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Early European Exploration

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1 Early European Exploration

2 What are the Americas?? AD 500-AD 1500
Mysterious stories told of an unknown land Vikings did visit it, though! People of (today) Norway, Sweden, and Denmark Built settlements in Iceland and Greenland Viking SAGAS told the tales

3 Vikings A.D. 1000 Viking Leif Erickson
Trips to North America (Canada today) “Vinland” (Newfoundland today) Yikes! Got attacked! No more trips to North America

4 European Exploration? No Way!
Risk sea monsters? No thanks. Get boiled by the sun? Nope. Stinky, slow ships :-( Few maps!!! Too much time fighting each other (Who wants to explore when you’re busy beating each other up??)


6 But Wait….. Flash ahead 500 years! It’s 1492!
German Martin Behaim makes the FIRST GLOBE! It was kind of dinky though. ;-) And he, um, left out a few places…. NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….and Australia and Antarctica. Plus Africa looked funny…..Oh well! Better than nothing?

7 Uhh….Missing Some things, Martin????
The World According to Martin….. Uhh….Missing Some things, Martin????

8 What the Europeans DIDN’T KNOW……
(A LOT!) China’s great cities Great African empires of Mali, Songhay Native American cultures of North and South America! North and South America EXISTED! Atlantic Ocean= Sea of DARKNESS

9 SO who got Europeans Traveling???
Marco Polo Adventurous dude Italian, family man!! 1200s--Great trips across Asia Told stories of the riches and gold in India, China and Japan TRAVELLED BY FOOT from Europe to Asia! Yikes! What a hike! Got other people itching for riches……Other Europeans wanted to take the land route to the Far East, too!!!

10 Can we get some of your spices and riches, please?
Europeans loved trading with people of Asia! What did Asia have? Gold, jewels, silk, perfumes, and SPICES! SPICES=cure for icky food before refrigeration existed!

11 Some people were tired of that long hike to Asia….
So they stopped in the Middle East! Halfway is better than nothing, right? Cities in North Africa and Southwest Asia Alexandria, Constantinople, Damascus, and Baghdad Exchanged goods

12 Who Needs to Sail??? This is great!!! Right??
Uh-oh…..bye bye trade with Asia! Along came the Turks (1453) No more trade allowed! Portugal, Spain, France, and England were now monarchies Run by kings and queens The Renaissance age began

13 What Other Changes? Faster ships Better sails Nicer compasses
Why not try to find a NEW route to Constantinople??????

14 Go Portugal!!! Us first! Us first!
Wanted to find the first route to Asia King John would stop at nothing Had Prince Henry run the show! First European school for training sailors SECRET lessons!! Prince Henry the NAVIGATOR, pleease

15 Good Ole’ Prince Henry THE Navigator But stayed home! (Ironic? ;-)
ORGANIZED 50 plus voyages Followed Africa’s coastline People started buying slaves to sell in Europe as servants :-( Slave trade started!

16 Still searching for that Water Route to Asia…..
Bartholomeu Dias 1488 Sailed around the southern tip of Africa Cape of Good Hope He wanted to continue, but storms were fierce! Sailors made him return to Portugal

17 And Searching Still…… Vasco da Gama Got around the Cape of Good Hope!
Got to India! Headed back to Portugal SUCCESS!!!!!! FOUND DA SEA ROUTE TO ASIA!!!!! DA GAMA FOUND DA ROUTE!!!!!!

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