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Getting the Most From Visual Basic 2005 Jay Roxe Lead Product Manager Visual Studio.

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1 Getting the Most From Visual Basic 2005 Jay Roxe ( Lead Product Manager Visual Studio

2 Agenda Advances in Visual Studio 2005 Design Goals and Enhancements in Visual Basic 2005

3 Visual Studio 2005 “Personalized productivity” Novices Enthusiasts Students Hobbyists Part-Timers Professionals Consultants Enterprise Devs Architects Testers

4 Expanding Visual Studio Increased Reliability Quality Early & Often Predictability & Visibility Design for Operations Project Manager Solution Architect Developer Tester Infrastructure Architect

5 Expanding Visual Studio Evaluate.NET Interact with students Build cool apps Learn how to program Hobbyists Students Faculty Enthusiasts


7 ASP.NET 2.0 Themes Developer Productivity Reduce ASP.NET V1->V2 lines of code by 2/3rds Enable rich scenarios not easily possible today Administration and Management Easiest platform to manage and administer Totally Extensible Platform Replace/extend all built-in features + services Customize for any enterprise environment Performance and Scalability The world’s fastest web application server

8 Windows Forms 2.0 Brings the ease & safety of Web deployment to client applications ClickOnce: Client app deployment and update as easy as HTML Offline “just works” Permission elevation Professional look & feel out-of-the-box Professional Menus & Toolbars, new Data Grid, WebBrowser, and more New layout control support table and flow layout Full support for Windows XP Visual Styles Productivity for the developer through fewer clicks & lines of code Improved support for databinding to web services and business objects Improved layout tools in the designer Smart tasks make common tasks easier Simplified async programming model to keep UI responsive during long running operations

9 Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Strategic tool for developing Office solutions Currently supports building document-centric solutions for Microsoft Office Word 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 …And Now Outlook! Office development approachable Provides all the productivity of Visual Studio Provides all the power of the.NET Framework Leverages the skills of.NET developers Secure and easy to deploy Based on.NET Code Access Security Online ClickOnce deployment model with Visual Studio 2005

10 Mobile Opportunity Converged Device Trends 8% YOY growth for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones in 2004 100 Million Smart Devices by 2007 Windows Mobile penetrates broader phone market Sources:IDC (June 2003, September 2003) x3 13 28 458163 4 20022003200420062005 2007 Worldwide Sales of Converged Phones and Phone-enabled PDAs Units (millions) CAGR 2002-2007: 86% x2

11 For line of business application developers, Visual Basic 2005 is the most productive tool for developing Windows, Web, Office and Mobile applications.

12 Visual Basic Design Goals Increase productivity Cut development time in half Reduce code by more than 50% Leverage full power of the desktop Create rich windows client applications Deploy with ease and safety of the Web Provide full access to the platform Maintain direct access to.NET Framework

13 My Application level version of “Me” My.FormsMy.Forms.Form1.ShowMy.WebServicesMy.WebServices.MSDN.Search(“VB”)My.Resources PictureBox1.Image = My.Resources.Logo My.Settings My.Settings.User.FormLocation = Me.Location

14 My Hierarchy My Application Computer User Resources Settings Forms WebServices — Application title, version, logs, description, … — Registry, Printer, Audio, File System, … — User name, group, domain, … — Access resources for the application—icons, images… — User and application settings — Collection of project forms — Collection of web services referenced in project

15 Code Snippets Reusable snippets of code Proactively prompt for customizations Includes required project references and file imports ~500 task-oriented snippets included Extensible Architecture Specify multiple snippet stores (local, network share, etc.) Create your own snippets or modify existing snippets

16 Bringin’ Back the RAD Exception Assistant Edit and Continue Debugger Visualizers XML Documentation Simplified IDE AutoCorrect

17 New Language Features Generics Operator Overloading Using statement Continue statement Global keyword Property accessor accessibility Partial types Unsigned types Custom Event Accessors Warnings

18 Data Specific Enhancements Goal: Simplify and enhance data access New Data controls DataGridView Control BindingSource Component Data Design Time Databases Web Services Business Objects

19 Leveraging Investments Making the case for Upgrade Reuse SkillsReuse CodeIncremental Upgrade

20 Questions Jay Roxe, jroxe

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