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Ballyhaunis Community School Guidance Counsellor: Carmel Shannon.

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1 Ballyhaunis Community School Guidance Counsellor: Carmel Shannon


3 This is Important For: Leaving Cert. Results Third Level Entry A Future Career  Students Study Three Core Subjects  English, Irish* & Maths  Then Choose Four Additional Exam Subjects

4 Students Should Reflect on:  Subjects that they Like & Enjoy  Subjects they Perform well in (For Points)  Specific Subject Requirements for college entry  Results of Interest Test administered in 3 rd Year (DAT TEST) To Keep Options Open:  Choose a broad range of Subjects: Language/Science/Business

5  Calculation of points are based on the best six subjects from one sitting of the LC.  Therefore the maximum points a student can achieve = 600.  Bonus Points for Higher Level Maths (2012 -2015). Students achieving HD3 or above will have 25 points added to their score for Maths  Colleges participating in bonus points: DCU, DIT, NUIG, NUIM, RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD & UL. 5

6 6 GradeHigher Level Ordinary Level Foundati on Level A11006020 A2905015 B1854510 B280405 B37535 C17030 C26525 C36020 D15515 D25010 D3455 GRADEPOINTS Distincti on (80 – 100%) 70 Merit (65 -79%) 50 Pass (50 – 64%) 30 LCVP Points


8 However there are certain subjects & grades that are essential for entry to particular COLLEGES and COURSES.

9 UNIVERSITIES Institutes of Technology Level 8 Honours Degree:  6 Subjects  2 Grade HC3 & 4 Grade OD3  3HC3 Trinity & Primary Teaching  4HC3 & 2OD3 UCC  Modern Continental Language OD3 for 4 NUI Colleges (UCD, NUIG, UCC, NUI Maynooth) Level 7 (Ordinary Degree)/ Level 6 (Certificate)  5 subjects @ OD3  English or Irish  Maths  Foundation Maths is accepted for points in IT’s and satisfies entry requirements (not for engineering) Level 8: Honours Degree  6 subjects @ OD3  2 HC3 & 4 OD3  English or Irish  Maths 9

10  Entry to National University of Ireland Colleges - OD3  These are NUI Galway, UCD, UCC & NUI Maynooth. (exceptions are Science, Agriculture, Engineering & Courses in Nursing)  Students with a serious dyslexic conditions can apply for exemption from 3 rd Language requirement for NUI  A 3 rd Language for Army Cadet/Air Corp(OD3)  UCC Speech & Language Therapy HC3  Many colleges require a HC3/HB3 to study a language  Higher Level Irish is required for Primary Teaching  DCU, UL, TRINITY will accept Irish as a language other than English.

11 WILL KEEP MANY OPTIONS OPEN:  Sciences  Engineering  Medical and Paramedical  Architecture  Nursing  Speech Therapy  Occupational Therapy  Veterinary  Dentistry There are approx 200 courses on the CAO that require a Science Subject

12 12 CHEMISTRYBIOLOGYPHYSICS Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy UCC Genetics UCCTheoretical Physics TCD Veterinary Med UCDHuman Health & Disease TCD *Recommended for archaeology Pharmacy TCD *Recommended for Nursing Human Nutrition & Dietetics DIT

13  Accountancy or Business or Economics are not required for Business, Commerce or Accountancy Courses (But are recommended!)  Art is not required for Art College. (A Mod. Lang. is acceptable)  A modern language is not required for entry to: DIT, UL, DCU, TCD, the ITs or Nursing or Engineering/Science/Agriculture in NUI Maynooth & UCD  Science is not required for many Science/Engineering course in the ITs  Honours Maths is not required for Engineering in the ITs  Maths is not required for Arts, Law or Social Science in NUI Colleges  Maths is not required for Social Care Practice SG243, Early Childhood Education SG242, Performing Arts SG241, Fine Art SG244, Creative Design SG245 13

14  Many colleges offer extra support and tutorials. i.e. Maths, Accounting, Physics etc  Ladder System – Higher Certificate, Ordinary Bachelor Degree, Honours Bachelor Degree  PLC Courses offer Links Scheme to ITs and Universities  TEAGASC links to ITs and UCD 14

15 15 Students Progressing to 3 rd Level Education can apply for Level 6, 7 & 8 Courses

16  for general career and course information  for specific information on all courses including PLC courses  for information on points  for information on apprenticeships  The colleges own websites 16

17  Choose subjects you like & are good at  Speak to subject teachers  Consult up to date Web Sites and College Brochures  If in doubt consult with Career Guidance Counsellor 17

18  Email:  Tel: 094 9630849

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