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IB Parents’ Meeting Year 12 3 September 2013. Introductions IB Diploma Programme - Secondary Contacts Senior School Principal: P David

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1 IB Parents’ Meeting Year 12 3 September 2013

2 Introductions IB Diploma Programme - Secondary Contacts Senior School Principal: P David Secondary School Principal: P Edi DP Coordinator: P Todung CAS Coordinator: Ibu Widy Student Support Services: Ibu Regina (Years 11,12)

3 Tutors of Year 12 Head of Year 12 - P David P Kelkar Ibu Indri P Craig

4 Tutors of Year 12 P Bowo P Larry 12E Ibu Rina 12F

5 Global Jaya Past and Present Sekolah Global Jaya was established in July 1995, starting with pre-school up to Year 4. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) - an accrediting commission based in the USA – GJIS and obtained full accreditation in July 2001. In February 2006 Sekolah Global Jaya was authorised by the IBO to use the IB Diploma programme. April of 2013, GJIS was visited and inspected by WASC and an IBO Evaluation Team – IB Diploma Programme 5 Year Review and Self Evaluations - Global Jaya received many commendation’s from the IB Diploma Programme report, overall a strong report from the IB visiting team.

6 IB Focus In the second year of IB diploma, students must focus on completing IA’s, their EE, TOK essay and presentation, completing CAS and revision for the mock and final exams. Creativity Action Service Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Extended Essay (EE) Internal Assessments (IA)

7 Weather the ‘IB’ Storm…

8 What’s on this semester... Extended Essay (EE) TOK Presentations / TOK Essay Internal assessments, final submissions (IA’s) Revision and course work

9 Accessing GJIS Portal Demonstration: User: secondary.parent p/w: secondary click – SECONDARY (top menu) filter down to DP Calendar far left side click – GJIS IB DP Calendar

10 How can you support your sons and daughters? IB Diploma is an extremely demanding programme and intensifies in the final school year. Students who do not meet deadlines and fully prepare for examinations will struggle and risk the chance of not receiving their Diploma. You can help by:

11 Parental Support Encouraging your son/daughter to attend school on time and attend all lessons daily. Ensuring that your son/daughter has a quiet place to do work at home. Note: The best place may not be the bedroom! Encouraging your son/daughter to eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of fluids. Encouraging your son/daughter to get enough sleep.

12 Parental Support Keep in regular contract with their teachers. *Not overbooking holidays – IB students often need holidays to (a) rest and (b) catch up or revise. Asking your son/daughter about his/her day and classes. Ask to see a syllabus or other related course work.

13 How is a score reached? Examinations are graded against absolute standards (assessment criteria). Internal Assessments (IA) are also assessed against criteria. Scores from examinations and IA’s are combined and then scales against grade boundaries. Final subject score out of 7.

14 IB Score Range and Meaning Highest Score - 7 Excellent Performance -- A+ 6 Very good -- A 5 Good -- B 4 Satisfactory -- C 3 Mediocre -- D 2 Poor -- E+ Lowest Score - 1 Very poor -- E

15 An IB Diploma is awarded when: Candidate whose total score is 24 to 27 points or more, provided all the following requirements have been met. a. Numeric grades have been awarded in all six subjects registered for the IB diploma. b. All CAS requirements have been met. c. Grades A (highest) to E (lowest) have been awarded for both theory of knowledge and an extended essay, with a grade of at least D in one of them.

16 IB Diploma Awarded-Continued d. There is no grade 1 in any subject. e. There is no grade 2 at higher level. f. There is no more than one grade 2 at standard level (SL). g. Overall, there are no more than three grades 3 or below. h. At least 12 points have been gained on higher level (HL) subjects.

17 GJIS IB Exam results 2010 to 2013 2010201120122013 2014 … No of students 45 Dip.47 Dip. 3 Cert.60 Dip. 5 Cert.80 Dip. 4 Cert. Points range 24-3721-4021-4217-41 Average score 3130 31 World average 29.529 29.81 Pass rate 91%87%88%86% World pass rate 78% 78.5 % Number of 7’s 27201924 TOK scores 0/E-6/B0/E-2/A0/E-1/A Extended essay 0/E-6/A 2/E- 12/A No of bonus points 31264453

18 Presenters Head of Athletics - P Kelly EE Coordinator – P Mark *DEADLINES: Wed 9 October – 1 st Draft 11 Dec. Supervisor checks EE (Turnitin) 30 Jan. Final submission to DP Coordinator Contact: CAS Coordinator - Ibu Widy Student Support Services - Ibu Regina

19 Q & A

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