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Meet XO Insert Date. 2 A Presentation for Company Overview – Key Opportunities/Organizational Goals – Critical Success Factors – XO Solutions – Quantifiable.

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1 Meet XO Insert Date

2 2 A Presentation for Company Overview – Key Opportunities/Organizational Goals – Critical Success Factors – XO Solutions – Quantifiable Operating and Financial Benefits of Solutions –

3 3 XO Corporate Overview XO Financials: Operationally Strong Extensive Nationwide and Metro Network Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Customer Experience Enterprise Account Team Support Why Enterprises Choose XO XO Communications Summary

4 4 XO Corporate Overview  4,000 employees nationwide  Strong technical expertise  Broad industry experience  Customer focused  130,000+ customers  50% of Fortune 500  Federal, state, and local government  Emerging and established carriers  Nationwide, metro and wireless networks  Services in 75 major metro markets  Broad portfolio of enterprise solutions  Best-in-class customer service Employees Customers Capabilities

5 5 XO Financials: Operationally Strong

6 6 Extensive Nationwide and Metro Network Se

7 7 Extended Network Reach via Fixed Wireless XO has an unrivalled combination of facilities-based networks and fixed wireless capabilities to serve customers wherever they are.

8 8 Best Network Value for the Money The XO digital optical network provides you: The Fastest Bandwidth –The XO network has 400 Gbps of capacity deployed across the network along with 800 Gbps of capacity on major routes. –XO has deployed more than 6 Terabits of capacity throughout the network. Aggressive Pricing –XO is able to aggressively price Intercity services due to better cost structure. Broad Range of Network Transport Solutions –Ethernet services from GigE to 10 Gbps speeds –IP Transit services from OC-3 to OC-192 speeds –Private Line services from OC-3 to OC-192 speeds –Wavelength services at 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps speeds

9 9 XO Triple Guarantee Best Price Guarantee –XO will beat competing prices for 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps Wavelength services and 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Ethernet services along select major XO network routes. Install Guarantee –XO will provide a one month service credit for these Ethernet Services, IP Transit and Wavelength services if it fails to meet the agreed upon service delivery date. 90-Day Risk Free Trial Guarantee –XO will allow customers to trial its IP Transit service for one 90-day period without commitment. If the customer is not satisfied, the customer only pays for the services used within the trial period. Eligibility requirements and restrictions apply. Triple Guarantee valid through 12/31/07.

10 10 Network Awards The XO Communications Inter-City Network won the Eos Excellence of Achievement Award for Best Backbone/Core Network. The Eos Awards are decided and bestowed by NXTComm, the telecom industry’s leading trade show. (2007) XO Communications was a finalist for the Metro Ethernet Forum North American Service Provider of the Year. (2007)

11 11 Enterprise and Government Solutions XO Transport Services –Point-to-Point Private Line High-speed, dedicated point-to-point connectivity for voice, data and video applications connecting two or more locations from DS-1 to OC-192 –Ethernet Solutions Flexible solutions providing Ethernet connectivity via fiber, copper or fixed wireless from 10Mbps to 10 Gbps. –Wavelength Easy-to-implement, fully managed and economical solution for metro and/or intercity point-to-point connectivity at 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps. –IP Transit High-speed, dedicated IP transit connections via the IP network from T1 to 10 Gbps speeds.

12 12 Enterprise and Government Solutions VoIP –VoIP Termination Reliable long distance connectivity via the XO IP network XO Telco Collocation –Secure, controlled Telco-class space and network access. Managed and Converged Services –XOptions Flex IP bundle for voice, data and Internet access for one monthly price. –IP-VPN MPLS-enabled IP VPN - a wide area networking solution with site-to-network connectivity for multi- location businesses that require secure T-1 or higher services IVR solutions to ensure the highest levels of customer service for your high-volume inbound customer calls.

13 13 Enterprise Customer Experience Enterprise orders have priority over all other orders Committed Account Teams oversee account set up and follow-through You, the Customer Always innovative solutions with specialized pricing for the best value

14 14 Enterprise Customer Experience Needs Assessment and XO Solutions –Custom solutions built around your business –24-hour turnaround on Non Disclosure Agreements –Account Team established to support technical requirements, program management, timeline, and installation –Dedicated financial and legal support to oversee smooth contract negotiations Sale –Automated contract management tool expedites contract negotiations –Account Team oversees account set up

15 15 Enterprise Customer Experience Personalized Service –Account Relationship Manager oversees ongoing account relationship and maintenance. –XO technician is on site for your installation. –XO continues to offer solutions tailored to your business. –Services orders and changes to existing orders are processed with expedited Service Level Agreements. –Enterprise customers contact XO Customer Care using a dedicated toll-free number. –Repair issues will be addressed by an Enterprise Account Services Representative. –Enterprise repair tickets are automatically escalated. –Repair teams and the Enterprise Account Services representative will communicate ticket status through phone or email until the ticket is closed.

16 16 Enterprise Customer Experience Customer Tools Account Management –XO ® Business Center offers a secure, self service portal to help you get the most from your XO service. View, download and analyze bills and call detail reports Pay bills online Email requests or issues directly to an XO Care representative View trouble ticket status Product Management –XOptions Flex Online Feature Management Tool Ability to change service features (hunt groups, voice mail, telephone users) –XO Usage Reporting Tool Track Internet and data usage through graphs and statistics

17 17 Enterprise Account Team Support Customer Account Relationship Manager Project Coordinator Legal and Finance Support Core Sales Engineer Program Manager Enterprise Account Executive The Enterprise Account Team supports the enterprise customer’s lifecycle from end to end –Designated points of contact –Smooth implementation for every XO solution –Tailored approach to attend to the unique needs of enterprise customers –Consistent customer experience –Resources and tools designed for the enterprise segment

18 18 Why Enterprises Choose XO Best overall value in terms of pricing, solutions and customer support National, IP-based network that caters to the unique needs of enterprise customers Fixed wireless provides a unique broadband solution Attentive account teams who offer creative and proactive solutions Uncompromising level of customer service from the XO Customer Care organization

19 19 Appendix

20 20 XO Business Customers All trademarks are property of their respective owners

21 21 Enterprise Solutions – CompUSA, Inc. Case Study CompUSA, Inc. is a national retailer and reseller of technology products and services. Based in Dallas, Texas, CompUSA operates their stores throughout major metropolitan markets across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The Challenge –Find a new vendor for the primary data network serving CompUSA headquarters and retail stores –Ensure network compatibility with existing VoIP equipment –Improve the level of support and billing services The XO Solution –Provide a reliable data network, using an OC-48, Gigabit Ethernet, DIA, and T1s

22 22 Enterprise Solutions – CompUSA, Inc. Case Study The Results –Speedy Installation “XO completed installation for 240+ sites in nine weeks with no major hiccups. It was phenomenal.” –Reliable Network “XO carries 100% of our data, and reliability is great.” –Reduced Costs “…XO has contributed to our savings. Between 1997 and 2006, we reduced our annual infrastructure costs from $26 million to $10 million.” –Increased Bandwidth “The increase in bandwidth gave us the ability to do a lot more things on our retail floors and in our Technology Services areas.” –Excellent Service “Since the installation, support from XO has been great – they’re very responsive.”

23 23 Enterprise Solutions – Chicago Board of Trade Case Study Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) ranks high among leading futures and futures-options exchanges, trading more than half a billion contracts a year, including everything from agricultural commodities to Dow options. The Challenge: –Interface the public phone system with a closed intercom system used by traders –Implement a second-party disconnect feature The XO Solution: –Flexibility to add Centrex lines –Second-party disconnect feature required by CBOT –Proactive support from XO service representatives

24 24 Enterprise Solutions – Chicago Board of Trade Case Study The Results: –Improved Communications With XO, CBOT can handle outside phone calls through its intercom system, providing faster, easier communications between customers and traders. –Better Customer Service Because customers can call brokers directly – even when brokers are using CBOT’s intercom system – customer trade requests get executed faster. –Continued Growth of System Trading volume at CBOT has increased significantly. To keep pace, CBOT has added 175 XO Centrex lines, going from 25 to 200 in the last 10 years. –Cost Savings XO Centrex lines helped CBOT avoid the cost of installing a more expensive circuit.

25 25 Enterprise Solutions – Boston Celtics Case Study Boston Celtics have won a record 16 NBA championships. That kind of success keeps the team’s 70-person office busy selling tickets – via the Internet and telephone – to corporate sponsors and fans. The Challenge –Finding a stable and dependable service provider of voice and data services when the Celtics moved their office to a new location –Simplify complex billing –Receive prompt service to resolve technical issues The XO Solution –XOptions, a bundled voice and data solution –Two T1s – one for voice and one for data –Responsive, dedicated XO implementation team –Security and reliability of the XO national IP network

26 26 Enterprise Solutions – Boston Celtics Case Study The Results –Fast, Smooth Transition Expectations were a four-day down time, but XO completed the implementation with one day –Time Savings All services are conveniently consolidated onto a single bill, making everything easy to understand and saving the staff time. –Reduced Monthly Costs With the new solutions, the Celtics estimate a 10-20% monthly savings on voice and data costs. –Exceptional Service “Finding a reliable and stable provider was my number one concern, and XO completely eliminated that concern.” Sr. Director of Technology, Boston Celtics


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