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Married 20 years to Paul, with 3 children –Kyle – Junior at Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies –Claudia – Sophomore at Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies.

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2 Married 20 years to Paul, with 3 children –Kyle – Junior at Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies –Claudia – Sophomore at Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies –Cara Anne – Mt. Bethel Alum and a 7 th grader at Hightower Trail MS Loves to paint, build, read, cook, grow things 6 years teaching, 3 rd year in 5 th grade MBA Stetson University, BS Communications FSU, BFA minor Gifted Endorsement Highly Qualified and Certified in: –Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Art Education, Business Education, Family & Consumer Science Active in Science Olympiad, STEM, TAG

3 While you are waiting for us to begin, please… Sign and leave the papers on the left side of your student’s desk: –Safety Patrol contract –Inclement Weather Form Sign and return the permission slips asap for: –ATL History Center –Jekyll Island Read the packet on the right hand side of the desk: –Welcome letter from Principal Appleyard –Picture Day info –Math pamphlet –Parent Volunteer Training 8/20 and 8/26 –PTA & Foundation Information –After School Music Club information –Scouting info (boys only)

4 Married to Paul with 2 children –Erin – Graduated magna cum laude from FSU –Nicholas – Sophomore at St. Petersburg College Loves to hike, cook, visit the beach, read, play ball with her golden retriever Goldie 12 years teaching BS Troy State University Certified in: –Early Childhood Education I, Special Education

5 7:15-7:45 Attendance, Morning Work 7:45-8:00 Morning Announcements & Math Talks 8:00-8:45 Specials / restroom and snack 8:45-9:40 Science and/or Social Studies 9:40 -11:00ELA/Reading 11:00-12:19 Mathematics 12:19-12:49Lunch 12:49-1:05 Recess / restroom 1:05-2:00 Integrated Reading 2:05 -2:12Dismissal

6 2:05 ASP 2:12Car Riders 2:12 1st Load Buses 2:25 2nd Load Buses and Clubs *Please call the office with any transportation changes.

7 A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 74-79 D = 70-73 F = 0-69 Grades will be determined in a variety of ways and may include one or more of the following: Test Scores, Informal Assessments (Observation, Conferences Conversations, Portfolios, etc.) Products/Projects, Effort, and Participation We give 5 extra bonus points for quality work that goes above and beyond what is required. We, do not give extra credit. It teaches poor study habits and does not promote quality work or personal best.

8 ITBS: September 23-27 5 th Grade Writing Assessment: March 5-6 CRCT: April 23-30

9 Reading Integrated with Social Studies and Science Use a variety of genres and materials Use a variety of strategies Focus: Text complexity/Rigor Delivery: Large Group/Small Group Flexible Skills Group-inference, sequence, main idea, etc. Independenhoice-Literary Circles

10 Grammar and Vocabulary Grammar skills and vocabulary will alternate weekly DGP, GUMS, Wordly Wise Spelling WTW: weekly spelling test Writing Fifth Grade Writing Workshop utilizing Lucy Calkins resources –Focus: Opinion, Information, Research, and Narrative Writing –Daily writing –Integrated throughout subject areas

11 Content Standards Understanding of and Fluency with core skills Number Sense, Operations including fractions and decimals. Practice Standards Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them Reason abstractly and quantitatively Construct arguments and critique reasoning of others Model with mathematics

12 Social Studies Yearlong Concepts Citizenship Civil War and Reconstruction The Changing Nation World War I, Jazz Age, Great Depression World War II, Cold War America 1950-1975 America 1975-Present

13 Constructive Forces Destructive Forces Matter Electricity and Magnetism Cells and Microorganisms Classification of Organisms and Genetics First 9 Weeks

14 Nutrition/Personal Health Medicine Safety Disease Prevention Growth and Development Personal Safety

15 Parents Are Important! Education is a partnership between parents, teachers, and students. It is important that our parent/teacher relationship be very positive. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us – email is preferred/ Call Mount Bethel 770-578-7248 Email: Blog: Agenda + Weekly Behavior Evaluation Notes – please send in student agenda

16 A student can be as great as s/he wants to be. If they believe in themselves and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive, and if they are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, anything can be done. Vince Lombardi What do I teach that is not in the curriculum? Confidence and an “I can” attitude To solve problems and take initiative To be accountable To allow themselves to take risks and make mistakes – its OK! To take responsibility for mis-steps, own them, and learn from them To see the possibilities and see how great they are (their talents) Note: Our obstacles and failures are our greatest gifts --teaching us--forcing us to rise again, learn, and meet our true potential.

17 Caring Creativity Common Sense Cooperation Courage Curiosity Effort Flexibility Friendship Voyagers have super LIFESKILLS!!!! Initiative Integrity Organization Patience Perseverance Pride Problem Solving Resourcefulness Responsibility Sense of Humor

18 Students are stretched to meet their full potential. High expectations = high performance. The rules are simple : Be RESPONSIBLE and Accountible--This means positively leading others. 1.Homework & class assignments should be completed on time. 2.Use class time wisely. 3.Exhibit self control. - Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Raising hand and wait for a turn. 4.Listen and Follow directions 5.Be truthful. 6.Follow school rules & procedures and do the right thing even when no one is watching.

19 Rewards Personal satisfaction A Job Well Done Academic Success Praise Note/Phone Call Home Wall of Fame Fun Fabulous Friday Lunch with Teacher Treasure Chest Consequences Warning Time out Loss of recess Note in agenda/check Privilege Taken Away Phone Call Home Loss of special events Principal’s Office

20 Check agenda nightly for homework assignments and sign nightly Notes may be written in the student’s agenda Evaluation sheets will be attached to the back of the agenda for each 9 week period Graded Papers sent home when grading is completed Daily take home folder with homework Sign Agenda every Thursday-they will be checked Friday morning. This is a critical skill to acquire for middle school and beyond.

21 Homework Homework extends learning opportunities beyond the confines of the school day and may be utilized for a variety of purposes. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Students should not be spending more than 50 minutes a night on homework. All homework assignments are corrected and reviewed to assess student learning. RAH-30 minutes 20 AR Points each 9 weeks (based on reading goals) Practice math facts daily – fluency is 100 facts in 4 minutes GAS

22 Birthday treats are always welcome. Cupcakes, cake or cookies work the best as they are easy to serve. Please pre-cut into individual slices and include plates & napkins. If a serving utensil if needed. We have 26 students. They will be shared after specials or lunch. ***Please let us know 2-3 days in advance if you will be sending in a treat.

23 September 23-27 ITBS October 21-25 Conferences October 31 Bananarama & Exploding Pumpkins November 22 Random Acts of Kindness December 13 Immigration Day December 20 Holiday Party February 3-5 Jekyll Island Trip March 5-6 Fifth Grade Writing Assessment April 23-30 CRCT May 16 5 th Grade Picnic May 20 Awards Ceremony May 21 5 th Grade Walk and Breakfast

24 Nurse, Cindy Steuer If your child takes medication at school, please see Mrs. Steuer in the clinic. She will need to update your child’s file and let you know any new regulations. *All medications must go directly to the nurse.

25 Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities!

26 Thank you for coming! We look forward to a great year!!

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