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Ch. 18.5 The End of the Cold War.

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1 Ch. 18.5 The End of the Cold War

2 Soviet Union Declines Labor camps continued Khrushchev greater freedom of speech Used military to support communism

3 Launching of Sputnik I in 1957
Command economy no match for market economy Could not match Reagan’s missiles

4 1979 war with Afghanistan Mujahedin- Muslim warriors Americans began to smuggle weapons

5 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev came to power
Changes spiraled out of control Pulled out of Afghanistan Signed arms control treaties with U.S.

6 Glasnost- openness Perestroika- restructuring of govt. Moved towards a free market Economic turmoil unemployment

7 Independence for Baltic states
Gorbachev would resign 1991 remaining Soviet republics separated After 69 yrs. the Soviet Union did not exist

8 Changes Transform E. Europe
Hungary quietly reformed without any problems Poland-1980 strikes by shipyard workers Solidarity

9 Walesa became a national hero
East Germany remained strict Citizens fled 1989 Poland has free elections

10 Gates between East and West Germany open
Czechoslovakia was divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic

11 Communism Declines Around the World
Capitalism in China No political change Vietnam opened doors to world North Korea did not

12 Hundreds of thousands died of starvation
U.S. as Superpower

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