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Rocky River High School Presented by: Guidance Counselors.

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1 Rocky River High School Presented by: Guidance Counselors

2 A-C: Ms. Cruz D-He: Ms. Bentley Hf-J: Ms. Monroe K-O: Ms. Foster P-R: Ms. Monroe S-Z: Ms. Brand

3 Course offering book Registration card AP forms College Experience form NCVPS (online courses) form Copy of your transcripts


5 English I Algebra I Biology Civics/Economics (may come back) US History (may come back) THESE MUST BE PASSED WITH A III OR IV

6 9 th to 10 th Earn six (6) in any course (one must be English I or Algebra I) + 1 exit standard test 10 th to 11 th Earn twelve (12) including: English I, English II, and Algebra I + 2 exit standard tests 11 th to 12 th Earn eighteen (18) including: English I, English II, and Algebra I + 3 exit standard tests

7 GPA: Grade Point Average Weighted v. Un-weighted Class Rank: Where do you fall within your class? Example: 12 out of 355 Credits: How many do you have? Earned vs. Potential

8 If there is an error with grades- come to Guidance If there is an error with contact information- come to Guidance for required forms

9 **If you didn’t pass English I, you will need to take Summer School** English II- Level 1 or 2 from English 9 EOC English II Honors- Level 3 or 4 from English 9 EOC English III English III Honors- A or B in English II AP English III- recommended A or B+ in Honors Eng 2 English IV English IV Honors- A or B in English III AP English IV- recommended A or B+ in Honors Eng 3 Creative Writing Newspaper (application required)- See Mr. Slattery (C110) Yearbook(application required)- See Ms. K (C212) Debate Teacher Cadet (class if you are interested in being a teacher)

10 World History World History Honors- A or B in 8 th grade Civics/Economics Civics/Economics Honors- A or B in World History US History US History Honors- A or B in Civics/Economics AP US History- A or B in Civics/Economics Honors Contemporary Law and Justice Psychology Sociology AP Psychology AP Euro AP World History AP Economics

11 Earth/Environmental Earth/Environmental Honors- A or B in 8 th grade science AP Environmental Science- 11 th or 12 th grade Biology Biology Honors- A or B in Earth/Environmental Chemistry Chemistry Honors- High Level 3 or 4 on the Algebra EOC. Physics Honors- Algebra I and Geometry are pre-requisites. Algebra 2 can be concurrent AP Physics- Pre-Calculus or Calculus is a pre-requisite. Teacher signature required AP Chemistry- Chemistry I and Algebra 2 are required prior. Teacher signature required AP Biology- Biology I and Chemistry I are required prior. Teacher signature required Oceanography Honors Anatomy & Physiology- Biology is a pre-requisite.

12 South Carolina colleges and universities have an additional requirement for acceptance admissions: You MUST take both CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS During registration Juniors should take either Chemistry or Physics Seniors should take the other one (Chemistry or Physics)

13 **If you didn’t pass Algebra I, you will need to take summer school** Foundations of Algebra/Algebra I- Level I or II (360 scale score or below) Algebra I- Level III or IV on 8 th grade EOG Geometry- Must pass Algebra I course Geometry Honors- Level IV (from Alg. 1 EOC) Algebra II- Must have passed Algebra I and Geometry Algebra II Honors- A or B+ in Algebra I, Honors Geometry course recommended AFM- upper level class, past Algebra 2. Required: Algebra I & Geometry Honors Pre-Calculus- Algebra I, Geometry Honors, and Algebra 2 Honors AP Calc AB AP Calc BC AP Statistics

14 Is it needed to graduate? No, to graduate from high school (FRC) Yes, if you took Part I and Part II, you need to take Spanish II or French II in 9 th grade Yes, if you are attending a 4 year college/university (some private schools require 3 years) Yes, if it is your Concentration

15 Concentrations (see back of registration card) Visual Arts General Management Business Finance Biotechnology (Medical) Travel/Tourism Programming & Software Development Web & Digital Communication Information Support and Services Engineering & Technology Design/Pre-Construction **Must have 4 classes in 1 of the pathways**

16 Performing and Visual Arts 4 Band/Choir 4 Art/Crafts/Photo Foreign Language 4 years (in high school) ROTC ROTC I-IV Advanced Placement (AP) 4 AP courses **Must have 4 classes in 1 pathway to complete**

17 8 classes and 3 alternative classes Alternatives should be BOTH (4x4 and A/B day) 1 core class per subject 1 English, 1 Math, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies Teacher approval signatures Teachers must sign next to the class you are selecting. See your English, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers for their signatures.

18 Some classes have pre-reqs that need to be completed Example: Art II needs to have Art I completed Example: Accounting I needs to have Algebra I completed Example: Apparel II needs to have Apparel I completed Example: Anatomy needs to have Biology completed Some classes have fees Apparel Development ($25) Housing & Interiors ($25) Photography ($40) Advanced Placement requires fee for Exam ($86/test)

19 Teacher signatures Registration Card Advanced Placement forms Parent signature Registration Card Advanced Placement forms College Experience form NCVPS form

20 If you have English THIS semester, we will meet with you during your English class If you had English LAST semester, we will meet with you during 2 nd block (you will get a pass) If you are absent on your meeting date, we will find you for a make-up date… If you are absent on your make-up date: COUNSELOR PICKS YOUR CLASSES!! Meetings start: March 5 th

21 Tuesday, February 28 th Due to 2 nd period teacher If you are absent that day, turn it in the day you return NO CARD= COUNSELOR SELECTS YOUR CLASSES AND NO CLASS CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED

22 Juniors and Seniors Take course at CPCC in the afternoon/evening Must pay for books Must have reliable transportation Must have 2.5 GPA Must have signed form See Ms. Brown in the Career Center for questions

23 North Carolina Virtual Public School (online) Take summer courses Take online course in the fall Take classes from home computer Must have reliable internet connection Must have reliable email address

24 Where do I sign up? (SAT) (ACT) Make sure to register before the deadline See websites for deadlines and locations Important classes to take before the test Take Spring of Junior year (after Algebra II) Take Fall of Senior year **Always good to take the tests at least 2 times** Practice, Practice, Practice Purchase or Borrow the SAT/ACT Prep Book Go onto for additional help If finances work out, attend a SAT/ACT review class Any questions or if you need Fee Waivers See Ms. Humphrey in the Media Center

25 Sunday, March 11 th : CMS College Fair Location: The PARK (12-4pm) Dress professionally First impression, these are the people in admissions Register online before you attend (look for Charlotte) You will get labels to place on the contact cards Make sure to speak up and be heard Lots of people there, get admissions reps name

26 Start creating a resume during your 9 th grade year Keep record of EVERYTHING!! Community Service Honor Roll Awards Sports & Clubs Go onto college websites during the summer to view their required essays Start working on the essay during summer break Get people to review and make corrections Scholarship/College Application Thursdays!! Every Thursday from 2:20-4:00pm in the Media Center

27 Juniors- treat this as a “Research” year Apply for Junior Scholarships Visit college campuses Create your Top 5 college list Start reviewing the Senior Scholarship Newsletter

28 US Military Academy (West Point) US Naval Academy US Merchant Marines US Air Force Academy US Coast Guard Academy Check out the Rocky River Website (Student Services section) for more information

29 Get scholarship information Get College Planning information Get summer program information View Guidance announcements Helpful website Request a transcript Website: entServices.aspx


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