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Subject Choice 19 th March 2015. Overview of Presentation Information on Minimum Third Level Entry Requirements (Set by Higher Education Institutes) Specific.

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1 Subject Choice 19 th March 2015

2 Overview of Presentation Information on Minimum Third Level Entry Requirements (Set by Higher Education Institutes) Specific Course Requirements (Set by faculties within colleges) Subjects in Dominican College 2

3 National Framework of Qualifications 3 08.html

4 Routes after school Post Leaving Cert courses – apply directly to the colleges – level 5 and level 6 (NFQ) Apply to courses through the CAO – Universities and Institutes of Technology 4

5 Entry Requirements for PLC Courses Usually 5 OD3 in the Leaving Cert and an interview Some minimum subject requirements may apply There are links to progress to Level 6, 7 and 8 in Institutes of Technologies and Universities Higher Education Links Scheme CAO FETAC Search Facility 5

6 Higher Education Institutes (HEI) 45 HEIs – Universities, Institutes of Technology (IoT), art colleges, specialist colleges and some private colleges Applications administered by CAO Approximately 1300 courses Where I can find more information – (Useful Tools / Minimum Subject Requirements) and (What to Study / Leaving Cert Subjects) 6

7 Entry Requirements to HEI 1.Minimum Entry Requirements 2.Specific Course Entry Requirements (Specific subject requirement and may also involve interview, audition, portfolios etc) 3.Points EXAMPLE: Nursing in NUIG will require: 12HC3 and 4OD3 (Include Irish, English, Maths) 2A science subject 3450* points 7

8 HC3 in Irish – Primary School Teaching HC3 in Maths – Some Engineering and Computer Science degrees HC3 in Chemistry – Veterinary Medicine (UCD), Human Nutrition and Dietetics (DIT), One laboratory science subject* required for most science / healthcare related courses 8 Examples of Course Requirements

9 Interesting to note Art is generally not needed for Art and Design courses, but a portfolio may be required Business or Accounting are generally not required for Business courses, but Maths may be Music courses generally require an audition, but not the LC subject Music General subjects like History, Geography can be taken up at third level without doing them for the LC 9

10 CAO Points System Points are allocated to the six best grades of an applicant These grades must be achieved in one sitting of the LC All subjects carry equal points except LCVP The points level varies from year to year CAO Leaving Cert Points Grid 10

11 LC Points Calculation Grid 11  LCVP points awarded: Distinction (>80%)=70 pts, Merit (65-79% )=50 pts and Pass (50-64%) =30 pts  Until 2015 25 bonus points will be added to the points score for Leaving Certificate Higher Level Mathematics (Grade D3 or above).

12 Leaving Certificate Programme 4 compulsory core subjects  Maths, English, Irish French or German 3 elective additional subjects  The Science Group  The Business Group  The Social and Humanities Group  The Arts 1 optional additional subject  LCVP 12

13 3 Elective Additional Subjects 13 The Science Group Biology Chemistry Physics The Business Group Business Accounting Social and Humanities Group Geography History Home Economics The Arts Group Art Music

14 1 Optional Additional Subject Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) A two year programme designed to enhance the vocational dimension of the traditional LC Students are assessed through a combination of portfolio items (60%) and written examination (40%) 14

15 Eligibility to take LCVP Must study 5 LC subjects (one of which must be Irish unless Department of Education exempt) plus the Link Modules, Two Link Modules: Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education A recognised course in a Modern European Language Two qualifying vocational subject groupings as set out by the Dept of Education and Skills 15

16 LCVP - Vocational Subject Groupings Home Economics and Biology Home Economics and Art Home Economics and Business Home Economics and Accounting Accounting and Business Physics and Chemistry Biology and Chemistry Biology and Physics Art and Business Art and Accounting Music and Business Music and Accounting 16

17 Advice on Subject Choice: 1.Do what comes naturally – relate to aptitude 2.Choose subjects for enjoyment 3.Check course requirements – changes from year to year 4.Students need to know the difference between ‘Required’ and ‘Useful’ subjects 5.Seek advice from guidance counsellor, teachers, friends, parents / guardians and students in 5 th and 6 th year 17

18 When choosing subjects Don’t choose a subject… 1.…because a friend is taking it 2.…because of the teacher 3.…because it is an easy option 4.…because it looks good 5.…without researching it thoroughly Don’t make a last minute decision – consider all options! 18

19 General Advice If your daughter is not sure what they want to do in the future, pick a broad range of subjects in order to keep options open: EXAMPLE: Sinead has no idea at the moment 4 core + 1 science + 1 business + 1 humanities If your daughter is sure that she wants to study in a specific area after school then research the minimum and specific entry requirements carefully EXAMPLE: Mary wants to study Pharmacy 4 core + 1 or 2 Science + free choice 19

20 Resources Qualifax (Irish courses) UCAS (UK and Northern Ireland) Careers Portal CAO website Friends Teachers 20


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