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Urban Partnership Agreement Summary Metropolitan Council Meeting September 12, 2007.

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1 Urban Partnership Agreement Summary Metropolitan Council Meeting September 12, 2007

2 UPA Finalists New York$345.5M Miami$ 62.9M Seattle$138.7M San Francisco$158.7M Minneapolis/St Paul$133.3 M

3 UPA Timeline Federal funds released: - $1.6M to MnDOT; $13.2M for 35W North Legislative authorities required - within 90 days of next session opening - 20% local match Release of remaining federal funds Sept 30, 2009 Implementation –Downtown Mpls by Dec 31, 2009

4 Minnesota UPA Summary Tolling/Congestion Pricing Proven success of the I-394 conversion to HOT lanes Conversion of the I-35W HOV lanes to HOT lanes Implement a system of Priced Dynamic Shoulder Lanes (PDSL) Technology Proven leader in ITS development. Congestion Pricing Transit Improvements Telecommuting Transit Enhancements Accelerate Bus Rapid Transit Expansion of express bus and park and ride facilities Downtown Minneapolis Transit Fare Incentives Telecommuting Partner with local Fortune 500 companies Model after Best Buy’s Results-only Work Environment (ROWE)

5 I-35W South Congestion Pricing

6 I-35W HOV to HOT Conversion Existing HOV Lane from Burnsville Pkwy to I-494 Future HOV Lane from I-494 to 46 th St currently under construction

7 I-35W Priced Dynamic Shoulder Lanes Dynamic Shoulder Lane North of 46 th St Maintains Existing 4 Lanes with an added HOT Lane. Extends the BRT/HOT to Downtown.

8 United Kingdom M42 Example



11 Lane Control Signal Use During Incidents

12 I-35W Transit

13 Regional Transitways Plan –Cedar Ave BRT Complete funding to advance more stations and park & rides into Phase 1 (Cedar Grove, Palomino, 140 th St, 147 th St, 180 th St.) Improve bus flow from NB Hwy 77 to WB Hwy 62 –I-35W BRT Construct priced dynamic shoulder lanes to extend HOV advantage from 46 th Street north to downtown Minneapolis Advance Existing Projects

14 Improve Downtown Transit Speed

15 Implement ITS technologies to make transit more convenient –Bus arrival time information –Congestion condition information –Parking availability information Provide dynamic fare pricing –Reduces fares during periods of greatest congestion Increase Transit Attractiveness

16 Provide more park & ride spaces at new or expanded lots –650 spaces on I-35W South; 620 spaces on I-35W North Purchase new buses to operate additional park & rides service Advance funding of Cedar Avenue BRT park & rides and transit stations Increase Transit Capacity

17 Questions?

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