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Cold War at Home.

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1 Cold War at Home

2 Arms Race/Nuclear Threat
US and USSR competed to have largest military and best weapons Schools held atomic bomb drills Americans encouraged to build bomb shelters

3 Spying Alger Hiss, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg convicted of spying by selling nuclear secrets to Communists Increased American fears of Communism

4 McCarthyism Making of false allegations of communism based on rumor or guilt by association Sen. Joseph McCarthy accused government officials and entertainment stars of being “communists” without little proof People were “blacklisted” and forced out of the public eye

5 Virginia Benefited from heavy money government spent on military
Hampton Roads – large naval and air bases Northern VA – home to Pentagon and private companies w/military connections

6 Cold War Presidents

7 Dwight D. Eisenhower Came up with policy of “massive retaliation”
Began US involvement in Vietnam by sending military advisors help S. Vietnam resist attacks from N. Vietnam (Communist)

8 John F Kennedy First Catholic US President
Promised to defend freedom across the world (Truman Doctrine) Encouraged patriotism and allegiance to US

9 John F Kennedy Failed Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) Soviets placed nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at US Kennedy threatened massive retaliation is weapons were not moved Soviets eventually moved weapons but world was on brink of a nuclear war

10 John F Kennedy Vietnam Began heavy military operations in Vietnam
Started draft to send troops to Vietnam Won numerous battles but could not force surrender of N.Vietnam

11 John F Kennedy Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX Remembered as one of the most well loved presidents

12 Lyndon B Johnson Known for passing Civil Rights through Congress
Supported most of Kennedy’s ideas and programs Supported Truman Doctrine

13 Lyndon B Johnson Vietnam Heaviest fighting in Vietnam
War became unpopular with American Public because of television Anti-war protest marches begin around country

14 Richard M Nixon Elected on promise to end the war in Vietnam
First US President to visit China Kent State University (1970) 4 anti war protestors killed by national guard

15 Richard M Nixon Vietnamization
Plan to end US troop involvement in Vietnam Replace US troops with S. Vietnamese troops but maintain military aid

16 Richard M Nixon Vietnamization
Plan failed and S. Vietnam fell to the N. Vietnam Vietnam is now one communist country(1975)

17 Richard M Nixon Watergate Scandal (1975)
Republicans break into Democrat Headquarters at Watergate Hotel to steal secrets Nixon participated in cover – up Nixon resigned before he could be impeached for the cover-up

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