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Crescent College Comprehensive S.J. Traditional Leaving Certificate Subject Choice Mr. Denis Callaghan, Ms. Ita Danaher -- Guidance Counsellors.

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1 Crescent College Comprehensive S.J. Traditional Leaving Certificate Subject Choice Mr. Denis Callaghan, Ms. Ita Danaher -- Guidance Counsellors

2 Leaving Certificate Programme Leaving Certificate is a 2 year programme.  Full time commitment required over 2 years.  5th year is very important especially for those hoping to gain entry to high points courses. Usually a maximum of 7 subjects are taken for the Leaving Certificate.  An extra (8 th ) subject? – need to think very carefully about this as each LC subject is extensive and requires a lot of work. Big jump in standard from J.C.  Other subjects could suffer if workload is too great.  For points purposes best 6 subjects are counted. Almost all subjects are of equal importance.  Extra points will be awarded in all universities and ITs for honours Mathematics in LC 2012 to 2015  Extra points are awarded in DT021 for honours in certain science subjects.

3 Points System GradeHonoursOrdinary A110060 A29050 B18545 B28040 B37535 C17030 C26525 C36020 D15515 D25010 D3455 25 Extra Points For D3 Or Greater In Higher Level Maths

4 Leaving Certificate Programme Highly Desirable Subjects  Unless there is a substantial reason otherwise, all students should definitely consider choosing: 1. a modern language (NUI*) 2. a science subject. Subject Levels  Higher and Ordinary level  all subjects.  Foundation level  Mathematics & Irish.  Particular care needs to be taken with Mathematics. Failure in this subject can be detrimental to overall L.C. LC subject selection  Core subjects: English, Mathematics & Irish*  Optional subjects: Usually 4 other subjects are chosen

5 Optional Subjects (4) BUSINESS Business Accountancy Economics SCIENCE Biology Physics Chemistry Agricultural Science LANGUAGES French German Spanish APPLIED SCIENCES Home Economics Construction Studies Engineering Design and Communication Graphics SOCIAL STUDIES History Geography Music Art Information about LC subjects can be found on the college website: and the NCCA website:



8 Entry Requirements When choosing Leaving Certificate subjects great care must be taken as the choices of subjects made now may determine 3rd level and career options in 2 years time. Why? Regardless of how many points you get in your LC, you will be ineligible to even apply for a course if you have not met it’s “Course Entry Requirements” Generally there are 2 sets of ‘Entry Requirements’ which must be met before ‘points’ can be considered. A)Minimum Entry Requirements  Particular subjects and minimum no. of honours / passes in the L.C. required to apply to an individual college. B)Specific Course Requirements  Particular subjects and/or levels required to gain entry to specific faculties or courses.

9 Minimum Entry Requirements of major CAO Colleges InstitutionMinimum gradesRequired subjects NUI Colleges: UCD, NUIM, NUIG, UCC. (RCSI, Shannon, Miltown) 2HC3 + 4OD3OD3 in English, Irish & Modern Language*. Trinity College Dublin3HC3 + 3OD3OD3 in Maths, English & another Language Dublin City University2HC3 + 4OD3OD3 in Maths, English or Irish University of Limerick2HC3 + 4OD3OD3 in Maths, English & Irish or another Lang. Dublin Institute of Technology 2HC3 + 4OD3 (H.D.) 5OD3 (O.D. or H.C.) OD3 in Maths, English or Irish Regional Institutes of Technology (DK*) 2HC3 + 4OD3 (H.D.) 5OD3 (O.D. or H.C.) OD3 in Maths, English or Irish

10 Specific Course Requirements These requirements are in addition to Minimum Entry Requirements. They are specific L.C. subjects / grades required for entry to particular courses. They tend to be in the following subject areas:  Science subjects  Languages  Mathematics E.g. Veterinary Medicine in UCD Entry Requirements:  2HC3 + 4OD3, OD3 in English, Irish, Modern Language & Mathematics, HC3 in Chemistry.

11 Sample Requirements Irish Primary Teaching – HC3 Journalism & Irish (DCU) – HB1 Comp. Sc., Linguistics & Irish (TCD) – HB3 Gno & Gaeilge (DCU) – OA2/HC3 French Law with French Law – HB3 Commerce with French (UCD) – HC3 Law and French (TCD) – HC1 A Language Many courses require a language but may not specify a particular one: Film & Broadcasting with a language (DIT) – HC3 in Ir or Fr. Applied Languages (DCU) – HC3 in Fr, Ge, Ir or Sp. Speech and Language Therapy (TCD) – HC3 in En, Fr, Ge, Ir, It, Ru or Sp. Cadet School – OD3 in a modern Language.

12 Sample Requirements Mathematics Honours Engineering – HC3 Business Studies (DCU) – OC3/HD3 Optometry (DIT) - OB3 Economics & Finance (UCD) – HC3 Business (TCD) – OC/HD Science (UCD) – OB3/HD3 Commerce (UCD) – OB3/HD3 Law and Accounting (UL) – OC3/HD3 Science Particular care needs to be taken with science subjects. Many courses require any one science subject Some courses require 2 science subjects, particularly TCD and UCC. UCAS courses Nursing – OD3 in a Lab. Sc. Medical/Para medical courses Chemistry Pharmacy*, Human Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine & Dentistry (UCC) – HC3

13 Appliance of Science

14 Specific Course Requirements Unlikely that 3rd/TY students will know exactly, which courses/careers they wish to pursue at this stage. But from looking at their interests, abilities and aptitudes they may be able to identify broad areas of interest and hence check potential course entry requirements. Course Entry Requirements can be accessed: a) In the college’s prospectuses b) On the college’s websites c) Directory of LC Entry Requirements d) – Subject Requirements It is only when all course entry requirements are met that students are qualified to apply for a course.

15 General Advice If a student is not really sure what he/she wants to do in the future: Pick a broad range of subjects in order to keep options open Many students will change their minds about their future a number of times in the next 2 years E.g.  one language  one science  one business  one humanities / applied science. This combination would allow access into a broad range of courses/careers.

16 Choosing a Subject A wise choice of subjects requires: RESEARCH DISCUSSION REFLECTION DECISION Subject Teachers, Guidance Classes, TY Programme L.C. Books, Publications, Other Students Guidance Counsellors, Current Teachers Family, Friends Consider all the information, views and opinions Then, ultimately each student must make up their own mind.

17 Choosing a Subject Key Questions 1. What subjects is the school offering? 2. If I’m interested in a particular course/career area, what subjects are essential? ( Course Entry Requirements) 3. If not essential, what subjects would be useful/helpful for this course/career area? 4. What subjects do I like? (motivation) (not the teacher) 5. What subjects am I relatively good at? (DATs) (JC)

18 Important Points DCG/Construction Studies are not needed to do Engineering. Maths and Physics are more important. Art is generally not needed for Art and Design courses. A portfolio is however. For Business courses, Maths is generally a requirement rather than Business subjects. No subjects are gender specific. Every student is unique (interests, abilities and aptitudes), hence they should choose subjects based on these and not current friendships or the opinions of others. Students should be careful to try pick a balance between learning and understanding subjects. Students should be aware of balancing subjects which help maximise points vs. subjects which may be of benefit to them in the future.


20 Timetable of Events 1. February 1 st – Parents Night 5 th year options. 2. February – Class presentations continue. 3. February 8 th – Deadline for submission of application forms for subject preferences. 4. April 1st – Generation of classes begins.

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