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HD Voice Unprecedented mobile voice quality

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1 HD Voice Unprecedented mobile voice quality
Leverages technologies available today - 4GVTM-Wideband vocoder and FluenceTM noise cancellation Ability to differentiate voice service to high-value customers

2 Unprecedented Mobile Voice Quality
4GVTM-WB (EVRC-WB) FluenceTM + Wideband Vocoder Superior voice quality compared to today’s narrow band vocoders Advanced Noise Cancellation Qualcomm’s advanced noise cancellation technology Leverages technologies commercially available today

3 Wideband Vocoder Provides Clear and Natural Voice
4GVTM-WB Narrowband Today’s EVRC and PSTN Frequency Low frequency extension increases naturalness, presence and comfort High frequency extension improves voice clarity and intelligibility Higher voice quality with no impact on capacity Higher quality when both sides support wideband (WB) vocoders

4 4GVTM-WB Offers Higher Quality Voice without Capacity Impact
(EVRC-WB) Higher Quality at same capacity as today’s EVRC Quality EVRC 4GVTM-B (EVRC-B) Capacity Enhances both VoIP and Circuit Switched (CS) voice quality Supported in select Qualcomm MSM chipsets Higher voice quality with no impact on capacity

5 FluenceTM – Qualcomm’s Advanced Noise Cancelling Technology
Speaker Secondary Microphone Primary Microphone Superior noise reduction without impacting speech quality Accurately identifies noise by employing secondary microphone Commercially available in select phones Incremental software only upgrade

6 HD VoIP is the Natural Choice when Migrating to All-IP
WB VoIP IP WB WB VoIP Terminal 3G Network IMS for VoIP Fixed Migration to IP VoIP PSTN NB Fixed Phone Higher voice quality with no impact on capacity End-to-end VoIP enables HD voice WB – Wideband NB – Narrowband

7 Ability to Differentiate Voice Service to High-Value Customers
HD voice can earn and retain high-value customers Attractive for enterprise market Leverage high-end devices with 4GVTM-WB and FluenceTM Capitalize on increasing fixed VoIP penetration (HD VoIP)

8 HD Voice Demo Configuration
EV-DO VoIP Overview: Requirements, Features and Capacity April 6, 2017 HD Voice Demo Configuration CTIA Booth CTIA Conference Room Internet HD VoIP Phone (VoIP+4GVTM-WB+ FluenceTM) Fixed IP HD VoIP Phone (with WB codec G.722) CTIA Equipment Room QRC San Diego EV-DO Rev. A/B Asterisk/ MGW Internet PDSN 4GVTM-WB <-> G.722 Transcoder QUALCOMM Proprietary

9 Back Up Slides

10 Mobile to Mobile HD CS Voice is Possible
PCM/PSTN 3G Network WB NB CS voice WB 3G Network TrFO Function 3G Network WB WB CS voice CS voice PSTN NB Fixed Phone Higher voice quality with no impact on capacity End-to-end HD CS voice has to bypass PSTN and PCM TrFO - Transcoder Free Operation PCM - CS based transport network WB – Wideband NB – Narrowband

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