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Welcome, Parents of incoming 7th grade students!

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1 Welcome, Parents of incoming 7th grade students!

2 CVMS Contacts Laurie Francis, Principal Jeff Copeland, Asst. Principal
Adam Camacho, Asst. Principal Toni Zurcher, Counselor A-H Lisa Curry, Counselor I-Mf Karen Infantino, Counselor Mg-Z

3 Carmel Valley PTSA Rocks!
Positions Open for : Recording Secretary VP Technology VP Volunteers EBlast If interested, contact: (858)

4 CVMS Clubs Game Club Card Club Karaoke Club Math Counts Club Live
Art Club Science Olympiad Chess Club And many more! All Clubs Meet During Lunch

5 Orientation August 17 Student registration form (access on-line)
8th grade WEB leaders give the tour and answer questions Fun, music and pizza! Parents will learn: about community issues and safety how to support your child’s social/emotional development how to access to school resources online how to support your child’s academic success Time will be provided to meet other Bobcat parents, purchase PE clothes, spirit wear, yearbooks, and join PTSA!

6 We are here to help! Personal issues:
Problems with friends – conflict resolution Gossip and bullying Divorce, illness, loss Decision making Communication with teachers And advice on parenting for you!

7 We are here to help! Academic: Improving grades Organization
Study skills High School and College questions Career Exploration

8 For parents of students from private schools, etc…
Read the Registration Instructions on the Registration Information page of the counseling website. Make an appointment with our registrar, Lee Ann Howe, x3005 ASAP You will need verification of residency, immunization records, etc. Once registered, make an appt. for math placement test

9 Important Registration forms
Print and use the registration checklist to be certain you have all required forms Make sure you have thoroughly completed each required form If anything is missing, you will notified that your registration is not complete. If you need time to gather immunization records, turn in what you have for now. Don’t forget the new requirement for a Tdap booster shot. You do not need to sign the verification of residency form in our presence if you are enrolling from a feeder public school

10 Very Important Dates (see this info on reg. web page)
March 31 – return registration packet to 6th grade teacher with the CHECKLIST on top. April 1 – band & orchestra auditions April 18 – 29: math placement testing May 5 – 10: math placement test results with suggested math course MAILED home May 13 – Math Course Selection Form Due to 6th grade teachers. 5/14, 5/17 or 5/19– Algebra Honors Readiness Test August 17- Orientation

11 Math Placement Test Ashley Falls April 21st Carmel Del Mar April 19th
Del Mar Heights April 18th Del Mar Hills April 26th Ocean Air April 29th Sage Canyon April 25th Solana Pacific April 20th Sycamore Ridge April 26th Torrey Hills April 27th Private school students must arrange to take the math placement test with the CV Counseling Secretary. Contact LeeAnn Howe for an appointment at ext 3005.

12 School Hours and Period Schedule 8:30 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.
Monday (Single Periods) Period 1 (8:30-9:25) Period 2 (9:30-10:20) Period 3 (10:25-11:15) Period 4 (11:20-12:10) Lunch (12:10-12:45) PAW (12:50-1:15) Period 5 (1:15-2:05) Period 6 (2:10-3:05) Tuesday (1, 3, 5 Block) Wednesday (2, 4, 6 Block) Thursday Friday Period 1 (8:30-10:20) 10 MINUTE BREAK 2 3 (10:30-12:15) 4 Lunch (12:15-12:50) PAW (12:55-1:20) 5 (1:20-3:05) 6

13 7th Grade Class Schedule
# of Classes Subject 1 English 7 2 Mathematics 3 Life Science 4 World History 5 PE or Band 6 Elective

14 CV English Course Options
CRITERIA TO CONSIDER WHEN MAKING YOUR DECISION English 7 Standard College Prep English English 7 Honors Designated GATE in English, “Advanced” on the CA Standards Test in 5th or 6th grade, 4.0 GPA in subject area, possess strong writing skills, be an avid reader of high-level books. English Language Learner Courses designed to develop reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills in English.

15 CV Math Course Selection
CRITERIA GUIDELINES FOR SELECTING…… Pre-Algebra Essentials Below “Proficient” on the CA Standards Test in 5th MDTP Score Range 19 or below A below grade level, individual remedial program. Grade Level Course “Advanced or Proficient” on the CA Standards Test in 5th grade and MDTP Score Range Pre-Algebra Honors “Advanced” on the CA Standards Test in 5th, B or better in 1st semester/2nd trimester in 6th grade math, and math placement test score range 34-45 Algebra Honors Students will have the opportunity to take the Algebra Honors Readiness Test, which could qualify them to skip Pre-Algebra and enroll in Algebra Honors.

16 SUPPORT CLASSES Before school support class – fills in identified skill gaps in math or English Pre Algebra Topics support class – replaces elective – gives additional instruction to support placement and success in pre-algebra.

17 All Placements are final…
…after June 16th We do not re-evaluate math and English placements or re-test in August. We do not accept “tutoring” to advance a level in math.

18 Electives: Time to Have Fun!
Your child has space for one year long elective or two semester classes Please let your child choose We will be scheduling for the year, and we do make an effort to give your child their first or second choice, but 8th graders have priority Number top 6 choices (in order of preference) BE sure to select your PE as well

19 Semester Electives Year-Long Electives Multimedia/Video Production
Drama Intro Leadership * Journalism Yearbook * Drama/Advanced Drama General Studio Art Intro to Multi Media Art/Advanced Art Multimedia/Video Production Academic Success Heroes* AVID * Band or Orchestra * Spanish 1 *Indicates elective options that require a supplemental form. ie. Intent form for Band or application

20 Drama INTRO TO DRAMA ADVANCED DRAMA A variety of Drama Activities
A variety of Drama Activities Pantomime Monologues Character Analysis Improvisation Scene Work The class focuses on building student self confidence, creative expression, and cooperative learning. ADVANCED DRAMA Builds on the basic acting skills developed in the Introduction to Drama course. Performance-based class Students will present scenes for classes Perform school-wide plays All aspects of theatre, such as: acting, directing, lighting and sound, costume/make-up, and publicity.

21 Art / Advanced Art Curriculum based on
Elements and Principles of Design. Mediums Explored paint clay watercolor pen and ink paper mache oil pastels collage crayons markers colored pencils found object Advanced art builds off General Studio Art and is only offered second semester.

22 Multimedia & Video Production Year-long
Basic Computer Literacy Internet Safety Keyboarding Web Design Photoshop Flash Animation Video Production

23 Journalism Journalism staff members are: Strong independent workers
The CVMS Newspaper (The Lynx) The Literary Magazine (Bobbed Tales) Journalism staff members are: Strong independent workers Excellent writers Photographers & Interviewers Quick learners Willing to write editorials and news articles Journalism staff members use: Photoshop InDesign Digital Cameras

24 Creates: The CVMS Yearbook
Yearbook staff members are: Strong independent workers Able to edit page lay-outs Photographers Quick learners Willing to help classmates Able to meet deadlines Yearbook staff members use: Web-based yearbook software program Photoshop InDesign Digital Cameras

25 Associated Student Body Leadership


27 HEROES H Help better the school and community
E Exemplify the qualities of an outstanding citizen R Reach out to peers and youngsters in need of friendship and advice O Optimize opportunities to be a positive role model E Educate peers and the community about leading a healthy, drug-free lifestyle S Seek solutions to problems facing our school and community

28 Basic Computer Technology Social Media Safeguards
Introductory Semester Class Photoshop Basic Computer Technology Microsoft Word Google Docs Social Media Safeguards Internet Literacy PowerPoint

29 Academic Success Study Skills and Media Literacy New Study Skills
Organization, time management, goal setting, memorization, test taking strategies. Media Literacy Understanding and using the internet effectively Using the computer for academic success

30 What is AVID? AVID is an acronym for Advancement via Individual Determination. It is a college prep program designed to increase school wide learning and performance. WHAT AVID IS: for students with college potential  for those who, given support, would succeed in a rigorous class (such as honors)  for those with motivation and desire to do better academically  for those with GPA or middle to high test scores  for those who are first generation in family to attend/graduate college  for those who might be under-represented in the college arena (minority, gender, disadvantaged, etc.) WHAT AVID IS NOT:  an at-risk program for unmotivated students quick fix for student problems a study hall class/homework club a remedial program for students already receiving academic support at school.  for students already successful in advanced courses

31 AVID Tutorials include:
Typical Week in AVID Elective MONDAY TUESDAY THURSDAY Binder Evaluations Media Center Study Island Guest Speakers Motivational Activities Team Building Tutorials with College students trained in AVID AVID Curriculum with  AVID Teacher AVID Curriculum includes: AVID Tutorials include: Writing Curriculum College and Careers Strategies for Success Collaborative Study Groups Writing Groups Socratic Seminars

32 About World language requirements…
Language is not a requirement for a high school diploma Two or more years of the same language taken consecutively are required for entrance to a 4 year university We recommend students begin a language no later than 9th grade. If your child chooses to begin Spanish in grade 7, she/he will not have an opportunity to take any other electives during middle school.

33 More about Language options
Students who begin Spanish in 7th must go on to Spanish 2 in 8th, Spanish 3 in 9th… In 8th grade, students may choose to begin Spanish or French Current course offerings in 9th grade include Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, American Sign Language.

34 Music Program Band & Orchestra Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
No piano, harp, or guitar Beginning Band Percussion – 2-year minimum piano requirement/mini-audition Placement Auditions (unless a beginner) – online sign-up You must select Band or Orchestra on your plan sheet and complete the Band/Orchestra application (get form online) PE Credit Music Boosters Mrs. V, music teacher Fortunate to work where program supported by large portion of student body, school and community Beginning if never played before, some once-a-week programs still beginners; will demo instruments first week of school and then pick (first and second choice); some school instruments available Due to percussion popularity, first week of school interested students will be lent drum sticks/xylophone mallets and briefed on an excerpt to practice and mini-audition during class Check audition pamphlet requirements, advanced band download excerpt; first come-first serve on Mrs. V’s website Independent physical activity log (i.e. walking home, organized sports); opens up a period in the day for foreign language or another elective CA music ranks 50th in teacher-student ratio; any and all man-hour help appreciated; looking for president, secretary, treasurer, or any other help

35 Physical Education Options
General PE Band or Orchestra to replace PE Band/Orchestra students have the choice.. Band + PE Band/Orchestra (replace PE) + another elective ISPE (Application – highly competitive individual sport)

36 Independent Study P.E. Is this an option for my student?
1) Needs to be an individual sport/activity (no team sports) 2) Five possible criteria 3) Must be highly competitive/”exceptional athletes” (tournaments, meets, etc.) or “advanced level” for Criteria #2 students 4) Must have direct instruction by qualified individual with proper insurance (minimum of 400 instructional minutes bi-weekly/200 per week) Advantages vs. Disadvantages of ISPE Applications available online & hard copies available by May 1st Applications DUE by August 6th to Mr. Camacho (look for summer hours/other directions on website by May 1st) Notes: ISPE is a pass/fail class; individual coach required; be sure students are at “advanced” or “exceptionally gifted” athletes before enrolling Contact Adam Camacho, Assistant Principal, if you have questions:

37 Athletics – Boys & Girls Club
FALL SPORTS WINTER SPORTS SPRING SPORTS TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT Flag Football Girls Volleyball Cross County Golf Girls Field Hockey Wrestling Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Track & Field Boys Volleyball

38 Academic Support Services
CVMS Math Support: Before school math tutoring – schedule online Saturday Academic Support: 2 hours of academic support in Math, English, History and Science Academic Power Hour Tutors from the high schools earn community service credit for helping students Productive Academic Work (PAW): 25 minutes daily following lunch

39 Aeries Parent Portal Allows you to check schedule, grades, attendance

40 Organization and Supplies
Students are issued textbooks which remain at home. A class set is available for use at school. Most students need a backpack, binders, pens, pencils, paper, dividers It helps to have a supply of markers and poster board Each teacher will provide a suggested list of supplies for their class during the first week.

41 How to help your child have an awesome year!
Read the newsletter and know when report cards are issued and posted on AERIES parent portal Set a consistent structure for homework time Expect your child to use the agenda book to record assignments Have your child show you the assignments and repack their notebook before homework time is officially “over”. Expect your child to do 1 1/2 to 2 hours of homework a night – more with Honors classes or Spanish

42 Completing the Registration Materials
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Submit 7th Grade registration materials to sixth grade teachers by March 31, 2010 Review options with your student. Complete the 7th Grade registration materials.

43 Your Counselor is…. ….Your support system! ….a Parenting resource
….someone you can share with confidentially Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have concerns!

44 Questions ? (858)481-8221 Carmel Valley Middle School
(858) San Dieguito Union High School District

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