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Jeff Reents Head Football Coach Wilmington High School.

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1 Jeff Reents Head Football Coach Wilmington High School

2 Honor to Speak at the IHSFCA Clinic Program Background Introduction of Staff

3 Defensive Philosophy Keep It Simple Communication Play Fast Be Physical

4 Linebacker Qualities Physical Mental Intangibles

5 Techniques and Drills Stance 2 Pt Stance Feet Shoulder Width Apart Weight Evenly Distributed Pads Over The Toes – Good Bend in Knees and Hips Hands in Ready Position Be Comfortable – Do Not Overcoach!! Drills Read Step Read Step Live Alignment Make sure they know where to line up – Be Careful not to overlook this Know where their teammates line up – Leadership

6 Hit and Shed Next to tackling – the most important technique Tough to Master Good Base – Power Position Low Pad Wins Point of Contact Hip Explosion Take On Half-a-Man Forearm/Club or Shoot the Hands Drills 6 pt, 2 pt 6 pt2 pt Sled Drill Hit-n-Shed Shed Block-n-Tackle Downhill Shed-n-Tackle

7 Tackling 7 Points to Tackling Stance Eyes Approach Shoot the Hands – Eyes to the sky Contact Point Wrap Violently Finish – Run the feet Drills Hit and Lift Hit and Lift Down the Line Angle Tackle Eye Opener Sideline Tackle Circuit Tackling

8 Coverage Know Coverage and Responsibility Know where your most dangerous rec. is Read Step Yell pass Open to most dangerous rec. Get hands on rec. Settle read QB eyes Break on the ball Drills – Hip Turns Ball Drills Line Drills Drop – Read Eyes Pattern Reads

9 Man Coverage Tighter coverage Always get your hands on rec. Must attack rec., but under control 4 routes – Vert., Out, Drag, Block/Screen, Zone Reads Pattern Reads Work these routes - Vert., Out, Drag

10 Reads Pre-Snap Slow Reads Fast Reads Triangle Reads Have Vision – Know what they are looking at Giveaways – Linemen/Backs Drills Slow Read Drill Shuffle Down the Alley

11 Practice Organization Walk-Through Pursuit Drills Agilities Ind. Time Tackling Turnover Circuit Team


















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