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2 Objectives Summarize the efforts of Europeans to explore lands far from Europe Describe the importance of the Renaissance and relate it to the advances in navigation Identify the effects of Prince Henry the navigator’s efforts to explore Africa “What do you know about Vikings?” What kinds of problems do you think explorers encounter when traveling in the ocean?

3 The Vikings Leif Ericsson Eric the Red son
Another famous explorer, he was probably the first Europeans to set foot on North America Landed on Newfoundland, which in present day is Canada. He renamed it Vinland, according to legend, he had found many grapes, Vinland means “Land of Wine” Eventually the Vikings and the Native Americans had a dispute and by 1015, the Vikings had left Vinland and returned home

4 The Vikings Vikings Eric the Red Vikings are skilled sailors
From Scandinavia (northern Europe Sailed to Asia, North Africa, and North America A famous explorer, when he reached Iceland he got kicked out and sailed to a place called Greenland, but it was the opposite, it was very cold. But he wanted everyone from Iceland to come and live there so he kept the name.

5 The Vikings Sagas Renaissance
Sagas are long speaking tales, passed down from one generation to the next A word that means “rebirth” Started in about 1350, in Italy lasted about 250 years The Renaissance was a “rebirth” because it marked a new beginning in arts and sciences and a desire to learn more about the world

6 Renaissance Johann Gutenberg Portuguese Explorer: Prince Henry
He developed the printing press, a machine that made it possible to print large numbers of books faster Famous Portuguese explorer, he, along with many other experts improved ship building and navigation Navigation: is the science sailors use to plot their course and and find their location far from land

7 Portuguese Explorers Slave Trade
Name two effects of Prince Henry’s drive to explore the coast of Africa Buying and selling of human beings Slavery started long ago with the Aztecs, many African Americans were captured and forced into slavery Africa’s coast was gradually explored. Portugal’s ships began bringing home African gold and the slave trade increased

8 Portuguese Explorers Bartolomeu Dias Famous Portuguese explorer
Experienced many violent storms while at sea, trying to get to Africa’s southern tip. He claims he discovered Africa’s southern tip and called it “Cape of Storms” but it was then renamed Cape of Good Hope, which the King thought sounded better

9 Portuguese Explorers Vasco De Gama
How were the Portuguese merchants who lived in Calicut able to make large profits on the spices they traded? Portuguese explorer He sailed along with 3 other ships around Cape of Good Hope and across the Indian Ocean. Settled in Calicut, India They moved to Calicut so they could buy spices at low prices. They shipped their spices by sea to Europe where the spices sold for a higher price


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