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Money Can’t Buy Friends 授课人:黄玲. briskextravagantfashioncelebratory.

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1 Money Can’t Buy Friends 授课人:黄玲

2 briskextravagantfashioncelebratory

3 I: Fast Reading Answer the following questions. 1.What to you think to the author’s attitude towards friends? (That’s right. I completely agree with the author. A little gift means a lot. If I don’t have much money.It’s not necessary for me to pretend to be rich and to do things beyond my ability)

4 3 How do you understand the title of the text? 2 What is the real friendship is based on? ( sincerity, understanding each other, helping and learning from each other ) (Money can’t buy friends.That’s true. Money is important for us, but it can’t buy everything,A table friend isn’t reliable,He always takes you advantage, but never offer help when you’re in trouble )

5 II Skimming Tell whether the following statements are true or false according to the text 1.The author was surprised to hear that his classmate had spent such a large sum of money for only one meal 2. The classmate’s excuse was that he would have lost face if he hadn’t shown his warmth with food and drink. (T)

6 3. The only restaurant in the author’s school is doing brisk business because the students can always find out an excuse for a dinner. 4. The author called the extravagant students “rich students”, which showed that the author’s family was comparatively poor. 5. The whole class of the author shared the view that they shouldn’t spend their money so extravagantly. (F)

7 III: study reading Work in pairs 1.Why was the classmate unhappy? 2.For what did the classmate spend 60 yuan? 3.What is the friendship based on in the student’s opinion? 4.What do you think of the author’s classmate? 5.Why are the restaurants near schools doing brisk business?

8 6.When do the students go out for dinner? 7.Do boy students drink much at a sitting?What will result from drinking too much? 8.Where does the rich student’s money come from? 9.Why do the students have no right to be extravagant? 10.How will the author celebrate his friend’s birthday?

9 IV: The structure of the text The 1st I was surprised that the classmate had spent much money inviting friends. The 2nd The classmate’s attitude towards.his friends. The 3rd Inviting others to dinner is in fashion. The 4th Every day students come to dinner in restaurants The 5th When do the students go for dinner?

10 The 6th Question the phenomenon. The 7th We have no right to be extravagant. The 8th The author’s way to celebrate friend’s birthday

11 ( be in low spirits ) = be spiritless = be in bad mood = be out of spirits e.g. ① He didn’t pass the exam, so he is in low spirits. ② Everyone was in good spirits at the party. V: Explanation 1 One day,one of classmates was in low spirits

12 If there had been no food and drink,I would have lost face. ( 此句采用了虚拟语气, 其中的条件状语从句为非真实 条件句. 表示与事实相反的假设时 ) if 条件从 (had+ 过去分词 ), 主句 (would/could +have 过去分词 ) e.g. ① If he had set out earlier, he would have caught he early bus. ② If you had come here yesterday, you would have met her

13 如果表示与现在事实相反的假设条件从句 ( 过去时 ), 主句 (would/could+ 动词原形 ) ① If we knew his address, we could write to him. ② If I were tired, I would have a rest.

14 3. Inviting others to dinner is in fashion. In fashion 时新, 合乎时尚 out of fashion 过时, 落伍 ① Korean dresses are now in fashion. ② The leathern jackets are out of fashion now.

15 4.Boy students sometimes have several bottles of white liquor or dozens of beers at one sitting 句子 dozen 在表实数或做定语时, 复数不加 -s, 表虚数时往 往需加 -s. 类似的词汇有 score( 二十 ),hundred, thousand, billion 等. ① There are many/several scores of eggs in the fridge. ② Two score (of) boys climbed on the top of the mountain. ③ She bought two dozen socks in the near shop. ④ I have told him dozens of times, but it doesn’t work.

16 5.Are we really so rich as to be so extravagant? So as to (in order to ) 为了...(目的状语) So that /in order that.( 目的状语从句 ) So +- 形/副词. as to 结果,以至于(结果状语) so…that. ( 结果状语从句)

17 ① I got up early so as (=in order) to catch the first bus. = I got up early so that(=in order that ) I could the first bus. ② I was so lucky as to find my lost bag. = I was so lucky that I found my lost bag.

18 VI: Retell the text by connecting the key sentences of each paragraph. 1. What is the real friendship like? 2. What is the most important character between friends? 3 How do you manage your money ? Step8. Exploring discussion

19 VII: Summary and consolidation. VIII: Homework. Write a short passage about friendship according to the above discussion

20 谢谢大家

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