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2 BICYCLE By Devin Simpson Karl Drais German Mechanics Professor April 29 th 1785 - December 10 th 1851

3 Bicycle Carries people and items to there destination

4 The Bicycle was invented in Paris In the year 1817

5 Interesting Facts About the Bicycle and Karl Drais Karl Drais had help from a German blacksmith. Karl Drais was awarded a grand-ducal privilege on January 12 th 1818. The first bicycle had no pedals and, was made of cherry tree wood and softwood.

6 By: Lyndsey Swinderman William Murdoch William Murdoch 1754-1839

7 Gas Lighting Gas Lighting is an artificial light from consumption of gaseous fuels. It lights up the areas that you place the light fixture in. Gas Lighting is made up of Hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, propane, butane,acetylene, and ethylene

8 Where & When??? Gas Lighting was invented in Redruth, Scotland. In the year 1792. It was the safest form of light in the 1700’s

9 Interesting Facts: Gas Lighting is made up of Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, propane, butane, It was the safest form of light the 1700’s William Murdoch made gas lighting to light his home

10 More Information: Go to: and enter gas lighting in the search bar. Or go to: and enter gas lighting in the search bar for more

11 Hot-Air Balloon By: Derrien Lesley Joseph Mongolfier (August 26,1740-June 6 1810) Etienne Mongolfier (January 6,1745-August 1799)

12 Where & When??? The Hot-Air balloon wan inventedin France In the year 1783

13 Hot-Air balloon Transports people through the air Originally made out of Sackcloth with 3 thin layers of paper inside Now made of Nylon fabric and Nomex Now used for entertainment and the U.S. army

14 Interesting facts about the inventors and invention Their parents had 16 children The Hot-Air Balloon was made with 3 thin layers of paper inside They thought they discovered a new gas called “Mongolfier gas”

15 Elizabeth Schultz Thomas Newcomen 1663-1729 Ironmnger

16 Steam Engine Helps the train move Converts potential engery Helps the steamship move

17 Steam Engine The steam engine was invented in the west midlands in the year 1710.

18 Facts The steam engine is used for power plants The steam was pumped into a cylinder in the train Thomas Newcomen made the steam engine because he wanted to improve it

19 Morse Code Samuel F.B Morse By:Justin Grigsby

20 MORSE CODE The morse code was created by samuel morse

21 WHEN The morse code was invented some time in the 1840’s

22 conclusion Now you know all there is to about the morse code

23 The amazing typewriter By: Morgan Knowles Christopher Lethem sholces Born:Feb 14,1819 and died:Feb 17,1890

24 The typewriter Striking a ribbon to transfer ink Writes letters on paper for you A key board-operated types

25 Where and When??  The typewriter was invented in Mooresburg  In the year 1868

26 Interesting facts about the typewriter and christopher CChristopher had help with the invention TThe typewriter is like a computer so without the typewriter no computers IIf you like to do stuff with get a feather and make ink

27 The Box Telephone Made by: Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922 By:Kennedi Boyd

28 Facts The Box Telephone is a wire-based electricity system the box telephone was made in 1876 The box telephone was made in Brantford, Ontario

29 Facts His first telephone commercial was based on his patent in January in 1877. He died on August 2,1922

30 Facts He died in Baddeck, Nova Scotia He was buried in Beinn Breagh Estate

31 The Television By Vance Singleton Philo Farnsworth 1907-1971 Television pioneer

32 Television Shows a picture Entertains you Inform you Persuade you Comforts you

33 Farnsworth television and radio corporation 1927 The television was invented in the Farnsworth television and radio corp. Made in the year 1927

34 Television Philo Farnsworth also created a video camera tube. He also created a small nuclear fusion device. He had a partner named Emma “Pem” Garden.

35 By:Tottianna Kimble Georges Claude 1840-1960 Chemist/French Engineer

36 Neon Lighting The Neon light helps businesses When electrons become excide the glow Neon comes in over 150 colors

37 Where and When?? The Neon Light was invented in France In the year 1902

38 Interesting facts about the invention and inventor Neon was first used in the United States Neon naturally produces a red glow Georges Claude lived to be 120 years old

39 The Telegraph by: Hayden palmer William Cooke (1806-1879) and Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875) Profession: scientists

40 Telegraph Sends messages in Morse code Morse code: rapid tapping that makes letters and words

41 Where and when The telegraph was invented in Bavaria In the year 1837

42 Interesting fact The semaphore telegraph was the first telegraph that William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone made an advancement on


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