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Democracy Responsibilities of citizenship Vote Jury duty Be informed Obey laws.

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2 Democracy

3 Responsibilities of citizenship Vote Jury duty Be informed Obey laws

4 The Right to Vote The Freedom of Speech The Freedom of Press Equal Protection Freedom of Religion Right to a Fair Trial

5 Identify the type of democracy wherein the people govern themselves Direct Democracy

6 Representative form of democracy Indirect democracy Republic Republican

7 What form of democracy is a recall or referendum? (direct or indirect?) direct

8 What form of democracy is a general presidential election? Indirect

9 What form of govt. recognizes the worth of the individual, equality of all people and individual freedom? Democracy

10 What principle of democracy does “inalienable rights” reflect? Worth/dignity of the individual

11 What kind of equality removed Jim Crow laws that banned certain races from getting certain jobs? Equality of opportunity

12 Constitutional restrictions on govt. power, such as denying Congress the power to restrict the freedom of speech is an example of what principle of govt? Limited government

13 What form of equality do most Americans reject as fair? Equality of outcome

14 IN a democracy, what is needed to overcome differing opinions and ideologies to get legislation passed? Compromise

15 What Enlightenment philosopher is most associated with the idea of separated powers and the system of checks and balances? Montesquieu

16 Which idea is John Locke most associated with? Natural rights

17 What is it called when a state has absolute and supreme authority within its borders? Political sovereignty

18 Who had ultimate authority where public sovereignty rules? The people

19 What form of government does a monarchy exemplify? Unitary

20 A form of government wherein all key powers reside in the central government Unitary

21 An efficient form of government that concentrates too much power in the national government: Unitary

22 Form of government characterized by our first constitution Hint: Articles of … Confederacy Confederal

23 Form of government where powers are divided between state and federal government Federal

24 Our current form of govt under the U.S. Constitution Federal

25 A loose union of independent states Confederate Confederal system

26 The rule by the few (as in government by committee): Oligarchy

27 Rule by one (as in a monarchy or dictatorship) Autocracy

28 Which system of government works best for large diverse countries? Federal

29 Which system most likely leads to conflict between state and federal levels of govt? Federal

30 In which system do all parts of the country follow the same exact laws? Unitary

31 Which system provides local govt the most flexibility to meet local needs? Confederate

32 John Locke identified our natural rights as life, liberty and _______? Property

33 Locke suggested that to have peace, we must agree to live under government, surrendering some rights for the security of the state, called the: Social contract

34 What founding document most obviously reflects Locke’s concept of natural rights? The Declaration of Independence

35 What would Locke and Jefferson agree is the right of the people to do if a government fails to protect our natural rights? Alter or abolish it Overthrow it Replace it

36 According to Locke, where does the legitimacy of a governments right to govern come from? The consent of the governed The vote

37 Which word is out of place? Collectivism Public Good Republicanism Individualism Individualism

38 The theory and practice that makes the group, rather than the individual, the fundamental unit of political concern: Collectivism Republicanism Public good

39 When a government focuses its laws on serving the most people, or society at large, it is said to be serving the … Public good

40 What was best for society was known as … Classical republicanism

41 What belief of the Founders did civic virtue conflict with? Natural rights

42 Majority rule is best reflected in: Classical republicanism

43 Who believed in the principles of classical republicanism? Federalists

44 What did James Madison believe the people were motivated by? Self interest

45 What were those who believed in the principles of classical liberalism believe? Anti-federalists

46 What did classical liberals believe was most important? Individual rights

47 What principle is best reflected in the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment? Classical liberalism

48 Who would most likely believe that states should have more power? Anti-federalists Classical liberals

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