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Benchmark 3 Review US History Mr. Tran. Snake Game Have students take out a piece of paper Put aside any unused desks Ask a question and have students.

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1 Benchmark 3 Review US History Mr. Tran

2 Snake Game Have students take out a piece of paper Put aside any unused desks Ask a question and have students write answer on their paper. The students who got the correct answer move to the next empty seat (but keep the paper on the desk) The students who did not get the correct answer does not move The student who get back to their original seat or who is closest – wins Students can check if someone cheated by looking at the paper that is on the desk they moved to. If the answer is incorrect, yet the student moved, they cheated. Make arrows and place on desks to determine which way the students need to move.

3 What was going on in the U.S. that prevented them from declaring war sooner? The Great Depression

4 Why did Truman fire MacArthur? He wanted to use atomic weapons on China He spoke out against Truman.

5 Why did the U.S. get involved in the Vietnam War? To stop the spread of communism

6 What was the last German Offensive in WWII? The Battle of the Bulge

7 an economic system in which all means of production – land, mines, factories, railroads, and businesses – are owned by the people, private property does not exist, and all goods and services are shared equally Communism

8 post World War II struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union The Cold War

9 Who came up with the strategy for the D-Day invasion of France? General Eisenhower

10 Because of this new technology the fight for Civil Rights was successful The Television

11 What is the policy of limiting nuclear weapons called? Disarmament

12 An economic system based on private ownership of capital Capitalism

13 What battle of considered the turning point in the Pacific during WWII? Midway

14 Senator who accused the government from hiding communists Joseph McCarthy

15 What does HUAC stand for? The House of ________ Activities Committee Un-American

16 During WWII what did most woman do? Worked in defense industry jobs

17 What is the social impact of the small pox vaccine? Less deaths due to small pox

18 What president made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan during WWII? Truman

19 In 1962 President Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba in order to To keep Soviets from delivering anymore missiles

20 What war started at the same place it ended? The Korean War

21 What was the first war the U.S. lost? The Vietnam War

22 Alger Hiss was accused of Being a communist spy

23 The second nation to detonate the atomic bomb was? The Soviet Union

24 What was the purpose of the Highway Act? To be able to transport weapons quickly

25 What event brought the U.S. the closest to nuclear war? The Cuban Missile Crisis

26 In the case: Korematsu vs. United States Korematsu sued the U.S. based on what amendment? 5 th Amendment: Due Process – everyone has the right to go through the same “ process ” when accused of a crime.

27 Who were the Vietcong? Vietnamese Communists

28 What did Executive Order 9066 do? Interned the Japanese

29 The Truman Doctrine outlined the foreign policy of the United States. What was this policy called? Containment

30 Cesar Chavez created this organization to obtain more rights for agricultural workers in California The United Farm Workers

31 What sphere was Berlin located in? U.S. Soviet Union France Britain Soviet Union

32 To prevent Germany from re-unifying what did the Soviet Union do? Blockaded Berlin

33 What was the verdict in the case: Korematsu vs. United States The Supreme court ruled that the internment of the Japanese was legal on the basis of “ national security ”

34 What did the U.S. do to apologize for the internment of the Japanese? Gave every living internee $20,000

35 List a technological advance since 1945 : Medical - Polio vaccine, penicillin, Electronic – Computer, television Agricultural – insecticides

36 What does containment mean? To prevent the spread of communism

37 What two countries were the first targeted by the Truman Doctrine? Greece and Turkey

38 What was the goal of the Bay of Pigs invasion? To assassinate Castro

39 After WWII what decreased due to the development of agribusinesses? The small family farm

40 In 1953 the USSR detonated its first ____________ Hydrogen Bomb

41 The failed attempt by Cuban exiles to assassinate Castro was called The Bay of Pigs

42 What is one way young men tried to prevent fighting in the Vietnam War draft card burning, deserting, leaving the country,

43 On what college campus were 4 students killed for protesting against the Vietnam War? Kent State University

44 If one side attacked then it knew that the other could retaliate. This was known as MAD. What does MAD stand for? “ mutual assured destruction"

45 What do Alger Hiss and the Rosanbergs have in common? Both had a hearing for communists suspicions

46 What was the program called that allowed Mexicans to work temporarily in the United States? Bracero Program

47 What country detonated its first nuclear weapon in 1964? China

48 What was the first satelite developed by the USSR called? Sputnic

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