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Becca Wiget Sergio Maldonado Kelly Pearce Josh Altman SPARTAN PERFORMANCE TRAINING.

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1 Becca Wiget Sergio Maldonado Kelly Pearce Josh Altman SPARTAN PERFORMANCE TRAINING

2 I: Executive Summary Fact: According to the National Academy Sports Medicine approximately 85% of people in the US suffer or have suffered from some sort of lower back pain (LBP). Fact: over two million ankle sprains occur in the US and 80,000 to 150,000 ACL (knee) injuries occur in the US population. Fact: It is estimated that 33% of the US population is obese. Obesity is considered a disease and is commonly linked with other chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. We have differentiated our company by making it our goal to achieve continuing training for the people that protect our society. In addition, The prevention of orthopedic injuries and increased performance will be the process we will specialize in.

3 II. Our Company and the Services We Offer Problem: There are no gyms or fitness programs that cater to police officers and firemen. Solution: Spartan Performance Training intends to satisfy this need to provide on site specialized fitness service to these agencies. These warriors’ demands require both physical and mental tenacity that we hope to help train through our fitness programs. Our barriers to entry include: the number of indirect competitors, accessibility with our central location, start up costs, high insurance costs, qualified/educated staff, and entering the police/firefighter community.

4 III. Industry and Competitors Our competitors: 24 Hour Fitness (more than 400 fitness centers in USA with 3 million members) Club One (60 fitness centers, and member numbers unknown) Gold’s Gym (600 gyms in 25 countries, and also 3 million members) Preparation for Chaos program by BioConstructs, which does business near their base facilities in Los Angles and New York Professional Club Management Inc., previously held a contract to direct a wellness program in San Jose according to Fire Chief Magazine online International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) partners with American Council of Exercise (ACE)

5 IV. Market Research and Analysis Our initial target market will be cities in Santa Clara and San Mateo County, for example: Campbell, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City The San Jose Police Department is a government agency that consists of over 1400 employees San Jose Fire Department IAFF Local 230 contains over 780 members. Studies show that the police/ fire markets continue to grow every year from 1% to 5%. Santa Clara Police Department: interested, currently had not program like ours in place, but fund are scarce

6 Primary Research Shawn Salsbury a former Milpitas police women and SWAT team member she commented on the lack of physical fitness of many policemen (both sexes) and lack of emphasis as well as guidance for officers. Shawn also commented that fire departments would probably be more responsive because many departments offer paid time for physical fitness time done at the station where many stations have gym equipment.

7 V. Marketing Plan Our organization will set up workshops that we will go in and do a trial run with their employees. This way we can make sure that they will be well informed of what services we are offering and meet our trainers one-on-one We will provide the companies with a first time discount to get them to enter into the initial transaction. Other companies’ pricing: Crossfit San Jose :from $80 to $125, Potomac Crossfit: from $112 to $192 for a single person and from $240 to $350 for groups of people, JCC Fitness Center: $18 a class per person up to one week of training for a group for $268. The sales cycle: begins in February- March when we approach the fire/ police chief. The agency then goes to an annual hearing in April-May. Then if the agency is granted the finances for the program, we can potentially start the program in June – August. In the first year of operation we intend to operate as an on-site fitness service

8 VI. Design, Development, and Operations Plan Our courses will initially be offered by two of our founders, Becca and Sergio. Once we have established our client base, we intend to hire 10 to 15 trainers that specialize in everything from kickboxing to yoga. In addition, we would like to have a main headquarters that has a storage facility attached in the future.. We will also initially use more creative methods of training Our business is in the conceptual developmental phase. Our valuable information includes that we believe our clientele are not targeted by the fitness industry because they are considered part of the general population, when in fact they have very specific and additional needs that are not being met. In addition, we are bringing our services to them to help eliminate “one time users”, and keep our clients interested.

9 VII. Management Team Becca: will spend 80% of her time doing training, and the other 20% of her time helping Kelly with the organization and keeping track of the finances Sergio: will also spend 80% of his time doing training, and the remaining 20% helping Josh with the marketing aspect of our business. Kelly: will be taking care of the financial part of the business, monitoring the firm’s revenues and costs to make sure we meet our financial targets. Kelly played collegiate Water Polo for four years and has coached swimming for five years. Josh: will spend about 70% of his time communicating via phone, email and face to face meetings with the fire and police departments, mainly the department chiefs.. Joshua has 5 years of experience in martial arts, three of them being an instructor to young children and adults in classes of 5 to 20 people

10 VIII. Critical Risks and Assumptions Retention Credibility Working with government business, they may take much longer to decide than we have time for. Demand increase forecasting The main assumption that we are running under, is that we are able to startup Spartan Performance Training with very little funding.

11 IX. The Financial Plan Minimum charge of $100 per class (1 hour long) which include up to 5 participants. For participants from 6 to 10, there will be a $15 additional charge per person. For 11 - 15 participants, there will be a $12 additional charge per person. For more than 15 participants there will be a $10 additional charge per person. Spartan Performance Training will receive all of its revenue from the fees charged to the client for classes.

12 X. Proposed Company Offering We are seeking equity in the amount of $10,000. We will be putting in $10,000 of our own money and borrowing the rest from family members. This money will be used to attempt to contact more possible business customers, offer free trial memberships and demonstrations, and to help secure our future customers with a contract We will give our investor(s) 15% percent of our business Supplies such as a van, some equipment, and some cell phones for the business will be our up front costs. Once we are able to make sufficient funds, additional fitness equipment will be purchased.

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