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BT & Openreach Implementing the TSR Undertakings Welcome.

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1 BT & Openreach Implementing the TSR Undertakings Welcome

2 Agenda 10.30amWelcome & IntroductionJo Upward 10.40amThe UndertakingsPeter McCarthy-Ward/ Greg Mook 10.55amAn Update on Openreach Implementation Anne Heal/ Chris Jagusz 11.10amOverview of Product Plans for EoI Chris Jagusz – LLUBarry Jacques/ Paul Barratt – WLR (analogue & digital)Martin Whewell – WES & BESPeter Newton/ Chris Jagusz – IPstreamMalcolm Austin/ Rob Thomas 12.10pmBreak

3 Agenda 12.25pmManagement of BT Wholesale’s Products & Portfolio Overview of Product Plans for Transparency Angus Flett / Guy Bradshaw / Rob Thomas – Partial Private CircuitsGuy Bradshaw/ Rob Thomas/ Mike Ward – DataStreamGuy Bradshaw/ Rob Thomas/ Mike Ward – Carrier Pre-selectionGuy Bradshaw/ Rob Thomas/ Mike Ward 12.55pmSystems Plans & RoadmapColin Windsor 1.15pmFuture Consultation & Governance Jo Upward 1.30pmQ&As 1.45pmClose (followed by Lunch)

4 BT Group TSR Programme Office Peter McCarthy-Ward / Greg Mook

5 Delivering the Undertakings  254 discrete deliverables  Each owned within a programme structure  Programme Offices in each Line of Business  Co-ordinated at Group Level  Fortnightly tracking – reporting underway  Gap analyses – local & central  Early deliverables ahead of schedule

6 Programme Governance Programme Steering Group Role: Executive Steering Group level forum with overall responsibility for direction. Reports to the BT Board Operating Committee Programme Board Ensure best practice, Track Progress, Manage Priorities Resolve Project Issues, Ensure Cross-Line of Business Consistency Programme Communications Escalate where required to the Steering Group Reporting a)By project b)By Undertaking owner Expert Group Interpretation Trouble shooting Validate projects/compliance Helpdesk Provide first line support to LoBs Record advice given Maintain Web Site – inclu. FAQs/Advice register Programme Office

7 Cross Group Co-ordination of Product Equivalence OC Ofcom EAO LOB Programmes – manage LOB specific & input to/action from Group & Horizontals Reporting PROGRAMME BOARD STEERING GROUP Retail OpenreachWholesaleGlobal Services Bruce Stanford Director, TSR Programmes Programme Office BTW Organisation MIS security Contract Management Mechanism NGN Equipment Co-location Leased Lines Product Transparency Culture etc Openreach Build Brand Address Matching Culture New products Number Portability etc Organisation dissolve and build Consumption of EoI services Training EAB/O Create Code of Practice Finance Remuneration schemes Tim Cowen General Counsel and Commercial Director Duncan Ingram Director, Business Improvement Steve Robertson CEO Group Peter McCarthy-Ward Director, Equivalence

8 GS Link Retail Undertakings Programme Process & ISD Link Legal & Regulatory ComplianceFinance Products John Weaver & Jeff Richardson Sales & Service John Weaver Operations & Behaviour Steve Askew Jacqueline Steed N. Ireland People & Comms Alan Hall Graham Stanton Richard Cooper Andrew Parker & Alan Lazarus Stef Norman Neil Taylor Charlie McKay Systems (& ISD Link)

9 Undertakings Achieved  appointment of the CEO of Openreach (5.24)  establishment of the Equal Access Board and Office (10.1- 5)  publication of Estimated Space Availability Details (7.1.2)  Openreach brand developed in accordance with 5.48 The accommodation the Openreach top team will require has been identified in readiness for delivering Undertaking 5.33.1 Openreach build on schedule

10 EAB Remit  To monitor BT’s compliance with the Undertakings including:- –Undertaking milestone achievements –Equivalence KPIs –Soft KPIs: perceptions, attitudes, behaviours –Complaints (internal & external) –Assess breaches (material and non-material) –Review Openreach SLAs performance and response to SORs –Review SMP portfolio roadmap and investment –Review Code of Practice, training, etc etc  Reporting… –Regularly to BT Group plc Board, monthly minutes to Ofcom & annual public report

11 EAB Carl Symon Chair Sir Bryan CarsbergIndependent Stephen Pettit Independent Dr Peter Radley Independent Sally DavisBT

12 Key EAB Dates 2005 10 OctoberEAB members announced 1 November EAB formally launched 3 NovemberFirst EAB meeting: introductions, governance, Code of Practice 21 NovemberSecond EAB meeting. Openreach present their initial KPIs, complaints handling policy 19 DecemberThird EAB meeting. BTW and Openreach present their final KPIs 2006 1 FebruaryBT reports first quarter KPI performance April/MayEAB prepares first Annual Report to Ofcom June EAB publishes summary annual report

13 Openreach implementation Anne Heal / Chris Jagusz

14 Building a better access network higher bandwidth services increased fault rate greater demands on field service extended lead times additional resources reduced lead times free up resources reliable network network health reduce fault rate

15 Creating a new identity HQ signage Nov Dec Passcards Jan 06 Website Email domain Stationery Vans Uniforms Poster & press PR CP use of brand CP toolkit Generic copy

16 Organising our resources Sales, Products & Marketing Anne Heal General Counsel Nigel Cheek Operations Andrew Jones John Dunn Equivalence & Public Affairs Emma Gilthorpe Systems Colin Windsor Service John Small Chief Engineer Bob Cowie CEO: Steve Robertson

17 Working with customers Primary channel for its products; full service; active marketing and sales Three approaches to account relationships for Openreach products Buy only from Openreach Buy from Openreach and other BT businesses Buy products only from other BT businesses Direct relationship with Openreach only Parallel relationship with both Existing account relationship only Orders, faults, bills > deal directly with Openreach 1 23 Customer communications NovDec Implementation Jan 06 Full operation Mar 06

18 Overview of Product Plans for EoI

19 LLU Barry Jacques /Paul Barratt

20 Local Loop Unbundling: Product Plans to Deliver our Commitments LLU already has EOI Retail & Global buy SMPF/MPF identically to LLUOs IPstream must consume SMPF & MPF by EOI dates Ready For Service For New lines – 30 th June 2006 Installed Base Migration Complete – 31st December 2006 “To LLU” Product Migrations with IPstream EOI dates Strategic systems needed to: - –Deliver Industry & Wholesale volumes –Implement process improvements –Drive down unit costs – “zero touch”

21 Local Loop Unbundling: Systems Enhancements XML Interface 30 th June Address Matching Phase 0 (Q3) Sept- Dec 05 (Q4) Jan- March 06 (Q1) April – June 06(Q2)June - Sept 06 Stand Alone Address Matching Service 31 st Dec SMPF Phase 1 MPF/ASSURANCE Phase 2 Pilot Start 13 th Feb IPstream EOI Launch 30 th June Launch May - July IPstream EOI Launch 30 th June Pilot Start TBC

22 Local Loop Unbundling: KPIs Openreach will publish existing LLU KPIs to demonstrate that Industry receives the same service as BT Percentage of MPF and SMPF orders provisioned by customer agreed date. This applies to all CPs including BT’s downstream businesses Percentage of MPF and SMPF faults cleared within 40 clock hours. This applies to all CPs including BT’s downstream businesses. The two key current KPIs related to equivalence are as follows:

23 Industry Consultation Existing Industry forums to continue No additional TSR meetings - handled through existing forums BTW to attend OTA and Industry forums Collaborative approach to continue OTA facilitation

24 WLR (analogue & digital) Martin Whewell

25 Wholesale Line Rental Market - 2005 Vertically integrated supply of BT Retail Lines Equivalence delivered through WLR2 product to Service Providers Over 2M PSTN and ISDN WLR2 Lines

26 Today’s Vertically Integrated systems and processes......

27 Migration will be complete by June 2010 ISDN line migration complete by 2009 WLR2 Product withdrawal to be agreed with industry Wholesale Line Rental 2007-2010 Openreach will supply WLR3 through equivalent systems and processes From 1/1/07 new end user customers will be provided through EoI systems Existing customers of BT Retail may still be managed by direct access to CSS

28 .....Major redesign required

29 WLR3 improvements over WLR2 Key differences between products; Operational interfaces redefined with emphasis on B2B trading Processes redefined around “Dialogue Services” to allow greater visibility and control Address Matching and Appointing improvements built in Pre-Validation and Inventory dialogues remove the need for Like-For-Like transfers “Keep Customer Informed” (KCI) touch-points proactively sent Bus/Res distinction removed; differentiation provided by CP Forecast driven prioritisation removed But...... End user product specification unchanged

30 22 nd Sept – SPF Commercial Group: Discussion of principles 12 th Oct – Commercial Group Working Party 13 th Oct – FSPA PlenaryUpdate to industry 20th Oct – Commercial Group Draft Product Description presented 24th Nov - Commercial GroupIssue Product Description From Dec 05 Weekly Process Workshops proposed 14 th Dec - IT Workshop planning Mid Jan - BT Hosts IT Workshop Further IT Workshops to be scheduled Consultation Milestones

31 Wholesale Extension Services & Backhaul Extension Services Peter Newton/ Chris Jagusz

32 TSR Overview – what needs to be done Meeting the letter and spirit of the TSR obligations Industry Agreement – Capturing Requirements Please join existing WES/BES Forum exercise Timeline and Milestones BT’s Undertakings: WES and BES

33 WES and BES EoI by September 2006 WES A, WES B and WEES subject to request Several Backhaul Undertakings including Aggregation IBMC date for BT’s relevant retail Ethernet-based local area network extension service March 2007 BT’s Undertakings: WES and BES

34 Design Options being discussed with Industry Wholesale Extension Services – Access(WES-A) From End User site to Local Access Node Wholesale Extension Services – Backhaul(WES-B) From Local Access Node to Local Access Node From Local Access Node to Major Access Node From Local Access Node to CP PoP site From Major Access Node to CP PoP site Wholesale Extension Services – Aggregation Aggregation of smaller sites prior to onward backhauling Wholesale End-to-End Ethernet Services(WEES) End User site to End User site

35 Proposed Timeline A A A 20CN TSR Product Timeline Sep 22 nd 05 Start feasibility study for new EOI products based on requirements Dec 1st 2005 Jan 2006 Start EOI Development Mar 2006 Systems & Process Testing Systems & Process Trial Sept 1 st 2006 Launch new EOI products Sept 30 th 2006 Start EOI Solution Designs Nov 14 th 2005 A A July 2006 C Initial Industry Forum Consultation Session Nov 30 th 2005 TSR agreed, detailing BT’s undertakings TSR review by BT / Industry Phase 1 requirements capture complete Industry submitted SORs (with prioritised requirements) by 30/11/05 BT to present results of feasibility study to Industry for Phase 1 (30/9/2006 launch), detailing the specific products / features which can feasibly be launched in Phase 1. Phase 2 dates to be agreed and confirmed. March 31 st 2007 IBMC (Migration) Date A BT to present results of solution design to Industry for Phase 1 Launch Please note that the launch on 21CN is subject to the deployment of 21CN NGN across the UK. Consultation between Industry and BT to aide creation of product definitions (dates to be agreed 14/11/05) BT to use formal notification procedures of product / price / contracts. Dates to be confirmed A A G The assumed notification period for Industry for changes depends on whether it is a new product (28 days) or a change to an existing product (90 days) - as detailed in the Leased Lines Market Review.

36 Building new products: TILLAP/ TILLBP Traditional Interface Leased Line Access / Backhaul Product* Described in Undertakings Developed if demand exists Of greatest interest to network operators Customer meetings & industry consultation * The situation is different for RBS. CP network NTE Local Exchange Tier 1 Node Point of Handover PPC TILLAPTILLBPXX

37 IPstream Malcolm Austin / Rob Thomas

38 IPstream Broadband Equivalence EoI for IPstream across BT Group: 31 st December ’05 Actions BT Retail and BT Global will use exactly the same processes, systems and procedures as all other CPs. IPstream consuming SMPF/MPF: New orders 30 th June Installed Base Migration Complete (IBMC) 31 st December ’06 Actions IPstream Home & Office (ADSL) will consume SMPF IPstream Symmetric (SDSL) will consume MPF Consultation & discussion via Broadband SP Forums early in New Year

39 Wholesale providing IPstream equivalently Retail and Global – consuming IPstream equivalently Front end Systems and Process changes. Training and Compliance Systems and Process changes requiring downstream and upstream interdependent changes IPstream Equivalence – 3 elements Upgrade changes for Communications Providers (to match retail access) Communications Providers consuming IPStream OneIT Systems Plan 1 2r 2w 3

40 IPstream Equivalence Wholesale providing IPstream equivalently Retail and Global – consuming IPstream equivalently Communications Providers consuming IPStream OneIT Systems Plan 1 2r 2w 3 Increase capacity of B2B gateway Increase capacity of external availability checker Enhance processes to handle incompatible products Improved test and diagnostics Enhanced billing T&Cs Improved escalation process Train c.4000 advisers Remove wholesale data from front end systems, change processes and procedures (100 system changes, 10 main ones, 200 processes changed/modified) Embed compliance measures in systems and processes 3

41 Customer Business to Business Gateways Development to support increase in volumes via external interface for provision, repair and test and diagnostics. Removal of BTR/BTGS internal access to Woosh; eCo already compliant but may need to support small increase of volumes. Customer Information Development to support access via external website interface for availability checker and Customer Reports (BBCR) No daily increase of volumes but improvements to stability. Product Incompatibilities Enhancement to existing process to ensure all cases are dealt with in an equivalent manner. System & Process Interdependent Changes 2w

42 Woosh Functionality Improvements to ease of access for testing via, along with access to a new functionality to enable batch session kill for all CPs. Access to further diagnostic tools via are planned. Customer Communication imminent. Enhanced Billing Terms & Conditions Currently only one bill is provided per legal entity - in future, multiple bills will be available for “accounts” provided there is physical separation between the networks related to these different “accounts”. Customer Communication being planned. Escalation Process – Provision and Repair There has been a complete review of the BT internal escalation processes to ensure compliance Further internal communications and training has taken place Upgrade Changes for Communications Providers 3

43 IPStream Migrations Migration in scope for December 2005 FromTo Dec 2005 TSR Compliant YesIPStream Yes* YesIPStreamDatastreamYes* YesDatastreamIPStreamYes* Yes IPStream/ Datastream SMPFYes* YesSMPF IP Stream/ Datastream Yes* No IPStream/ Datastream + BTR PSTN or WLR MPF In scope for June 2006** NoMPF IPStream/ Datastream + BTR PSTN or WLR In scope for June 2006** All Communications Providers to experience: Standard lead times Same order gateways Same process for migrating Same reporting mechanisms Same pricing Same systems * Subject to outcome of validation process ** Subject to agreement with OfCom

44 Break

45 Undertakings Implementation Management of BT Wholesale’s Products & Portfolio Organisational & Governance Approach Angus Flett / Guy Bradshaw / Rob Thomas

46 Guiding Principles – a common baseline Meet both the letter and the spirit of the Undertakings Maintain operational efficiencies, where no conflict with Undertakings Design implementation in an efficient manner Drive changes in both behaviour and outcome Transform into a high-quality and responsive wholesaler

47 Product Management Organisation: Colour Key RED BLUE GREEN BTW CORE NETWORK SERVICES or “BTW-CNS” (‘BTWS’ in the Undertakings) BTW NEW & UNREGULATED SERVICES or “BTW-UNS” BTW VALUE-ADDED NETWORK SERVICES or “BTW-VNS” (‘BTS’ in the Undertakings) KEY: Four “Product” Communities WHITE SHARED FUNCTIONS (which support the three product management units)

48 BTW-CNS Prog mgt Prod devt Pricing BTW-VNS Prog mgt Prod devt Pricing Product Management Angus Flett Pricing Programme Management Paul Banjo Comm mgt Cust exp -Other Cameron Rejali Portfolio Tarquin Bellinger Product Management Organisation: Separation framework Prog mgt Pricing Prod devt BTW-UNS

49 Angus Flett Director, Product Management Guy Bradshaw Customer Experience Andy Kennedy Commercial Management Rob Thomas BTW-CNS - Datastream & Data Mike Ward Acting BTW-CNS - Interconnect Andy Jugg BTW-VNS IPstream & Voice Don Peacock PRICING BTW-CNS BTW--VNS BTW-UNS Guy Bradshaw (Acting) BTW - New & Unregulated Services

50 Paul Banjo (NDH) Director, Product Development Programme Management Customer Experience, Process & Trials Pipeline Management and Key Programmes Keith Edwards BTW-CNS Development & Launch Steve James BTW-VNS Development & Launch Andy Wyatt BTW-UNS / Applications Product Development Pete Burrell

51 Information flows (Common functions are fundamental to ensure data separation and control) Product KPI’s, Product Plans, Development KPI’s, Business cases, Pricing papers, MIS Information Common functions Commercial Management Customer Experience Portfolio Pipeline Management BTW-CNSBTW-VNS Pricing BTW-UNS

52 Overview of Product Plans for Transparency Mike Ward / Guy Bradshaw / Rob Thomas

53 TRANSPARENCY For PPCs, CPS and DataStream BT shall: within three months of these undertakings taking effect provide sufficient transparency to other Communications Providers (CPs) to enable them to identify and understand any differences between the matters BT is required to list in its reference offer pursuant to the relevant SMP condition in connection with the above products and services which it provides to other CPs and the comparable products and services that it supplies to itself; use reasonable endeavours at all times to resolve any outstanding issues with any other CPs concerning the provision of [those products] to that CP For TILLAPs/TILLBPs: ensure the costs attributable to TILLAP/TILLBP (when provided) form part of the cost stack for BT’s relevant PPCs

54 DataStream, PPCs and Carrier Pre-Select (CPS)

55 DATASTREAM IROs Italics added Two Internal Reference Offers (IROs) “BT Datastream ADSL and BT’s Internal Arrangements for Network Access “, and “BT Datastream and BT IPstream ADSL Virtual Paths and BT’s Internal Arrangements for Network Access” The two current IROs can be found on: [log-on] > Broadband > Products > BT Datastream > Terms and

56 DATASTREAM – Progress report Consultation process 15/09/05 – 21/10/05Invited Customer Feedback 24/10/05 – 01/12/05BT will review all feedback and update IROs 01/12/05 – 15/12/05Respond to customer feedback We received feedback from 6 Communication Providers and, in total, there were approx. 50 questions raised Publish updated Datastream IROs – 22 nd December 2005 22 Dec 2005 Publish IROs June 05 Issue IROs v1 15/9 – 21/10 Commence Consultation 1/12 – 15/12 Respond to Customer feedback

57 DATASTREAM ISSUES MANAGEMENT BT Wholesale procedure introduced to track and manage customer Datastream raised issues. BT Wholesale Account Managers will register the Issue on behalf of the customer and provide feedback Communications to BT Wholesale Account Managers to be completed early December with process formally launched by the 22nd December 2005

58 DATASTREAM – next steps BT will continue to engage with industry via the following processes and fora: SoR process (via Account Management teams) for Datastream Consult21 process for Datastream futures

59 4 th October - Draft Internal Reference Offer (IRO) published to Industry for comments 14 th October – Formal response to Replicability consultation document 31 st October – Industry comments on draft IRO 22 nd December – IRO published to Industry PPCs - IRO 22 Dec 2005 22 Sept 05 4 – 31 Oct 05

60 PPCs - Issues Management Specific information and examples of how we provide comparable products to ourselves. Links to a number of websites and documents which provide significant detail on our internal arrangements Ability to provide customers with sufficient information to enable them to raise informed questions and issues should the need arise.

61 PPCs – next steps PPC Product Team will be engaging with Industry & Ofcom in the following forums: Quarterly Industry Forums PPC / Ofcom quarterly Forums Issues raised at these meetings are discussed, logged and investigated, resulting in a conclusion satisfactory to both parties.

62 CPS As CPS is not supplied internally there is no need for an IRO. BT is however required to address customer issues and this process is well advanced

63 CPS - Issues already addressed What has changed? CPSOs now able to place CPS Orders on Saturdays CPS Gateway SLAs new targets at 98% (up from 90%) BTR now required to follow forecasting regime as documented in the CPS Process Document and forecast CPS “Return to BT” orders BTR now charged for CPS “Return to BT” orders Complete list of “conflicting products” now on BT Wholesale CPS web page All the above changes are already in place and being utilised

64 CPS Issues What is planned to change? Availability of the NAD to help with “Post Code” mismatch rejections This will be available from December 2005 (this is the address matching service) Migration of customers between “Calls Products” and “Calls Providers”, to include a “bulk” capability This enhancement is currently in design and planned for launch April 2006 CPSOs will have the capability to manage Change Of Address (different number) orders This enhancement is currently in design and planned for launch August 2006

65 CPS What is currently being investigated? BT is investigating the possibility of giving CPSOs the capability to invoke “Cancel Other” via the CPS Gateway This requirement is currently subject to a feasibility assessment, due to report in December 2005 BT and CPS Industry have suggested a review of the “reasons for rejection” of CPS orders The Industry have agreed that this activity should be carried once the WLR3 rules have been understood and agreed, expected mid to late 2006

66 CPS – next steps BT will continue to engage with industry via the following Industry forums; Ofcom Service Providers Forum - Quarterly WA and CPS Commercial Group - Monthly CPS Process Group - Monthly WA and CPS IT forum - Monthly CPS Order Desk Managers Meeting - Quarterly Issues are raised at these meetings and discussed on an Industry wide basis, resulting in the implementation of enhancements to the product and/or system.

67 Delivering the TSR - systems Colin Windsor

68 Delivering the TSR - A major systems opportunity… Unify the customer experience Customer Experience 21 CN End to end monitoring Increase the pace to the 21 CN architecture Design for an end to end, right first time approach Platforms Integrity and Scalability Move from product silos to platforms, independent of customer, product and organisation Design for scale, test and resilience

69 ... but a major systems programme Customer Migration Develop Infrastructure and Deliver Retail 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Build systems infrastructure to support the retail customer base Re-engineer 200+ processes Retrain customer centers Remove access to CSS Plan for the migration of the 20+ million customers Wholesale Openreach Build systems infrastructure to provide support to BT and industry to the Openreach products (LLU, WLR, WES/BES) Build infrastructure to ensure Openreach can operate as a line of business Ensure that systems maximize the synergies in uniting the field force Change systems for equivalence Open up systems to enable Openreach to trade Design 21CN future products for equivalence Retrain customer centers Migrate 20+ million customers Scale systems Scale systems to support industry Systems separation Global Equivalence trading of products

70 TSR Undertakings to end Dec 2006

71 Changes to enable equivalence Products now layered. Gateways : Volumetrics Gateways : Downstream BT to use red side access Need to restrict systems - CSS/COSMOSS direct access Regulatory Audit – Open and Transparent working Field Service processes to change to become fully equivalent Equivalent product Service Wraps

72 Ofcom also require full physical data separation between Openreach and the rest of BT by end June 2010 Additionally, Ofcom have set dates for “logical” separation of data Full systems separate in Openreach by June 2010 Openreach - Commitments

73 Delivering Equivalence Architecture Colin Windsor

74 Today Non-EoI Simplified Architecture BT Retail /GS customers SMART Siebel etc SPG Flowstream CSS Billing CSS Siebel Eco-BB Comms Providers Flow/ CSS Gateway Portal orchest- ration Eco-X BTW Customers CSS COSMOSS Eco-LLU Space/CSS Expedio Converge e-CRF Classic PIP Fastservice Etc CPS/NP BB SMPF Vserve PACS INS CSS BPS NCAS Vserve PACS INS CSS BPS NCAS Minerva OneSiebel ECo-X Cosmoss CSS Etc

75 Simplified EOI Architecture Openreach/BTW Gateway Portal Comms Provider BTW EOI Openreach IPstream LLU WLR WES Customer Mngt (Siebel) Customer Mngt (Siebel) Billing (Geneva) Billing (Geneva) Service Fulfilment Assurance etc (Clarify) Service Fulfilment Assurance etc (Clarify) Access & Backhaul Dialogue Services Gateway or Portal Comms Provider (incl Retail) SMPF/MPF WLR Calls setup

76 OR Firewall Customers B2B Portal Network Inventory Workforce Mgmt. Workforce Mgmt. Line Test Service Inventory Service Inventory Route Mgmt. Line Qual. Services. C.R.M. Address Services Appointing Services Appointing Services Diagnostic Services Trouble Ticketing Order Orchestration Monitor Progress Fallout Mgmt OR CMC Openreach Target Architecture Billing WES/BES Fulfilment WLR Fulfilment Number Portability LLU Fulfilment Assurance Dialogue Services

77 A new approach to working in IT Changing delivery culture in BT –Internally Focused to Customer Focused –From traditional waterfall methods to agile methods Customer Focused –Communicate effectively (often and openly) –Collaboration at all stages –Transparency on what is happening internally –Integrated approaches (testing, deployment etc) –Think Customer e2e

78 CP - Collaboration Forums Testing Approach - Identify Lead Operator - Agree success criteria - Develop test cases - Agree environments - Agree Test Plan Interfaces - Interface Specification - Message Definitions - Error Handling - Error Codes Processes ­ To Be Processes Deployment -Agree strategies -Pilot TOR -Trial TOR -Operator Cut-over Interface (Web Portal) - Online Rules - Look and feel - Prototyping Collaboration Web Site - documentation - test stubs - known problems - FAQs - feedback process

79 Delivery Method Deliverables will be focused around 90 day cycles Each 90 day cycle considers –Requirements –Development –Deployment –In parallel Requirements gathered using collaboration forum Hot House used to define the How Directly with the CPs on the How Early exposure of functionality and interfaces to CPs CPs invited to Hot Houses Scope Bank to manage scope

80 Over Riding Principles Equivalence Management Platform – equivalent to all!!! Common COTS products supporting all products (Siebel, Clarify, Geneva) System which is independent of product, customer and organisation Target for straight through processing Horizontal scalability Resilience and Failover Design for Test Reference Architectures Available Staged Migration for CPs 21CN Cognizant

81 Future Consultation & Governance Jo Upward

82 Future Consultation We are committed to a series of Consultations We want to understand your issues and we want your feedback. – Product issues – Systems development & integration – Identity, branding & mass market communications – Customer facing processes & behaviours – KPIs (on hard & soft issues) Through events, bi-laterals and questions received

83 Consultation Framework & Timeline Consultation/ Communication Channel management Events & Customer Meetings Communication Product equivalence Customer & Mass market communications October 2005 Review (of Issues) Identify topics for Consultation Agree owners Specific Consultations Exchange Space Consultation (on agreed topics) Using existing Industry Bodies & new Working Groups where necessary. Review & Measurement Quarterly Review Events Focus groups November 2005 December 2005 January & February 2006 March & April 2006 April 2006 onwards

84 Working Group Structure & Governance We plan to utilise: – existing Industry Groups wherever possible. – existing Openreach or BT Wholesale representatives would continue to represent BT on these industry forums as experts & ‘buddies’. We will identify focused topics which we may decide to run dedicated and defined consultation working groups – new Industry Groups (and buddies) may be required for a defined period. We plan to run Quarterly feedback events to update progress – we expect this to start at the end of February

85 Close Jo Upward

86 Your Feedback is important

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