechanisms FINANCING Applied Research : Innov’act’’ (R&D Maroc + Uh2C) 5 identified projects are being processed November : Participation to the seminary : How to apply for FP7 projects? November 28 th -Dec. 01 st : Participation to MEDINNOVA –Exhibition ; Casablanca ; Morocco

23 2012-2013: Planed January 2012 : Meetings with researchers of UH2C : explanation of mechanisms of boosting innovation Preparation of specifications of University Diploma on Engineering and Management of Innovation (to be launched next year : 2012-2013) Preparation of Summer School on Innovation : August 2012

24 We learned from Our Colleagues : All things you want to do: Do it with: Passion !

25 All is possible ! Oh, Yes! We can!

26 UNCHAIN-CASABLANCA-MOROCCO University of Hassan II Fax : 0522 27 61 50 GSM +212 6 63 42 86 43 Thank you !

27 Questions? Débats

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