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100 200 300 400 500 LettersWWIICold War VietnamCivil Rights Next Round.

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1 100 200 300 400 500 LettersWWIICold War VietnamCivil Rights Next Round

2 This was established by the New Deal to give young men jobs in conservation areas and national parks

3 The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

4 Raising agricultural prices by restricting production was the goal of this

5 AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration)

6 The AAA helped agriculture but actually harmed this group

7 Sharecroppers and tenant farmers

8 This set the benchmark for electricity rates

9 The TVA

10 This was an mutual defense pact established in response to Soviet aggression in Europe


12 At the wars beginning, Britain and the US decided to focus here first

13 European Theater

14 In 1942, America invaded here first

15 North Africa

16 On 6 June, 1944, the Allies invaded here

17 Normandy, France

18 This was the first island taken by the United States after Pearl Harbor

19 Guadalcanal

20 In December, 1944, this was Hitlers last counterattack on the Western Front

21 The Battle of the Bulge

22 This was the policy of the US in response to Soviet expansionism

23 Containment

24 This doctrine was based on fighting communist expansion by giving money and weapons beginning with Greece and Turkey

25 Truman Doctrine

26 The first test of wills between the US and the USSR occurred when the USSR closed off this

27 Berlin

28 This plan was enacted to rebuild Europe and keep out communism

29 The Marshall Plan What are you frickin lookin at?

30 They were executed for giving atomic secrets to the Russians

31 The Rosenbergs

32 Passed by Congress, this allowed LBJ to dramatically increase troop levels in Vietnam – a blank check as it were

33 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

34 The communist North resupplied communists in South Vietnam using this

35 The Ho Chi Minh Trail

36 This 1968 event turned many in America against the war

37 The Tet Offensive

38 This event was a true black mark against the US military

39 My Lai Massacre

40 This was Nixons plan to remove America from Vietnam honorably

41 Vietnamization

42 This court case established segregation in the US

43 Plessy v. Ferguson

44 This court case removed segregation in schools

45 Brown v. Board of Education

46 He was the most influential of all the Civil Rights leaders

47 Martin Luther King

48 Once a black Muslim separatist, his spiritual change caused his assassination

49 Malcolm X


51 By ending racial discrimination in employment, this was arguably the most important civil rights legislation in the twentieth century

52 The Civil Rights Act of 1964

53 Road to War WWIICold War NixonFDR 100 200 300 400 500

54 As a clash between democracy and fascism, this was seen by many as a dress rehearsal for WWII

55 Spanish Civil War

56 Passed by Congress, this allowed the US to arm Britain and Russia prior to Pearl Harbor

57 Lend-Lease

58 FDR outlined what the US would be fighting for in war in this speech

59 The Four Freedoms Speech

60 Prior to Pearl Harbor, Japan informed America that this trade policy was no longer recognized

61 The Open-Door Policy

62 Until Pearl Harbor, the American outlook towards the world was this

63 Isolationist

64 They were considered a danger and placed in internment camps

65 Japanese-Americans

66 WWII officially began with this event

67 German invasion of Poland

68 Americas strategy in the Pacific was this

69 Island-Hopping

70 He commanded US land forces in the Pacific

71 General MacArthur

72 This secret project developed the A-Bomb

73 The Manhattan Project

74 Though fought by the US, this war was actually between North Korea and them

75 The UN

76 Truman fired this general for insubordination

77 MacArthur

78 The Korean War brought him to the Presidency

79 Eisenhower

80 McCarthy got away with many of his accusations due to this

81 The Big Lie

82 Kennedy faced his first defeat in his war on communism here

83 Bay of Pigs

84 He won the 1968 presidential election by promising to end the Vietnam War honorably

85 Nixon

86 He replaced Vice President Spiro Agnew who resigned after his conviction for income tax evasion

87 Gerald Ford

88 This term means to lessen tensions politically

89 detente

90 He was Nixons closest advisor

91 Henry Kissinger

92 War protests here resulted in four student deaths

93 Kent State University

94 FDRs first burst of New Deal programs became known as this

95 The Hundred Days

96 The weakness of the AAA was this

97 It hurt sharecroppers and tenant farmers

98 Faced with some programs being ruled unconstitutional FDR came up with this idea

99 Court-packing (increasing the number of justices)

100 This Second New Deal program gave workers the right to bargain collectively and prohibited employers from interfering with union activities

101 National Labor Relations Act Aka Wagner Act

102 FDR communicated directly with the American people in this way

103 Fireside Chats

104 The 40sThe 50sThe 60sThe 70s 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 The 30s

105 This New Deal program was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Schecter v. United States

106 The NIRA

107 Steinbecks book told the story of a family migrating to California

108 Grapes of Wrath

109 This New Deal program hired artists, writers, and actors

110 WPA

111 She was a big supporter of civil rights for blacks during the Depression

112 Eleanor Roosevelt

113 Of the three extremists, he was the biggest political threat to FDR

114 Huey Long

115 WWII changed standards of living in this way

116 Very little

117 40% of the war effort was financed through an increase of this

118 Taxes

119 Family demographics changed in this way

120 Increased marriage, birth, and divorce rates

121 Tensions between young Hispanics and servicemen erupted into this days after Pearl harbor

122 Zoot Suit Riots

123 This program helped servicemen with education and other types of loans after the war

124 The GI Bill

125 His revolution established a communist state 90 miles from Florida

126 Fidel Castro

127 This was the worlds first man-made satellite

128 Sputnik

129 Eisenhower was forced to send US troops here to protect black students

130 Little Rock

131 He changed American music

132 Elvis

133 His birth in this year was unequaled in magnificence and caused the angels to sing

134 Mr. Marshall - 1955

135 Kennedy reacted to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis by doing this

136 Naval blockade of Cuba

137 This was the biggest issue of the 1960 election

138 Kennedys Catholicism

139 LBJ attempted to end poverty in America with this huge program

140 The Great Society

141 He sought the Democratic nomination as a peace advocate

142 Eugene McCarthy

143 His assassination in Los Angeles gave Humphrey the 1968 Democratic nomination

144 Robert F. Kennedy

145 Nixons visit here in 1972 dramatically reversed American political policy

146 China

147 Most of the evidence against Nixon came on these

148 Tape-recordings

149 The resignation of Nixons Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General after refusing to fire the special prosecutor was called this by the press

150 The Saturday Night Massacre

151 Nixon did this rather than submit to impeachment

152 Nixon resigned

153 He was Nixons successor

154 Gerald Ford

155 PeoplePoliticsWhateverMarshallMix 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500

156 An American diplomat, his writings shaped the Containment Policy

157 George Frost Kennan

158 He was the leader of Chinas Nationalist Party and first president of Taiwan and was Americas ally during and after WWII

159 Chiang Kai-Shek

160 He was the Chicano leader of the migrant workers movement

161 Cesar Chavez

162 She wrote the Feminine Mystique

163 Betty Friedan

164 During the Korean War, President Truman removed him from command

165 General Douglas MacArthur

166 President carters greatest achievement was this peace between Egypt and Israel

167 The Camp David Accords

168 After the Iranians won their revolution, they did this to the American Embassy

169 Seized it and held all Americans hostage for over a year

170 This was the primary organization in pursuit of Native-American rights

171 AIM (American Indian Movement)

172 This president made a speech saying that Americans were suffering from malaise by focusing on materialism

173 President Carter

174 In 1948, the US attempted to mend fences with Latin America through this organization

175 OAS (Organization of American States)

176 Until his assassination in 1963, his leadership of South Vietnam was supported by the US

177 Ngo Din Diem

178 The real center of authority in the United Nations is this

179 Security Council

180 This law passed in 1947 authorized the president to obtain injunctions to prevent strikes that might harm the national interest

181 Taft-Hartley Act

182 This was established to create jobs for the unemployed during the New Deal

183 CWA (Civil Works Administration)

184 Reagan sought to overthrow left-wing governments in these two places

185 Nicaragua and Grenada

186 During FDRs first two terms, this group went from the Republican to the Democratic party

187 African-Americans

188 Eisenhowers contribution to public transportation was this

189 Interstate Highway System

190 FDR first helped Britain in WWII by trading these for bases in the Caribbean

191 50 destroyers

192 Truman gave this as his reason for dropping the atomic bombs

193 He wanted to save American and Japanese lives and end the war quickly

194 At the Potsdam Conference in 1945, the Allies decided this

195 To divide Germany into four occupation zones

196 George Wallace ran for president in 1968 on this platform

197 He wanted to end the forced desegregation of schools

198 This labor organization was founded by John L. Lewis

199 CIO (Committee for Industrial Organization)

200 The Watergate Scandal began with this

201 The capture of burglars breaking into Democratic Party HQ at the Watergate Hotel

202 These two battles changed the course of the war for America in the Pacific Theater during WWII

203 Coral Sea and Midway

204 During WWII, black males

205 Allowed to join the services but were segregated

206 WhateverTired Yet? 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500

207 FDRs critic who presented a popular scheme for old-age pensions was

208 At the this Conference, the US and Britain agreed to the Soviet annexation of large parts of Poland

209 Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X of the Black Muslims urged solving racial turmoil this way

210 Rejecting white American society

211 By November 1941, the US was in an undeclared naval conflict with them

212 Germany

213 Clintons impeachment for perjury was due to his involvement with her

214 Monica Lewinsky

215 What were male reactions to female workers in WWII?

216 They resisted at first but soon accepted them due to the wartime crisis

217 Bus boycotts, sit-ins and Freedom Rides were attempts to promote this

218 Racial Integration

219 He was the upset winner of the 1948 presidential election

220 Truman

221 FDR hoped to stimulate business recovery by partially suspending anti-trust laws with this act

222 National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)

223 Thats All Folks!

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