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How did the US develop differently from most European Nations?

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1 How did the US develop differently from most European Nations?
List things that the US Gov was equipped with that most 18th C European governments didn’t have:

2 Some features built in to the US system:
Checks & balances Representation Protected Rights Why did we see a need for Checks & Balances? To correct abuses made by Kings & Nobility in Europe. Why did we see a need for representation? To change the power structure.

3 European Power Structure, 18th C
King- position inherited Nobility- position granted by King Clergy- position granted by Pope/King Peasants- life, property, freedom allowed by whim of King. This system was not copied here in the US- why not?

4 How did 18th Century Americans manage to invert the power structure in the US?
The People- *voting process Which means: Based on the ideas of: Checks & Balances Term Limits Representatives In our system… who serves who?

5 What rights did 18th C Americans want protected?
Life, Liberty & Protection of Property How? Who has the last word in how government is run? Via..? And if the representatives refuse to comply, what can/ should we do? Hobbes’ theory Leviathan’s key ideas: Natural state of man: Due to Scarcity, constant state of: Why war isn’t in man’s best interest: What can man do? Enter into a Social Contract

6 The Social Contract Theory:
How it works: Man gives obedience, loyalty to an authority. This authority protects man’s basic rights. If that authority fails to do so… It is the duty of society to remove it from power. How? Peacefully: by vote or impeachment process Violently: by revolution First Document to be approved expressing this idea: Declaration of the Rights Of Man, 1789

7 What abuses of an authority did 18th C Americans complain of:
Declaration of Independence What document was created to establish a body of law under which this country had to operate? (as opposed to the whim of the King) Constitution Where are your rights guaranteed? Bill of Rights

8 How are these Rights & Freedoms maintained?
What keeps some authority from assuming all power and removing them? Voting What keeps Americans From voting away their Rights and Powers? Free Speech Free Press Free Education

9 Why is Free Speech important?
Censorship is unlimited. Why? How does this protect your freedoms and rights?

10 Why is a Free Press important?
What guarantees a truly Free Press? How does the media measure up? TV Radio Newspapers Internet What about bias? Good or Bad? Why? How can you tell a bias exists?

11 What dangers exist from an under-educated electorate?
Why is a Free Public Education important in protecting your rights and powers? An educated electorate Selects representatives that are more qualified Able to represent the real majority Fair and honest Why is education mandatory? What kind of education best protects the rights and freedoms of the people? What dangers exist from an under-educated electorate?

12 Quiz: In the 18th C, in Europe- what authority controlled society?
In the 18th C in Europe- what part of society had NO power or rights? Who came up with the idea of Checks and Balances in government? Who came up with the idea that people give up some of their rights and freedoms to protect others? What was that theory called? Where were the rights of the common people first set down? In what document did 18th C Americans complain of the abuses of the King? It was in accordance with whose ideas that Americans sought to overthrow the authority of the King? In what document are the rights of Americans protected? In what document is the Law of the US spelled out? Bonus: 2 pts What 3 things must be kept free to protect our system of Democracy?

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