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.. Software FX, Inc. Data visualization for every need, every platform.

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2 Software FX, Inc. Data visualization for every need, every platform.

3 Visual Studio Industry Partner SOFTWARE FX, INC. NEXT STEPS Contact us at: For over 20 years, Software FX has provided enterprise-grade data visualization and analysis solutions for developers and IT professionals. Recognized as the world’s leading charting solution, Chart FX makes your developers more productive and your enterprise more intelligent with proven technology supported across many different platforms and domains. Our proven reliability and dependable products coupled with a steadfast technical support has molded us into one of the most trusted players in the software development industry. Website Blog Facebook Twitter Demos Download Whitepaper Resources Expertise Data Modeling Performance Testing Reporting Application Analytics Monitoring 2

4 Visual Studio Industry Partner SOFTWARE FX, INC. NameDescriptionPricing & Licensing Studio FXThe Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization products for developers, including.NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price. Licensed on a per developer/per machine basis, the Studio FX Subscription provides the most advanced business intelligence components for your client server and web based applications. Chart FX 8For more than 2 decades, Chart FX has been the preferred data visualization technology for thousands of desktop and server based applications. Chart FX 8 is the latest addition to our family of charting products bringing the most advanced data analysis capabilities and support for the latest computing platform and technologies. Chart FX 7Chart FX leverages the tremendous features of Visual Studio and provides developers unprecedented data visualization capabilities. Building from an already impressive feature set, Chart FX will offer unmatched IDE integration and innovative features that will set new standards in charting component technology. atures/default.aspx Chart FX Extensions Pack With the Chart FX Extensions Pack developers are no longer required to spend hours configuring a generic charting component for financial, mapping, OLAP and statistical functionality. Instead, Chart FX Extensions, which are.NET controls, can be added to either Chart FX for.NET or Chart FX 7 to adapt to these data sources enabling organizations to quickly and economically develop solutions that meet unique business needs. Chart FX for.NET 6.2Chart FX for.NET 6.2 was completely written in Microsoft Visual C#.NET to ensure that Chart FX exists within the Microsoft.NET Framework as fully managed code. Chart FX for.NET 6.2 features Windows Forms and Web Forms functionality, increased security, easier integration with XML Web services, enhanced XML support, new and improved API, a server component to generate JPEG, PNG, ActiveX or SVG and code generation through the improved designer. tFX/features/62features/features_easyToCode.asp x Grid FXGrid FX introduces new features never before seen in a grid control, or any other Visual Studio control for that matter. Now, instead of working through abstract modal dialogs to edit columns, the developer can just click and drag right onto the design surface. Smart Tags became full blown context sensitive wizards where most of the functionality is readily available in a graphical way rather than a simple list of properties. In addition, developers can click on a cell in the grid and get options specifically for that cell type. Grid FX offers in-place WYSIWYG template editing instead of the hiding the control and entering a “template mode”. We believe these enhancements will be some of the most notable improvements to developers using Grid FX for the first time. X/ Chart FX GaugesChart FX Gauges delivers a set of.NET components that allow developers to quickly and effectively integrate gauges into their client-server and web-based applications. With the addition of Gauges to the Chart FX family of products, developers can easily create digital dashboards with the productivity, consistency and reliability they’ve come to appreciate from other Software FX products. Each individual element that goes into creating a gauge is meticulously crafted by professional graphic artists. These elements combine to create a photorealistic gauge complete with shadows, lighting and glare effects. uges/ Chart FX for Reporting Services With over 20 different chart types (including radial, horizontal, vertical, digital meter and LED panel gauges), customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX for Reporting Services allows you to create visually appealing charts in literally minutes. Like most Chart FX products, this version provides designers with many helpful tools such as the Smart Tag & Data Wizards, Quick Start movies, Properties Reference, Tutorials, Samples and a Programmer's Guide to assist in creating visually impressive charts and gauges with minimal time invested. ortingServices/ PowerGadgetsPowerGadgets puts powerful IT monitoring on your desktop and in your Vista Sidebar. IT professionals can now create gadgets that consume data from WMI, Exchange, SQL and even the Windows Registry. And PowerGadgets doesn't require any development environments, servers or browsers to run real-time gadget components such as charts, gauges and maps. Gadgets/ PowerGadgets MobilePowerGadgets Mobile is the easiest and most powerful business intelligence solution for authoring and deploying real-time dashboards on your mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. Product Information 3

5 /trials/ /trials/ / / xnetproducts/ xnetproducts/ INTEGRATION OVERVIEW Diagram description 1.Fully integrated Smart Tag Wizard helps users configure their preferences quickly without obtrusive dialogs. 2.The Smart Tag Wizard filters the options available depending on the chart’s configuration. 3.Real-time design-time preview of the chart allows developers to immediately check how changes are affecting their application. 4.Easy to use interface not only lists basic functionality, but allows for complex data and visuals manipulation in minutes. RESOURCES Visual Studio Industry Partner SOFTWARE FX, INC. 4

6 TitleRockwell Helps Manufacturers Save Energy with the.NET Framework and Chart FX Summary Rockwell Automation (RA) is a leading industrial automation company with the mission to be the most valued global provider of power, control and information solutions. RA’s Power & Energy Management Solutions (PEMS) group was set up to help customers manage and optimize energy consumption, in the face of the rising cost of energy. The PEMS group built a new application, RSEnergyMetrix, using C#, SQL Server 2000, the.NET Framework, and Chart FX. RSEnergyMetrix is a server application with both Web and Windows interfaces. RA speeded its time to market by 6 months and saved over $100,000 in development costs by building RSEnergyMetrix with the.NET Framework and Chart FX. Situation Rockwell Automation (RA) is a leading industrial automation company that commands a leading market share for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in the US: roughly 50% of US manufacturers use Rockwell products. RA’s Power & Energy Management Solutions (PEMS) group was set up to help customers manage and optimize energy consumption, in the face of the rising cost of energy. The PEMS group built a new application, RSEnergyMetrix, which is a modular, scalable, web-enabled, client/server energy information and management application. It connects energy-related data sources and presents energy information in ways that enable you to monitor and manage your energy use to maximize the value of your enterprise. Benefit RSEnergyMetrix had about 60 customers in its first year. They range from small to global enterprises; about two-thirds are Fortune 500 manufacturers. The largest industry application areas for RSEnergyMetrix are Food and Beverage, Educational, and Wastewater Treatment. Rockwell itself realized significant productivity improvements and development cost savings by choosing to use the.NET Framework and Chart FX to develop RSEnergyMetrix. For more info Case Study: Rockwell Helps Manufacturers Save Energy with the.NET Framework and Chart FX 6

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