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Latvian -Hungarian Biotechnological Information Day Szeged, Hungary Latvian -Hungarian Biotechnological Information Day Szeged, Hungary 02/12/2010.

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1 Latvian -Hungarian Biotechnological Information Day Szeged, Hungary Latvian -Hungarian Biotechnological Information Day Szeged, Hungary 02/12/2010

2 Southern Great Plain Region of Hungary

3 The Southern Great Plain Region Institutes A world-class resource of the Southern Great Plain Region is its outstanding Intellectual potential and highly qualified labour force. Csongrád county alone boasts three internationally renowned research institutions while nearly 50 organizations pursue research activities of various kinds, predominantly in Szeged. The most famous research institutions are the University of Szeged, the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Grain Production Research Institute and the Bay Zoltán Biotechnology Institute. In Békés county, the Research Institute of Fishing and Irrigation and the Centre for Regional Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences conduct significant research work. In Bács-Kiskun county, technical scientific research activities are carried out at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation at the College of Kecskemét.

4 Introduction The European Union considers innovation, research and technology transfer to be the most important sphere of creating competitive advantage. Innovation is crucial in the enhancement of competitiveness and export capabilities of corporations Innovation - that means adaptation to the changing economic environment and to the challenges of the future – is considered to be the European Union’s motor for development. Thus, Hungary also aims at the establishment and successful operation of an innovation system, the more efficient utilization of European resources and the improvement of resource absorption capacities and innovation expenditures. The network of the domestic regional innovation agencies helps this objective. It creates a suitable environment for innovation and facilitates the innovative actions of economic actors, through which the concept of sustainable development, quality of life and competitiveness is linked to innovation and the acquisition and propagation of knowledge.

5 Background Regional Innovation Agency as consortium (RIA1) Duration: 2005-2007 The Regional Innovation Agency was established with the support of the National Office for Research and Technology in 2004, and started its activity as consortium in January 2005. The main aim was to establish a supportive and innovation-friendly environment, ruled by RIA in co-operation with members of the continually expanding regional innovation networks.

6 RIA 07 PROJECT Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain Association of Public Utility Duration: 2008-2011 Mission of the Regional Innovation Agency At RIA our mission is to enforce the principle of maintainable improvement while increasing the competitiveness of the region.

7 RIA 07 PROJECT Objectives  Improving innovation and research development, disseminating the outcome  Developing SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), encouraging technology modernization  Establishing a modern business working environment  Improving the access to SMEs financial tools  Supporting the function of the Regional Innovation system  Improving the region’s significant economic elements  Communication with the branch developing organisations, innovation- related services and other Regional Innovation Agencies  Setting up a regional innovation network  Introducing national and international (innovation-related) programmes to promote regional innovation

8 Long term objectives To set clear directions for innovation processes, improve framework conditions creating a fertile environment for innovation, facilitate efficient and conscious technology and knowledge transfer. Therefore, the Agency has built close cooperation with: regional knowledge centres, research and development institutes, higher educational institutions, and innovative businesses in order to establish and coordinate a network providing innovation services based on wide-ranging expertise and experience.

9 Services according to the workplan 1.Regional planning -Renewing the Regional Innovation Strategy 2.Coordinating early stage innovation management 3.Communication and network development 4.Innovation database management 5.Management and coordination of resource requirements 6.Innovation consultancy 7.Project development and Project generation 8.Developing and operating the regional innovation database 9.Training activities

10 Thank you for your attention! Renata Folk Project Manager RIA-SGP APU

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