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Unit 13 Do homework Doing housework 家务劳动 run 跑 walk 步行 run walk ning ing.

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2 Unit 13 Do homework Doing housework 家务劳动

3 run 跑 walk 步行 run walk ning ing

4 jump 跳 jumping sleep 睡觉 see 看到 sleepingHe is

5 A: What are you doing? B: I’m running. ….

6 stand 站;立 sit 坐 standing sit What is he doing? He’s standing.He’s sitting. ting

7 Stand, stand, I’m standing. Walk, walk, I’m walking. Sleep, sleep, I’m sleeping. Jump, jump, I’m jumping. Run, run, I’m running. Sit, sit, I’m sitting. Say a rhyme.

8 clean the windows 擦窗 cleaning clean the toys 洗玩具

9 sweep the floor 扫地 sleep door 门 sweeping wash clothes 洗衣服 washing

10 standsitsitsleepjumprunrunwalk sweep the floor clean the windows wash clothes

11 Ask and answer. A: Hello. Is that Tom ? B: Yes. This is Tom. A: What are you doing? B: We’re (running). draw some picturesclean the toys drawingcleaning

12 A:What is he/she doing? B:He is/She is….

13 reading reading She is reading. What’s she doing ?

14 playing football playing football He is playing football. What is he doing now ?

15 drinking drinking She is drinking water. What’s she doing now?

16 painting painting The man is painting. Look! What is the man doing ?

17 running running She is running. Look ! What’s she doing ?

18 He is playing basketball.

19 The baby is sleeping now.

20 She is riding a horse.

21 They are dancing.

22 He is taking photos.

23 The Present Continuous Tense be + v. -ing am / is / are + 现在分词 am / is / are + 现在分词 现 在 进 行 时现 在 进 行 时现 在 进 行 时现 在 进 行 时

24 What doing? are you is he is she are they watching TV. I am You are He is She is It is We are You are They are

25 go go do do watch watch wait wait eat eat cleanclean read read talk talk going 去 doing 做 doing 做 watching 看 watching 看 Waiting 等待 eating 吃 cleaning reading talking 谈话 talking 谈话

26  write  take  have  make  come  arrive  dance  leave writing a letter 写 writing a letter 写 taking 带走,拿走 taking 带走,拿走 having 有 having 有 making 做. 制作 making 做. 制作 coming 来 coming 来 arriving 到达 arriving 到达 dancing leaving 离开 leaving 离开

27  sit  shop  cut  stop  put  get  begin  swim sitting sitting shopping 购物 shopping 购物 cutting 砍 cutting 砍 stopping 停止 stopping 停止 putting 放 putting 放 getting 得到 getting 得到 beginning 开始 swimming 游泳 swimming 游泳



30 A:Hello. Is that (Xiaoming )…? B:Yes. Hi, (XiaoWang ). A: What are you doing? B: I’m/We’re….(swimming ) A:Let’s …(go shopping ) B:OK/All right/Good idea. See you… A: See you/Bye-bye Make a dialogue.

31 Task Ⅲ Pairwork Pairwork

32 What are they doing ? doing homework reading watching TV

33 cleaning eating dinner

34 Task Ⅳ Pairwork

35  What are the people doing in the pictures?

36 Task Ⅳ Action !

37 Task V

38  Is Nancy doing homework?  No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.

39 Is Bill writing? Is Mary writing? Is Tom writing? Guess

40 Exercise: 1.We ___ _______(watch) TV now. 2. He__ _____ (do) his homework now. 3.Look! That girl __ ____ (ride) the bike. 4.She __ _____(fly) a kite in the park now. 5.Tom and I ___ ________(clean) our bedroom now. 6.My mother and I ____ _______(make) cakes now. 7.The baby is sleeping and his mother _____ _______ _____(look after) him. _______ _____(look after) him. 8. Listen! The twins ___ _______(sing) under the tree. are watching is doing is riding is flying are cleaning are making is are singing looking after

41 Grammar Focus  I am watching TV.  What is he doing?  He is doing homework.  What is she doing?  She is writing.


43 Talk about your family doing Homework


45 NamedoingJenny Dave and Marie John watching TV eating dinner doing homework

46 Listening  What is Steve doing? Does Steve want to go to the movie? Does Steve want to go to the movie? He is watching TV. He is watching TV. Yes, he does. Yes, he does.

47 Goodbye boys and girls

48 Read and compare. 直接加 ing 去 e, 再加 ing 双写末尾字母, 再加 ing draw sit sweep make clean drawing sitting sweeping making cleaning run skate swim wash dance running skating swimming washing dancing drawing making sitting sweeping cleaning washing skating dancing running swimming

49 A:Hello. Is that…? B:Yes. Hi,…. A: What are you doing? B: I’m/We’re…. A:Let’s … B:OK/All right/Good idea. See you… A: See you/Bye-bye…. Make a dialogue.

50 1.A:What you ? B:I’m. 2.A: are you doing? B: are some pictures. 3.A:What he doing? B:He is a model plane. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks. (Try your best. ) aredoing What We drawing is making running

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