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Komplet XC The reliable and hard working continuous mixer that excels in road, dam and backfill applications.

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1 Komplet XC The reliable and hard working continuous mixer that excels in road, dam and backfill applications

2 Who is Komplet? Komplet Italia is an Italian family business located in Senigallia, near Ancona, on Italy’s east coast Komplet has been manufacturing concrete mixers and recycling equipment for over 30 years Komplet’s continuous and turbine mixers were sold until recently through OMG/Sicoma; they are not yet well known in North America Scale-Tron is Komplet’s North American distributor

3 Why Komplet XC? Komplet XC is a rugged and reliable mixer with an excellent reputation The continuous mixer can produce approximately double the throughput of concrete that a similar priced twin shaft model can produce, per hour Cost is far less than a twin shaft batch mixer Komplet’s XC has a 20 year track record; its reputation is your guarantee 4 size choices from 130 to 390 cu. yd. per hour output

4 Applications Roadways, parking lots, airport runways and taxiways
Mine backfill Dam building Replace asphalt in paving machines to produce long-lasting high-quality road beds

AGGREGATES WATER, ADMIXES Fed by variable flow pumps CEMENT by screw or weigh feeder Aggregates are fed by conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or weigh feeder MIXER SPEED CONTROL STREAM OF MIXED CONCRETE Individual control of each ingredient sets mix design. Overall speed control sets production rate in cu. yd. or tons per hour Surge hopper stops stream until next truck is in place

6 $$ and throughput The XC 200 will give 200 cu. m. of concrete per hour and costs less than $100,000 US dollars To produce the same throughput, a RG6750 twin shaft batch mixer is required. Cost for this mixer is close to double the XC 200’s cost Where the high accuracy and reportability of a batch mixer is not required, a continuous mixer gives a far better return on investment

7 Shaft seals and their lubrication are similar to the Ocmix RG twin shaft mixer.  They seal positively and are good for many years of operation with no maintenance Both seals and bearings are lubricated by a grease pump.  Bearings and seals have positive separation, to reduce contamination and wear of the bearing even if the seal should ever leak. all mountings for gearboxes and bearings are machined after fabrication is complete, with the whole mixer on the machining center,  to ensure true faces and dimensional accuracy. Shipping in 4-8 weeks, delivery in 6-10 weeks to fit your tight schedules

8 Continuous mixing action
Many paddles agitate and mix the materials while they progress slowly down the length of the mixer Paddles and liner plates are of tough, wear resistant Hardox 400 steel and are replaceable. Hardox 500 is optional for high wear applications Ingredients are normally fed by volume but for tighter mix designs, weigh feeders are used to give fine control over the ingredients and meet special requirements.

9 Strong power train Two separate helical reduction gearboxes for speed reduction are strong, reliable and long-lasting. Shown is XC 100 XC150 to 300 use different gearbox with belt drive from motor Motor, gearbox and cover can be easily removed as a single unit for maintenance Covers along the length of the mixer can be opened or removed for inspection and maintenance Two separate inspection hatches are used for inspection when operating

10 Komplet specializes in only a few products and does them well.
Komplet’s team originated the MT turbine (pan) mixer sold under the Sicoma name, as well as this mixer which was sold as the Sicoma MAO/C until 2007 Komplet XC is one of the best continuous mixers available today Komplet is a service oriented company. The focus of both Scale-Tron and Komplet is on superior service and customer satisfaction

Scale-Tron Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada Thank you for participating

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