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Louis VI of France Louis “the fat” 1108-1137. Was the Capetian revival inevitable?

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1 Louis VI of France Louis “the fat” 1108-1137

2 Was the Capetian revival inevitable?

3 Now look at the map on p352.. Has there been an increase in the crown land? Why might this be significant? Who has land been gained from?

4 Were the foundations for power laid down by the early Capetian kings? This has been argued by Fawtier and in particular French scholarship since 1987 has supported this thesis. In particular studies have shown that the roots of power in terms of the episcopate (bishops) and royal chancery existed. However, they are only theoretical advantages. What else was necessary?

5 Economic and social changes

6 Louis VI 1108-1137

7 Character More interested in the battlefield than the cloister Portrayed as open, honest king by Abbot Suger Warrior king who was at war constantly against his vassals and sometimes the English king and the Holy Roman Emperor

8 Key advisors Stephen of Garlande – much influence until 1127. What does this tell us about Louis? Abbot Suger who advised both Louis VI and his son Louis VII. What does his prominence tell us about Louis’ priorities?

9 Louis’ key threat: the castellans or “robber barons”

10 Threats Within the the Île de France, such as Thomas of Marle Hugh of le Puiset

11 Results of this consolidation of power cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by.jennifer donley.:

12 External threats faced by Louis VI From the duchy of Normandy and Henry I of England From the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V and his attempted seizure of Lorraine

13 Conclusion Louis was able to summon a far wider group of vassals for aid than his father Philip I and more importantly they tended in general to obey his commands. In his own lands he was still the territorial prince fighting for control. In the rest of France he was increasingly exercising royal powers, defending the church, calling vassals to his court and intervening outside his own direct sphere of influence in response to appeals made to him. While his presence was still not felt in many parts of France, his prestige and that of the monarchy were growing.

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