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Inventions and Inventors Telephone Group 10- METROMAN.

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2 Inventions and Inventors Telephone Group 10- METROMAN

3 Who invented the Telephone??? - A device that could transmit speech electrically

4 Bells history Bell was born on 3 rd March 1847 in Scotland. 1863, Bell begins teaching music and elocution at Weston House Academy in Elgin, Scotland. 1872, he was teaching in the Clarke School for the Deaf in Boston and at the American Asylum for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut. Later Bell opens his School of Vocal Physiology in Boston and starts experimenting with the multiple telegraph. 1874, he and Clarence Blake, a Boston ear specialist, begin experimenting with the mechanics of the human ear and the phonautograph, a device that could translate sound vibrations into visible tracings.

5 Bells history With Bell's extensive knowledge of the nature of sound and his understanding of music enabled him to come up with the possibility of transmitting multiple messages over the same wire at the same time. In Summer 1874, Bell conceives of the idea for the telephone and works on the invention. On February 14 1876, he filed his telephone patent. (Bells original sketch of the telephone)

6 Bells history 1919, Bell and another scientist invented a hydrofoil craft, sets a world marine speed record. In 1922, August 2nd Alexander Graham Bell dies and is buried at Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia.

7 Quiz Time! Q1.Who invented the telephone??? Q2.When was he born? Q3.Where was he born? Q4.Name one school he was teaching in 1872? Q5.What is the name of the school he opened?

8 Q6.Which year did Bell conceive the idea for the telephone? Q7.What was his other invention?? Q8.When did he die?

9 Thank You For All Your Attention! Done by: Zaafira(Resource Manager) Ernest(Task Manager) Jia Sheng(Praiser) Jie Xi(Quiet Captain)

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