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Español 3 Capítulo 10 página 343

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1 Español 3 Capítulo 10 página 343
Ud. and Uds. Commands Español 3 Capítulo 10 página 343

2 Ud. and Uds. Commands To form an affirmative or negative command in the Ud. or Uds. Form use the same form as the present subjunctive.

3 Ud. and Uds. Commands Ud. Explique Obedezca Diga Ud. Negative
No explique No obedezca No diga

4 Ud. and Uds. Commands Uds. Expliquen Obedezcan Digan Ud. Negative
No expliquen No obedezcan No digan

5 Ud. and Uds. Commands The same rules you know for tú commands regarding pronouns apply to Ud. and Uds. as well.

6 Ud. and Uds. Commands As with the negative tú commands, verbs that have the same irregular forms in the Ud. and Uds. Forms Ex. No vayas –Ud. Vaya ---Uds. Vayan No seas- Ud. Sea---No Sean

7 Ud. and Uds. Commands Like the tú commands, object and reflexive pronouns are attached to the end of affirmative coomands but go before negative commands. Quédese Explíqueme No lo compre


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