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By: Ren Luddington, Kyle DeLion, Christa Priest, last and DEFIENTLY least William Cannon.

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1 By: Ren Luddington, Kyle DeLion, Christa Priest, last and DEFIENTLY least William Cannon

2 Edwin L. Drake Patillo Higgins Henry Bessemer and William Kelly Christopher Sholes Thomas Alva Edison Alexander Graham Bell William Lebaron Jenny Joseph Gidden

3 Born: March 29, 1819 Died: November 9, 1880 First man to drill for oil in the United States in 1859 He drilled for oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania as a result of this it started an oil boom in Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana

4 Born: December 5, 1863 Died: June 5, 1955 He was a business man we was obsessed with oil which gave him the nickname “Prophet of Spindletop”. On January 10, 1901 he drilled for oil at Spindletop, Texas and struck liquid gold. This soon led to the Texas Oil Boom

5 Oil, once a sign for cursed land is now a sign to strike it rich. Given the nickname “Liquid Gold” for how much it sold for due to how valuable it was to the industrial revolution. This was a dangerous process though due to its flammability. An oil spill was the cause of several fires that broke out on the Cuyahoga River.

6 Henry Bessemer Born: January 19, 1913 Died: March 15, 1898 William Kelly Born: August 21, 1811 Died: February 11, 1888 Henry Bessemer is known for inventing the Bessemer Process

7 This technique involved injection air into molten iron to remove the carbon and other impurities this hardened the aspect of Iron and made it more durable and created what we know as steel which was just as important to the industrial revolution as oil and iron.

8 Born: February 14, 1819 Died: February 17, 1890 Inventor of the typewriter in 1867 That’s pretty much all to be honest…

9 Born: February 11, 1847 Died: October 18, 1931 Thomas Edison was the inventor of many useful invention we still use today. Such as the phonograph, the light bulb, the motion picture camera etc. He also established the first industrial research laboratory in Menlo Park hence his nickname “The Wizard of Menlo Park”

10 Born: March 3, 1847 Died: August 2, 1922 Inventor of the first Telephone

11 Born: September 25, 1832 Died: June 14, 1907 William Le Baron Jenney was an American architect and engineer who is known for building the first skyscraper in 1884 and became known as the Father of the American skyscraper.

12 Born: January 18, 1813 Died: October 9, 1906 Joseph Farwell Glidden was an American farmer who patented barbed wire, a product that forever altered the development of the American West.

13 1. Pattillo HigginsA. Bessemer Process 2. Henry Bessemer and William KellyB. Invented The Typewriter 3.Christopher Sholes C. Invented The Telephone 4.Alexander Graham Bell D. Texas Oil Boom 5.The world’s first research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey was established by: a.William Le Baron Jenny b.Thomas Edison c.Joseph Glidden d.Harold Saxon 6.Women made up ___ of all office workers in 1870: a.10% b.35% c.12% d.5% 7.Along with oil and iron, ___ was extremely important to the industrial revolution: a.Steel b.Water c.Grain d.Cattle 8.Several fires broke out on the Cuyahoga River due to so much _____ being discharged into the water. 9.The ______ Oil Boom began on January 10, 1901. 10.One of the most famous of the steel buildings was the _____ Bridge

14 1.D 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.Oil 9.Texas 10.Brooklyn

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